Kidnapper + rescue (Part-8)


Note- Guys.. First of all, Thanks a lot for you immense love on my first ever ff! I am overwhelmed! Someone told me i am not liking or replying to your commnts.. Well i am not an editor of the page, and i couldnt use my original profile due to my personal probs.. But Neha is going to add me soon and i will surely respond to you all then!
And secondly, the main reason of writing this note- SORRY guys, i was having some problem in my phone, due to which i wasnt able to change paragraphs, making the chapters messy, for a last few episodes! Extremely Sorry for the inconvinience.. But i feel now everything is okay with this idiot phone! So keep reading and enjoy!

Part 8
Swara felt a soft touch on her foot..
As she looked down, she found Sanskar sitting at her feet caressing her wound..
“Sanskar.. dont need to do all these.. I am fine.. Leave all these.. I will do the dressing..”, She said, startled, trying to snatch the first aid box away from him..
“When i can give you wounds, i atleast have this right to help them heal, too..” He spoke without turning his gaze from her feet..
” Sanskar… I…i am sorry.. I didnt mean to hurt you.. I just.. M really sorry… “, Swara cupped his face and made him look at her..
She felt a pang in her heart as HE looked into HER eyes.. His eyes were completely red.. swollen.. brimming with pain..

“You dont need to..” He was choked..
“Sanskar! Y dont you leave this and start a life afresh? You are not made for all these.. I have seen the hatred in your eyes for those men who were staring at me.. I have seen care in your eyes for Chotu.. I have seen love in your eyes when Munna gave you the laddus.. And pain? I find pain in these eyes, everytime i look into them… Sanskar why are you forcing yourself to suffer? You are not this “Devil” at heart that you so religiously pretend to be… Why dont you give your life one chance? Everything will change Sanskar.. If you want..”

” All these define my life NOW! Nothing is going to change! Did you get that? NOTHING! I AM a kidnapper! A criminal!” He said as he completed her bandage and walked away….
“It has to change sanskar! Everything will change! I will bring the change” Swara murmured to herself as he disappeared out of sight..
Here in Maheshwari Mansion, Laksh was impatiently walking up and down the hall, when Ragini came running to him..
“Laksh! Why did you call me here? Come.. Lets talk in my room..”
“No Rags, you have to come with me! That car, the one we saw in the video.. It was a rented one.. I have called the garage.. Come with me!” Laksh said as he pulled her with him…
“Hold on Lucky! You start the car, i m coming within a minute.. Atleast let me take my phone..”,
Saying, Ragini ran to her room as Laksh went out to his car..
Here Sanskar couldn’t get Swara out of his head..

“I am a criminal! I have tortured her so much.. Still she cares for me? Why! Or does she really care?
Yes she does.. Her eyes.. They can never lie.. I have seen my pain reflecting in them.. But what is the use.. I will have to send her away as soon as the man finishes his work… No i can not give up to this.. She is making me weak..
But isnt this something that i always wanted? A friend? Who can read my heart in my eyes.. God.. Why are you doing this to me..”
Just then he heard a knock..
“Chotu? You want something?”
“Bhai.. Woh di asked to call you for dinner..”

“Dinner? Its 6 in the evening Chotu! And what “di”? Who allowed that idiot girl in my kitchen.. She is going to make a complete mess out of it!”
“Ohh hello mister!” Swara came running from the kitchen with a rolling pin in her hand as soon as she heard him insulting her, ” Firstly i know how to cook, by the way, i know that very well! And secondly, we didnt have our lunch today, so i was hungry.. If you dont want to join us, you can ROT in here, with pleasure.. I and Chotu are not going to starve!”
Swara said pointing the rolling pin onto him, before she took chotu by his hand and dragged him out with her, making faces at Sanskar..
Sanskar was staring at her with a black face.. It took him a moment to realize what had just happened and as soon as he realized it ,he bursted out laughing..
Yes he laughed.. Heartily for that matter..
“This girl has already changed me..” ,He smiled at himself as he stopped laughing, and moved out to join in for dinner..
It was quite dark when Laksh and Ragini returned home after visiting the garage…
“We are again struck Laksh! How will we find that Sambhu, who rented the car that day.. No photos, no ID, nothing!”
“Ragini! You are really stupid you know? Hey why would he leave his ID behind? For us to catch him?”
“Okay! I am stupid! Now will you be kind enough to tell me what are we going to do next? How are we going to find them?”

“Well my dear Rago, i have already asked my informers to look for him! They have some contact with local rowdies.. I hope they would find him soon!
But please yaar! Take care of yourself.. You are litrally becoming chipkali day by day! Look at yourse.. Oucchhh! ” Laksh looked at her in shock!
Ragini had stamped his foot hard and was smirking at him now!
“Dont dare call me chipkali again!” She said as she disappeared into her room..
Here Swara was lying on the terrace, staring blankly into the night sky when Sanskar came and sat beside her..
“Thinking of running away?” He said breaking her trance..
“Not any more.. Actually it feels like a vacation now, you know.. A break from those idiotic economics lectures and that busy life.. Work work work! Huh! I am enjoying this a lot!” Swara said grinning at him as he looked on shocked..

“Well i know i am not treating you like a kidnapper should!!!! But atleast dont insult my profession in this manner!” He tried hard to frown but bursted out laughing at her..
Swara looked at him, mesmerized….

“You look cute when you smile..” Swara said , pulling his cheeks- shocking herself as well as him.. It took him a few moments to come back to his senses… He looked at her with intense eyes, burning her under his gaze..
“Woh actually i.. I am .. I am feeling sleepy.. Good night..” She ran downstairs as Sanskar looked on.. smiling..
Swara sat on her bed, panting heavily…

“Swara are you mad! What the hell did you think you were doing, when you pulled his cheeks! And well called him cute! But he is cute!!! Isnt he??? But it was so embarassing yaar.. His eyes..” Suddenly she felt heat rising to her cheeks as she remmberd his intense eyes..
It was past midnight when swara heard a knock.. Well she wasnt asleep yet..
“Chotu.. Is that you???”
“No.. Ac…tually its me, Sanskar.. I wanted to talk.. You free?”
Swara jumped out of the bed, pulling him inside to sit with her… “Any time.. “, She said smiling..
“Woh.. I..i am sorry.. I dont know.. Why i am telling this to you.. But.. Ergghh i dont knw..”
Swara squeezed his palm tight as he struggled to speak..
“I know Sanskar.. Its going to be difficult for you.. But i am there whenever you need a friend to share your pain with..”
“Y are you doing this? Y are you trying to help me? A criminal like me..”, Sanskar looked into her eyes painfully..

“Because i cant see you in pain..” She said getting down from bed as Sanskar looked on, “Yes, and i dont know why… I hated you since the moment you raised your hands on me.. But that day when baba told me about your life.. Your parents.. I started to see you in a differnt light.. I tried to stop myslf.. But the pain in your eyes, your care n love for everyone broke all walls of hatred inside me.. I saw, what you always try to hide.. A golden heart there..” She said pointing at his chest.. “I want you to live.. The way your mom wanted you to.. Life is not just about breathing.. It is about enjoying each moment you breathe.. And you.. I had never seen you smile, until today.. I want to help you.. I want to make you smile.. I know you have kidnapped me.. And all these that i am doing feels to damn weird.. But i dont know why, i can feel your suffering and it hurts me Sanskar..” Swara looked back at Him, who already was watching her teary eyed..
“I never had any friend in my life.. No one who would care for me after my parents.. I had frozen my heart.. But your had started to effect me.. I tried to cling onto those ice walls… But you melted away the ice with your warmth.. I can not leave you free.. I can not free you from this cage.. This is my work.. I never take my words back and i have already taken up this deal.. B…but… Well, I…i.. I know it sounds selfish, mean and what not.. But will yo…u be my friend till you are here?” He spoke as he looked onto her with the face of a child, expecting his mother to buy him his favourite stuff, but already teary, fearing her rejection..
She simply forwarded her hands.. “So friends!”

He excitingly grabbed it into a handshake..”Yeah yea!!”
“Okay… You sleep now.. I will meet you in the morning!” His eyes were brimming with joy as he moved out of her room, closing the door behind him, after wishing her good night.. After years He slept with a satisfied smile on his face…
Here Swara woke up in the morning to a delicious smell..
“Umm.. Chotu? What are you making.. Yaar it smells yummy..”
When she got no reply she shouted before running into the bathroom.. “Both of you! Dont finish everything up, i will be back in 15 minutes..”
When swara came into the kitchen, she was shocked.. Well she was shocked beyond limits..
“Sanskar!!! You… Can… COOK??!!!”
“So what you thought? I am good for nothing?” He said faking a frown…
“No i mean.. Wow! It smells so delicious! What did you make by the way?”
“Well nothing special.. Just matar pullao and paneer to celebrate our friendship.. My first one for that matter! ”

“Waooooooo thank you! My favourite”, Swara said jumping around, leading sanskar to burst into fits of laughter..
“You go and sit outside.. And call Chotu.. I m bringing all these..”, he said smiling at her..
“No you go i l do this!”
“Okay lets do this together then!”, Sanskar said sighing at last..

Precap- “Sanskar….” She looked on shocked!
“I said how dare you enter this room! Hah! Well.. Its my fault! You tried to trap me and i got carried away!” He clenched his jaws, slamming his fists on the wall.

Credit to: Mrinal

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