Kidnapper + rescue (Part-7)

Swara sat beside Sanskar, on the terrace holding his shoulders tightly.. “Just go away i said! Go!” He shouted.. “I wont Sanskar! I cant see you like this… I dont know why ,but i just ca..” She abruptly stopped as soon as she realized what she had blurted out.. Sanskar turned towards her with wide eyes.. Yet swollen and teary.. “I mean.. I know evrything.. About your parents, about YOU Sanskar.. We cant control what’s written in our destiny.. Right? But atleast we can..” “You dont know anything! Nothing! You have always got whatever you desired for in your life.. Its easy for you to say this! You have your parents to love you, to care for you.. You have evrything you need.. You never had to struggle like i did, to get a single meal for days…

You would never understand my pain! NEVER!” “Huhh.. You know what! Atleast you have a few memories of your parents Sanskar… You can remmbr them and cherish those memories.. I havent even seen them.. EVER!!! I know your pain.. Its much familier to me..” She softly said smiling at him with tears in her eyes.. Sanskar was shocked.. He couldnt understand anything! “What do you mean?” “What means???” Swara looked at him confusedly.. ” Your father, that MP Durga Prasad.. He’s alive.. How can you even say this??” ” Hey I… “, suddenly Swara realized what he meant.. “Ohh so this trap was led for Rago!!! No if i tell him the truth, Rago would be in trouble! I cant put her into this.. Never! Where have you put me God! Erghhhh! I can not do this! I m not going to tell him the truth! I will handle him.. Rago shouldnt be here.. Into all these! Who ever has asked him to do so, hasnt still realized this blunder or else they would have reacted by now! No Swara.. Ragini has always been there for you.. Helping you, supporting you with whatever she had, whenever you needed.. Now it is your turn to pay her back.. U know u cant escape him.. But atleast u can make sure Ragini remains safe.. If something happens to you, no one is going to get affected.. But if these people get a hold of Rago..

No! No i wont let that happen! May be destiny also wants the same.. Maybe being here, i can atleast bring a change in Sanskar.. Be of some use to this beautiful soul.. Yes Swara bose! You are doing this! Hey Wait! B….But if i tell him i am Durga uncle’s daughter, he is not going to let me share his pain.. He will NEVER believe i can understand him.. His pains.. his sufferings… Ahh god! Help me.. Show me a path.. I need to help him out!” ……She thought as she turned to look back at Sanskar who was looking down at his locket.. Clutching it tightly in his palms.. “Sanskar..?” “Hmm..”, Was the only thing he could speak… “I am an orphan.. HE adopted me.. But yes! No one knows about it…” Sanskar looked back at her in shock.. ” Sanskar I dont even know a single thing about my real parents, who gave me birth..

But anyways… You know.. When i was a child I always looked up to the night sky and tried to find my parents among the stars.. When i was in the orphanage, Mother Maria had told me, those who leave us in this world, become stars in the sky to watch upon us…. I used to share my stories ,my jokes, my pain, evrything with them.. Looking at the stars.. Maybe they never heard me.. But i felt satisfied.. You know what Sanskar.. Sometimes we should let the anger crowding our heart melt away.. Let those walls of hatred break.. Look around.. This world is a beautiful place to live, if you let yourself.. Dont cage your heart sanskar! Let it breathe.. Give yourself a chance to live…. And yes! I CAN understand your pain!” , Swara said cupping his face in her palms.. Sanskar was lost in her eyes when she shook him up, breaking his trance..

“Sanskar are you even listening?” “Haah.. Woh.. I want to be alone for some time.. Please!”, He spoke in a barely audible voice, looking away.. Swara flinched at the pain it bore… She just wanted to hug him tight and let him cry his heart out… But she couldn’t.. She knew he needed time.. To think and rethink…. There laksh was sitting in a cafe with Ragini.. “Hmm.. So you think the trap was for you? Ragini.. i have called my dad’s private detective.. I want you to tell him everything from the start!” “Okay Laksh.. I will try my best!” Ragini sighed looking down.. She wasn’t good.. She really wasn’t! ” Ohh look Ragini! Here he is.. Hello Mr. James! Please have a seat..!” Here Sanskar didnt know what to do.. He had started adoring Swara’s company.. He had many comarades.. Many people who knew him, worked with him.. But at the end of the day, he was a loner who didn’t have a single friend… She had been the first one after his parents who understood what he WAS, rather than believing what he pretended to be.. “Sanskar! You are a kidnapper! Her kidnapper! She is just so pure at heart that she cares for you… No! She cant! She simply pitys you Sanskar! Bas.. I dont need anyones pity! Stop thinking all these! Ahh.. What the hell is happening to me..”

All these years he had yearned for this care. This warmth.. But today when he felt it.. He was scared to accept it.. Yess he was scared.. To lose it once more.. He kept trying to harden his heart AGAIN till he was exhausted.. It was late at night when he finally gave up to the tiredness and let sleep engulf him.. The sun was still peeping from the horizon when a call disturbed Sanskar’s sleep… ” Hello.. What! No…. Are you sure? Shit!”, he hung up the call as he ran downstairs to Swara.. She was still asleep, when he shook her up.. ” Gather evrything u have,we are leaving NOW!” ” Leaving? Where?” She said as she rubbed her eyes.. But ignoring her, Sanskar called for Chotu.. ” They are tracking us down.. An informer called me.. They have got some sort of clue about me! All my fellows know about this hideout of mine.. We have to leave.. Chotu gather evrything.. We are leaving NOW.. And dont inform anyone! Not even Munna!” Sanskar panicked! ” Sanskar bhai! But atleast inform Munna dada please.. He will get tensed!” ” No chotu! Munna is still a kid when it comes to handling tough situations! I know he will definately blurt out everything if those men get a hold on him! I am not ready to take any risk!” Meanwhile… ” Thank you Laksh! I totally forgot about this! How can i be so dumb! That CCTV, outside the gate of our collage.. Ohh god! But how did you fin…

” Ragini! I promised to bring back your smile! How can i break my promise?! When I was discussing the case with Mr. James.. He asked me to check for any CCTVs around.. I had to convince the security guard a bit.. But It wasnt that difficult owing to everyone’s love in your collage for Swara.. Though the footage isnt that clear.. This guy.. See.. is taking Swara away.. Looks like she isnt concious.. His face isnt visible, But the number of his car is clear enough! We can still track him down!” Laksh spoke as he played the footage on his mobile… ” Thank you laksh!” Ragini sobbed, hugging him..” I dont know how to thank you! I dont know what i would have done without you!” She said tightening her hold on him.. He smiled at her and then looked at the footage thoughtfully.. Here Sanskar was about to tie Swara before putting her in the car…. When suddenly she spoke cheerfully.. ” Sanskar! I wont shout! Pakka! I promise! Please no more of these damn duct tapes! After Soooooo many days i am going out! Please!!!” “Hey you! I am not your boyfriend ,taking you on a long drive! Just shut up! Dont forget i have kidnapped you!” Sanskar said frustrated.. But a smile crept to his face as he watched her frown… Swara was feeling relieved.. She had always loved long rides.. And today, though in a difficult situation, it still relaxed her… But after a while she started feeling bored..

She turned around to look at Sanskar, beside her, who was looking out of the window, lost in himself.. She nudged against him.. “What??” Swara signalled him to remove the tape from her mouth.. “What do you need?” He asked removing the tape.. “Huh! Sit for two hours with this blo*dy tape on your mouth and you would understand what one needs! Now will you stop smirking and untie my hands for god’s sake? I am not going to run away! And i think we have already crossed the city.. So no one is going to hear my cries too! Please let me breathe now!” Sanskar was staring at her, grinning mentally at her childish behaviour ,when she irritatingly pouted and kicked his legs! “How dare you?”, Sanskar fumed.. “How dare you ignore me? Do i look mad to you or am i speaking gibberish? Untie my hands right now!” She ordered fuming too! Sanskar sighed as he simply followed her order.. ” Ohh god! This girl! What is she upto? Its me who has kidnapped her but it actually feels the other way round! She has already started to boss me around!” He thought looking at her… After a few minutes of fake anger,

Swara couldnt control herself.. “You know what? You are a bore to be with! How can you sit so long without even speaking a word!” On getting no reaction from him, she continued.. ” You know, I love chatting… But I love long rides more… They are so refreshing! Once we were taken out for a picnic by the orphanage.. You know i cried like a baby when i didnt get a window seat….” A smile escaped His lips as Swara kept on giggling and blabering non-stop… After a couple of hours the car stopped… Swara jumped out of the car and looked around.. It was a desolated place.. But there was a house.. A small one.. Not in a very good condition though.. But good enough to live.. Suddenly she tripped over a rock.. “Ahhh.. Sanskar!” Here Sanskar was taking their luggage out when he heard her cry.. He ran to her ,only to find her on ground, crying.. Suddenly his glance fell on her feet.. It was bleeding! ” Have you gone mad? Dont u even know how to walk! You are useless!” He said angrily, as he carried her away in his arms, asking Chotu to bring the luggage.. He was struggling to open the lock of the door, when she said, grinning..” You can put me down.. I can still walk Sanskar..” He spoke gritting his teeth, ” SHUT UP! Dont you see you are hurt? Your feet is bleeding !” ” Its nothing sanskar.. Just a little cut… After all the pain i have seen in these few days, it doesnt really hurt that mu..”

Suddenly she realized what she had said and looked onn to him, with a blank face.. His eyes were moist.. He didnt look back at her.. Putting her down, he simply opened the lock and went inside.. Swara wanted to run to him.. But she couldnt.. “Are you mad Swara! You were trying to bring him out of this shit! Trying to divert him and look what you did!” She was sitting in a chair cursing herself when she suddenly felt a soft touch on her foot….

Precap- She simply forwarded her hands.. “so friends?!” He excitingly grabbed it into a handshake..

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