KIDNAPPER:The GIRL who changed my life is her…SWARAGINI..Episode 2

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Episode 2

“what”sanskar shouted.
Ragini laughs.Sanskar gets angry and asked his goons to untie her. Ragini gets scared. Sanskar asked his goons to go out of the godown. They left.Sanskar smiled at her devilishly. Ragini starts running from the godown.But sanskar catched her by her waist..Ragini starts shouting”aaaaa” Sanskar pinned her to the wall .
And then made her quiet by keeping his lips on hers.Ragini gets super shocked and tried to push him away.But our hero who is made of steel strong body didn’t even move a bit.
Finally he left her breaking the kiss.At the same time a tight slap fell on his cheeks.Its our Ragini’s.
“How dare you “Ragini shouted. This made our hero more angry..because till now in his life no one even dared to touch him .Our heroine Ragini,she slapped him.So you can think how much angry he will be.. He lifts her from there in his arms while Ragini is busy hitting hitting him in his chest.But he is laughing there.

“You did a you will have to get the punishment na..??”Saying this sanskar smiled devilishly. “Leave me”Ragini screams.. Sanskar took her to a corner of the godown and made her lie in a table. He removed her shawl.Ragini screams with some more loud voice.. “Oooo..looks like you want me to kiss you again”Sanskar said to her due to the irritation made by her scream. Ragini tries to beat him.But he held both of her hands and lies on the top of her.She starts screaming again.So he kissed her…a wild one..her lips started bleeding due to his bite.She starts crying due to the pain…But he ignored it and starts kissing her neck.She cannot do anything as he is holding her hands and also lying over her.So finally she stop trying too. when she stopped screaming he left her and went from there. Ragini cries touching her lips.She ran from there to go out but within that time he closed the door and went from there. She cries by sitting in the floor.

Precap:Sanskar’s POV of episode 2

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Credit to: MERIN


  1. Eva

    I was actually waiting of this ff..but i didn’t know that u r writing this Abhi…….its awesome….

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