KIDNAPPER:The GIRL who changed my life is her…SWARAGINI..Episode 7


Guys..its me Merin. Actually guys..Abhi is not well.iam her cousin.She asked me to post it.The story is written by her itself but she couldnt post it.She told me to inform that she will not be able to post her ffs for some days… Here is the next episode.

Ragini is sitting in canteen.. Sanskar also comes there and sits with her.. Ragini gets angry…

Ragini:What’s your problem actually..?Why are you following me always…?Please leave me alone!!! Sanskar:okay …i will stay away from you.. Saying this he sits in another table..
Sanskar:This much distance is enough right??
Ragini:Ohhhh…i will kill you idiot..!! Saying this she starts going from the canteen..
Sanskar starts singing.
Dekha hai tujhko jabse
Haay main toh hil gaya
Lagta hai mere seene se dil nikal gaya
He is showing just like how varun acted in that song
Mummy se kya Daddy se bhi milaaunga tujhe
Arey jo bhi main kahun tujhe lagta hai kyun ghalat PALAT…

Ragini turns back and looks at him surprisingly..
Tera dhyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
Tera dhyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
Tera dhyaan kidhar hai
Yeh tera hero idhar hai
Toh Palat na…
She starts leaving from there.
Tujhe itni bhi khabar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai..
He holds her waist and made her closer to him..
Sanskar:Mere jaan..where are you going..?
Ragini:what are you doing??Just leave me…
She is trying her maximum to escape from his grip but fails.. need to struggle..i will leave you. Saying this he leaves her. Ragini starts leaving from the collage.

On the way She finds some guys coming towards her. Ragini turns back.
Ragini’s POV
Oh shit..i thought that idiot will be coming behind mee..but he is not.Now what will i do God?? She starts running to the opposite direction.That is to the college ‘s direction.They are also running behind her.A stone piece pierced into her legs.

She shouts “aaaa”.She loses her control and is about to fall but Suddenly her whole body hits to a rough,strong surface. She raises her face to see the person.Yes its our hero Mr Sanskar Maheswari.She hugs him tightly.She feels safe in his arms. He breaks the hug and starts beating them. They runs from there.He then looks at Ragini. Ragini:Thanks.
Sanskar starts coming towards her. Sanskar:Sorry dear.
Ragini thinks:Oh god…now what he is upto.He takes her in his arms and starts walking.Ragini tries a lot escape from his grip and to stand.But sanskar is so adament .Ragini starts beating him in his chest like a small kid.
Ragini:Leave me,. Sanskar looks at her angrily and Ragini stops beating and looks at himlike a kid.

Episode ends.

Credit to: Merin

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    Iam her cousin.

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