KIDNAPPER:The GIRL who changed my life is her…SWARAGINI..Episode 3

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Episode 2
Episode 3

Sanskar’s POV
I saw her laughing at me….She was looking very beautiful..I knew that she is teasing me…still I didnt care about it..i couldnt control myself and finally I kissed her…she got angry and slapped me.. I got very much angry ..I took her in my arms and made her lie on a table..Removed her shawl…Then I kissed her hard..i couldnt control myself..her lips starts bleeding ..i was not in my senses.. I started kissing her neck..Then I got back into my senses…I found her screaming due to the pain..I felt very bad seeing it,so I left her and went out from the godown.I think i love her..Love at first sight..
Sanskar’s one of the goons enters the godown.
Goon:Boss..said you to have this food..
Ragini:I dont want..
She threw the food…
He leaves from there. Goon:Boss..she didnt had the food..she said she dont want.. go..
Sanskar went to the godown. Ragini gets shocked to see sanskar coming towards her. Sanskar felt guilty seeing her…
Sanskar:Have this food..

Ragini:No..i don’t want..(angrily) Sanskar:Have it…
Ragini:I said..i don’t want..
Sanskar gets angry..
Sanskar in his mind:sanskar…don’t get angry..calm down….calm down…..else you will hurt her more ..calm down.. Sanskar:Ragini,,,have this food… Ragini takes the food from him. Ragini:Happy??(angrily). Sanskar:Sorry..?
Ragini:Sorry rejected..
Sanskar:but why??
Ragini:Iam feeling to kill you right now..then how can i forgive you..?? Sanskar:Then kill me..Do whatever you want??
Ragini gave a tight slap to sanskar,.. Even though he didn’t expect her to slap him,he didn’t say anything to her..
Ragini:This is for touching me without my permission..
She again slaps him ..
Ragini:This is for not respecting a woman.. Ragini is about to turn… Sanskar:Finished…
Ragini:Why, do you need some more,.hmm..??

Ragini:What..are you crazy?? Sanskar:Yes..crazy in love with you… Ragini gets shocked to hear… Ragini:What the hell are you saying??
Sanskar:I think i love you…
Ragini is about to go by saying:I think he is totally mad..
Then she got an idea.. you really love me..? Sanskar:Hmmm..
Ragini:Then can you do one thing for me..?
Sanskar:One second..
Sanskar starts calling someone in his phone..
Sanskar:Hello DGP sir..its Me Sanskar Maheswari..Iam here in DCY Godown with your daughter’s friend Ragini..

He cuts the call.
Ragini gets shocked to hear it.. Sanskar:You were going to ask me this..right??
Ragini didn’t say anything..
Ragini:If uncle come here..then you will be in jail..
Sanskar:So what???
The police comes there and arrests sanskar and his goons.. Sanskar was continuously looking at Ragini and smiling..
Ragini is feeling like..he is mad. Ragini went to her house..where sruti and Ragini are living..

Episode ends..

Precap:At night..someone enters Ragini’s room..Ragini gets shocked..

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Credit to: MERIN


  1. aditi syam

    Awesome yaar no words to say post it everyday nd make it bigger one plzzzzzzz post soon cant wait

  2. Jiya

    It ‘s awesome you know I am a big swasan fan Bt still I read ur ff as its amazing regular updates please

  3. sinzo

    totally different concept yaar…..and sanky is really mad in love hahaha..
    loved your today’s episode

    • Thankyou..n dont feel sad..cus sanky,the gangster…do you think that he will be in jail more than 10 minutes???no way..

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