KIDNAPPER:The GIRL who changed my life is her…SWARAGINI..Episode 5

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Episode 4

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Next day morning.
Ragini is getting ready… Ragini:Sruti,..sruti..wake up..its already late..
Sruti:Rags..iam not coming today..iam not feeling well. Ragini:What happened..?
Sruti:a small head ache..
Ragini:Then i will also take are alone here na,… Sruti:Its okay…i will manage…you can go..yesterday also we didn’t attend the classes na??
Ragini remembers about yesterday’s incidents..
Ragini:Okay then iam leaving…take care..bye

Ragini is walking through the road.. A group of people are eyeing her.. One man you are alone…?If you dont mind we will accompany you!
Ragini walks from there without minding them…they starts following her. Now she is walking little more faster and they are following her… Suddenly she stops and turn back.. She is shocked to see sanskar beating those people…
Sanskar:Iam there to accompany her..Got it..
One of those people said “Sanky Bhai..we didnt know that she is your girl…Sorry Bhabhi”
They runs from there.
Ragini in her Mind:What…iam his girl?? Sanskar comes to her. Ragini:What the hell did you do?? Sanskar:What happened sweetheart??
Ragini:why did you beat them..? Sanskar:Simply…for a timepass.. Ragini:what?…
Sanskar laughs..
Ragini:Talking to you is a waste of time ..Iam leaving..
Sanskar is following her..
Ragini:Why are you following me?? Sanskar:Me??!
Sanskar smiles.

Now sanskar is walking with Ragini.. Ragini:You please go from here..Otherwise people will misunderstand.. Sanskar:Misunderstand what??he winks at her..
Ragini:Leave it..You Please go now…i beg you…
Sanskar:Sorry Darling!!I will not go.. Both are standing in the bus stop.. Both enters the bus…
By seeing sanskar..all the people gets afraid and they stands.. Ragini:Why you all are standing??sit!! Still they are standing.
She then looks at Sanskar. Sanskar asks all of them to sit.. They all sits. Ragini looks confused.. Only one double seat is free.. Sanskar sits there and calls Ragini.. But she didnt sit..She stands there.. Sanskar pulls her to the seat.She lose her control and fell on him.The shares a cute eyelock…Then they comes back into their senses.Ragini sits near him.He stares at her lovingly. *******************

They reached her collage.. Sanskar:Hey..are you studying in this collage??
Ragini:Haaa…but why??you wanna join..?
Sanskar:No..i think iam also studying in this collage.
Sanskar:Hmmm..but only twice or thrice in a month I used to come here..I think iam in final year n u?? Ragini:Iam in first year..Hey wait..without attending the classes how did you reached final year..ohh..ok are a gangster na.. Sanskar smiles..
Episode ends..

Precap:Ragsan in college…

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Credit to: MERIN


  1. sinzo

    hehe…..sanky is soo cool….?
    so cute Ragsan….?
    And today’s episode is amazing….i loved it …i loved it…..i loved it…..i loved it….i loved it….?

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