KIDNAPPER:The GIRL who changed my life is her…SWARAGINI..Episode 1



Episode 1
The girl completes her call and come back.Her name is Sruti.She started searching for her friend,ie,our heroine. Sruti:Bhaiya,where is that girl who was having golgappas with me. Man:No beta..i didn’t see her.I was busy selling.
Sruti:Ragini,where are you?? Ragini,she is our heroine.Her parents died in an accident when she was eighteen.So now she is living in a house along with her friend sruti.Both are studying in same college.Sruti’s parents are living in Mumbai itself but not with sruti and Ragini.Ragini is very talkative, bubbly and cute.She will make everyone she meets as her friend.She is too much talkative that no one can spare her for a long time.
Scene shifts to a dark place where Ragini is being tied in a chair.She was unconscious but now she is slowing trying to open her eyes.After a lot of trials,she was finally able to open her eyes. When she opened her eyes,she found no one there.Its very dark all around. Ragini:Bachao..bachao..someone please come and help me..bachaooo..

She is shouting constantly. Finally someone opened the door and entered the door.He was wearing a black jeans,black T shirt and black jacket.He is Sanskar Maheswari. Sanskar -He is the one and only gangster of Mumbai.He is very hot N handsome.He is looking very serious like an angry young man.He has no family.He is all alone.But there is some past in his life.
Ragini came back to her senses and started shouting again.Sanskar felt very irritated hearing it.So he went near to her and put a small piece of cloth into her mouth.
He took his phone and called someone.
Sanskar:Hello DGP sir,how r u??All fine na..
DGP:who are you?
Sanskar:Sanskar Maheswari.
DGP :I knew that you will call me but don’t dare to ask me to leave your people(goons).
Sanskar:Oh..its good that you already know that for what I called.But sir,I dont want them freely. DGP:What?
Sanskar:Yes..Its an exchange offer.I will send your daughter back to you and you should send my goons back to me.Deal?

Ragini hears this and gets confused.Then she understood that they are saying about Sruti.She is trying to say it.But she failed due to the cloth in her mouth.
DGP:My daughter!!

Sanskar:With me.
DGP:Dont do anything to her.I will release them.
Sanskar:Thats my good boy..
He ends the call and smiles evily. Ragini starts laughing. Sanskar along with his people looks her. Sanskar:I think she got mental.
He removes the cloth from her mouth and she starts laughing again. Sanskar gets angry and holds her hand tightly.
Sanskar:Why are you laughing? Ragini stops laughing seeing his eyes filled with anger. Ragini:Vo..actually Iam not his daughter.Iam Ragini Gadodia and his daughter’s name is sruthi.She is my best friend.
Sanskar gets shocked hearing it..
Episode Ends.


Guys…hope you liked it..
Next episode will be posted on or before Friday.

Credit to: MERIN

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