KIDNAPPER:The GIRL who changed my life is her…SWARAGINI..Introduction.


Its Angella.
Its a new ff.Iam not giving any character sketch and all.

Lets go directly to the story.
Two girls and standing beside the road and are having golgappas.
One of the girl’s phone rings.
Girl:One second,i will come now.
The girl is talking with her dad.Her dad is a police officer.The girl who is having the golgappas is her best friend.Now you all might me thinking that the girl who is talking with her dad will be the heroine of my ff. But not.She is not the heroine of my ff.Her best friend who is having golgappas is the heroine of my ff..
So our heroine is busy having golgappas. An omni stops beside her.A guy opens the door and pulls our heroine to the omni and left from there.

This is the intro part.And guys for the first episode you all will have to wait till March 23.Because my exams will complete only on march 22.And one more thing,my real name is not Angella.Iam writing one more ff here.Some of you might know me.Just try to guess.

Credit to: Angella Fernandez

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  1. so r u angel n nice intro will wait for 23.

    1. Aditi,iam not angel.Thanks you

  2. Very next ce .. I hope it’s swasn.. Hardly get any Swasan ff these days

  3. I think u r that girl who write another ff with the name of ( guess??? ) am I right

    1. Thanks Taani..but iam not that.

  4. Thankyou Bresh…pairs..i will reveal later

  5. I really really liked the title……just hoping that the pairs are swasan!
    Great start….but it was very short

    1. Thankyou so much swen..Its intro na..thats why short one.Pairs wiil be revealed later

  6. Though it’s was a short intro but very interesting concept..i’ll wait for ur next well in exam..all d best ??

    1. Thankyou pranami.I will try my maximum to make it interesting.

  7. Nice hope its Swalak

  8. Amazng

  9. A very good intro..

    1. Thankyou so much bisha

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