KILL ME………if you can?? (part 1)

Let it be……you can’t change past……but you can……amend your future
In some isolated place
Few men’s were badly beating a person
The person was full of blood he was pleading them to leave him but it seems like they were not showing any mercy towards him


Goons hearing the voice immediately left the person and stepped back

A man in black suit with well built personality came and stood in front of the person who was lying on road in subconscious state
He bent a little and whispered in his year in cold tone , did you feel the pain which he must have felt that day when you were beating him like animals ………. Saying this he took out gun from his back and shoot the person multiple times

Man with angry face shouts out loud , NO ONE DAERS TO MESS WITH SANSKAR MAHESHWARI

He moved towards his black Mercedes and was about to sit in it when he saw a girl running coming towards the dead man and shaking him by his shoulder and crying bitterly

He moved towards her and was about to touch her shoulder when he heard a voice

“Don’t you Dare to touch her”

He looked up only to find another girl standing there
The girl came near the first one hugging her tightly to sooth her pain

Girl , kavita please control urself you can’t fall weak

Kavita holding girl’s hands , look what happened to bhai…..swara…..look what this animal did to my bhai

Sanskar clenched his fist to control the rising anger inside him

Sanskar , hey you girl mind your language

Swara looked at him with red eyes
Swara , what have you become sanskar just look at urself a heartless ruthless animal you are not the sanskar I have been knowing

Sanskar , Swara it will be better if you stay out of this or else

Swara , or else what you will also kill me
With this Swara felt a burning sensation she looked at sanskar in shock who has just slapped her

Here sanskar also looked her in shock he cursed himself for slapping her. He was about to touch her when he was stopped by swara hand

Swara in crying tone , today you make me see my real place

Sanskar , no Swara its not like that

Swara shouting , then it is left like what Mr. Maheshwari by killing people what do you want to prove that you are mahan

Sanskar , swara listen to me

Swara , what is left to listen

Sanskar , Swara they killed my best friend laksh

Swara , your best friend was my brother for your kind information Mr. Maheshwari

Sanskar , swara I know that and tell me why are you taking there side are you also involved with them

Swara shouts sanskar

Sanskar , don’t shout I also know how to shout and mind it if you are involved with them then (he pointed gun towards her ) I will not think twice

Swara smiled painfully , then why are you waiting kill me ( she holds sanskar hand and point the gun towards her forehead) I said kill me…………..(with broken voice) only if you can

Kavita had enough of there argument she shouted out , enough………both of you just shut up here my brother died and you are playing kill me..kill me game (she looked around and before any one can react she snatched gun from a goon and pointed towards sanskar )

Kavita laughed evily still crying , my bhai was innocent he didn’t did anything now I will kill you just like I killed laksh

Swasan looked at her in shock

Kavita , yes I killed laksh because he dared to say no to me to kavita mitar just for that ragini that is why I sent goons to kill him and they did there work now its my turn and I will not leave this sanskar he has to die like my brother
Saying this she pulled the trigger

Sanskar looked on shock with the seen in front of his eyes

Sanskar shouts SWARA !!!

He immediately ran and hold swara in his arms

Sanskar pating Swara cheek, Swara get up Swara why you did this what was the need to take the bullet on u Swara

Swara smiled weekly looking at him , i….aa…m……ss…orrr…yyyy
And her hand slipped from sanskar hand

Sanskar shouts , SWARA
In hospital
Sanskar was sitting outside ICU lifelessly thinking about the recent happenings
He felt a tap on his shoulder he looked up and saw ragini standing there

Ragini , kavita is sent to jail

Sanskar nooded and looked away

Soon the red light if ICU got off and doctor came out

Ragsan rushed towards doctor

Sanskar , doctor his is she nothing happened to her na

Doc , we can’t say anything if she dosent get conscious in 24 hrs then we may loose her for always

Sanskar sat on bench with a thud and continuous flow of tears

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