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KIDNAPPER:The GIRL who changed my life is her…SWARAGINI..Episode 4


Hiii friends…
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Episode 3

Episode 4
Ragini reached her house. Sruti:Ragini, are you fine.. Ragini:Ya..iam fine.
Ragini went to their fresh.. She is lying in the bed and is thinking about sanskar..
She says:He is completely mad…idiot..
Sruti enters the room.
Sruti:Who is mad?? Ragini:Voo..vo..actually ..oh vo..i was saying about the hero of a story.. Sruti:Okay..Now you just come and have dinner..
Ragini and sruti are having dinner,,.Ragini is completely lost in sanskar’s thoughts..Actually without her knowledge itself she was falling for him..
At night.
Ragini:Good night Sruti.. i will sleep with you.
Ragini:Okay,..but why??
Sruti:Iam feeling so scared..even to walk alone in house after your kidnap..
Ragini again starts thinking about sanskar..kiss..his words”crazy in love with you”..That made a smile on her lips.
Sruti and Ragini are lying in the bed..Sruti slept..
But Ragini is still awake,thinking about sanskar..
Suddenly a man enters her room through the windows..She didn’t see him as she is in another world now..with sanskar.. The man comes near to Ragini.
Man:Dreaming about me na?? Ragini looks at his face and said:Haa…
It is none other than our Gangster sanskar.

Then she came into her senses..
She was about to shout but sanky covers her mouth with his hands… Sanky in a low voice:Don’t shout..your friend will wake up.. Saying this he took his hands from her mouth..
Ragini sits on the bed fastly.. Ragini:What the hell are you doing here.?
Sanskar keeps his finger on her lips and said shhhh..showing sruti. They both shares a cute eyelock but it breaks due to the movement of sruti.. They both looks at sruti. Ragini in a low voice:You were in jail did you reach do you know my house..??
Sanskar:This much questions..first you take a deep breath..
Ragini:Give me my answer first.. Sanskar:Okay sweetheart as you wish..
Ragini in her mind:sweetheart??ahh whatever!!
Sanskar:Iam a Gangster..This is the answer for your all your questions.. Ragini:Okay fine..but why did you come here..(with anger and also tension).
Sanskar:Ohh sweetheart..dont worry..i didn’t come here to sleep with you..For that i will come any another day with your permission.. Ragini:You.. Sanskar smiles.. Sanskar:ok..ok..I came here to say good night to you..
Ragini:What??Are you mad??
Sanskar:Hmmm..after seeing you.. Ragini in her mind:Ohhh god..this man is making me crazy..
Ragini:ok ok fine..say good night and go..
Sanskar:Good night sweetheart.. go.. Sanskar:Hmmm..sweetheart..what’s this..wont you greet me back.. Ragini:just go from here..pls.. Sanskar:Say goodnight..then only i will go..
Ragini:Ok fine..good please go..
Sanskar:Ok iam leaving..
Sanskar went out through the window..
Ragini turns..
Sanskar again comes.. second..please come here.. Ragini went there:You didnt go??Now What..?
Sanskar:I have a gift for you,.. Ragini:I don’t please go.. Sanskar:Please ..its just a gift na..please,..else i will not go.. Ragini:Then give it and go..
Ragini looks at him and said:Give… Sanskar:Ohh god your friend woke up…
Ragini turns to see her.. Sanskar suddenly gives her a kiss on her cheeks Ragini is standing there like a statue..keeping her hands on her cheeks,.. Later she comes back into her senses..
sanskar said:How is the gift.. Ragini:You.. don’t say me that i touched you without your permission..because I already asked your permission for the gift..And this is my gift..
He left from there..saying see you tomorrow.
Ragini smiles saying:Pagal kaika..

Precap:Sanskar -Ragini’s bodyguard..?
Guys…how was it??

Credit to: MERIN

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