Kidnapper + rescue (Part-6)


In Maheshwari mansion, Ragini woke up hearing a knock at her door.. “Come in.. Its open!”
She said without turning.. Still tucked in her bed.. Suddenly she felt someone tickling her! “laksh!!! You idiot! How dare you!” Ragini laughed hysterically as she tried to push him away..
At last he stopped and hugged her tightly..”I missed you a lot!” ”
I missed you too laksh!” “Accha now dont get emotional! You know i hate this!” He said, frowning..”Now get ready, we are going to our old adda!”
“Laksh please! You know Swa..”

Ragini i know you are worried for swara! But if you dont cheerup how will you get courage to find her? How will you search her if you lock yourself in this damn room! Please ragini..
I understnd whats going on you.. But you have to be strong! Right? I have already asked my dad to ask his best men to help us in this matter! Now come onn dear!” ”
Okay you wait in the hall, i will be there in 15 mins!” She smiled at him faintly.. before disappearing into the washroom..

Here in that locked room, Swara was confused..”I dont know why sanskar, but i.. I dont know.. I felt good, the way you protected me today.. Your grip didnt hurt me today… Ohh god! This is utter nonsense! Eeeghh!” As swara was murmuring to herself, she heard the door being unlocked! A head peeped inside… “Chotu! Why did u come here! If He finds out you are here, he would surely kill you!” ” No di.. Bhai himself called me to ask you food for food..” He said, smiling at her..
For the first time Swara heard him speak.. She felt pity for this little boy, who was being dragged into these disgusting crimes when he ought to be enjoying his childhood.. She pulled him and made him sit beside her..”Chotu.. Did you eat anything?” “Dii.. Woh.. Bhai told he will bring my favourite papdi chaat! So i was waiting for him!” he said grinning
.. “Ohh wow that heartless fellow can even care!!!” ”

No di.. Bhai is very good!! He loves me a lott.. You know he teaches me how to write.. He brought me new clothes and a big green car a few days back.. That car is my favourite, it has a Remote with it.. You know…” Chotu kept on blabering about Sanskar and the walls of hatred around Swara’s heart, that she was trying so hard to protect and rebuild, gave up and collapsed to this blow of love… But She was feeling good! She really felt better talking to this little boy..
He was busy showing her the toy cars and a cute bracelet which sanskar brought him.. She was lost in her thoughts, admiring Sanskar unaware of the fact that Chotu had already gathered up everything and left when he saw sanskar return..
Sanskar came into the room and saw her resting against a pillar smiling to herself.. Dont know y but he felt good.. “Did you have ur breakfast?” He said breaking her trance.. “You?? And chotu.. ” she looked around confused, then understanding the situation she spoke..” Woh actually i didnt feel like eating.. ”

“I am not going to call the priest evrytime you faint! Get that into your head and eat on time! Idiot!”
He had now began to fume on watching her still smiling at him! Throwning a packet at her he said, ”
OKAY dont eat! Go and die! But take this and throw away the peice of rag that you are wearing! And dare not say no, or i will do that myself!”

When he went away, Swara opened the packet ,only to find a couple of pair of jeans, a few simple kurtis and a some other nessecities.. Her eyes moistened.. “Sanskar.. You…. God WHY did you do this to him? He.. He is soo good.. So caring.. But you made him this thing! No i will not let him live in hell like this anymore.. He should enjoy his life.. He is not meant for all this.. He is not a criminal at heart.. No baba you were wrong.. He is still that pure little soul.. He hasnt changed.. He is LOST.. He is broken.. And over years he has perfected the mask of his devilish attitude to hide his feelings! I will bring your Sanskar back! I promise you baba!”
Swara had bathe and changed into a pink kurti and jeans when sanskar came in with her lunch.. Though they were a bit loose, she felt good..”Atleast i m not stinking anymore!” She had laughed at herself..

Sanskar was surprised when he looked at her.. She looked beautiful.. Wet locks adorning her face.. She had a glow on her smiling face which confused him..
“I have never seen a victim of mine glowing as a new bride! Is she getting a five star treatment here! I think she is having some mental problem! But well, Sanskar you too aint behaving with her like a kidnapper! Dont you know it!” He murmured frowning at himself!
Well he passed her the food..” Your lunch!”

“Thank you for these..” she said pointing at the packet kept beside her!”
“I dont need your damn thanks!”
“Sanskar..!” He was about to go, when her voice made him halt in his track! This girl was doing something to him for sure, he thought! “What??” “WHY do you always pretend to be ,what you can never really be?” Shocked, he turned towards her, ” What the hell do you mean!” “Sanskar you are not as bad as you pretend to be! You have a beautiful heart.. Which can not see others in pain! Why are you doing this to yourself! You can live a beautiful life..
You.. !” “Bas enough!” He shouted at her, ” WHY are you doing this! Are you doing this to trap me and run away? I know! Yes! But i wont let u do that!” He furiously left the room.. He was shaken to the core!

This girl was trying to crack the walls around his heart! ” No i wont let her do that! No no no!” He shouted holding his head in his hands.. Here Swara got tensed listening to his painful shout.. But she was confused whether to go check on him.. She knew she was the reason for this.. She had tried to scratch his wounds which were never really healed.. ” No Swara! I know you are feeling bad! But you have to do this!… But y m i doing this! Isnt this the fact that he’s a kidnapper.. A criminal.. Y do i even care about him so much? I have met him a few days back! This is ridiculous!… But NO; i do care.. I dont knw y.. But i do.. And i cant let him suffer!”
There in london.. Ram prasad was shocked to find Cyrus standing at his door! “What the hell are you doing here?” “Sir your phone was unavailable.. You didnt even call me to ask about IT.. Not a message from you, i thought if you are..” “I am alright! You idiot! If someone might have followed you, then i would have been in trouble..” Ram prasad dragged him inside and locked the door! When Cyrus settled on the sofa.. Ram asked him about the progress..

“Sir.. Everything is going according to the plan.. That day after you left for London.. I went to vishakha fort..
FLASHBACK ” Rocky, where is your man?” “saab! He is coming! Look Here he is..” He said pointing towards Sanskar.. “Bhai! This is the man.. He asked me to call you for the deal…” Rocky whispered to Sanskar.. “So Sanskar.. There is a work for you! Its dangerous.. But then, i am paying you double!” Cyrus said handing him the bag of notes… “Here is the number of the car which takes the target to her collage and back.. It is the safest then.. Because she doesnt allow her bodyguards to come with her there.. She is the daughter of the MP.. Durga prasad.. So be careful! You wont get a second chance.. And if you need any more details, it is here in this fil..” “I dont.. This is enough for me!” Sanskar said cuting Cyrus in between.. As grabbed the number of the car and went away, whistling to himself.. FLASHBACK ENDS

Sir Rocky called me that evening to inform that the work had been done and the girl was with HIM.. I knew Durga prasad will put all his forces to action.. So i went underground.. But when i couldnt contact you, i was tensed.. So i came.. Sorry!” “Its okay Cyrus! Well i am glad you came.. Now you will stay here with me till the case settles.. No one knows about the kidnapping except you and me.. If the kidnappers, by any chance get caught.. Police might try to reach you taking their help.. But here you are safe.. And me too!” Ram prasad patted Cyrus’ back as his evil laugh echoed about the bunglow..

Sanskar felt a hand on his shoulders.. “Munna! You? You went to see your parents; right? How are they?” Sanskar said, still trying to calm himself down.. Munna sat beside him..” They are fine bhai.. Woh actualyy.. Woh..” “Is there anything you want to share? You can tell me munna!” He asked concerned.. As they were talking, swara reached the corner they were sitting… but seeing Sanskar smile, she hid behind a wall.. “Bhai woh maa asked me to give you this..” He hesitantly forwarded a box of laddus to sanskar.. “She had made these for you!” Sanskar looked at Munna with teary eyes- shocking munna and making swara smile.. “Say thanks to her..” His voice was choked as he grabbed the box.. He knew he could breakdown any moment.. “Munna u go now.. I will see you later..” As soon as Munna left.. It was enough for sanskar.. He ran to the terrace and bursted out crying.. sobbing like a little child.. “Maa.. I miss you.. I.. Am sorry maa..

But… I..i..” He was startled when he felt a hand on his shoulders! “Munna! How many times shall i tell you to follow what i say! What are you doing here?” He shouted.. “Its me sanskar!” Sanskar looked around shocked! He was speechless to find Swara.. He felt as if he had been caught red handed.. “wh..what are you doing here? Didnt i tell you to be in the room..” He said in a shaky voice trying to compose himself.. “Sanskar.. Till when you will hide ur pain? Atleast for your mother, try to give yourself a chance to live..”

Precap- “We have to leave.. Chotu gather evrything.. We are leaving NOW.. And dont inform anyone! Not even Munna!” Sanskar panicked!

Credit to: Mrinal

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