Kidnapper + rescue (Part-5)


In a lavish bunglow in London, a phone rings… “Erghh.. Who is this idiot calli.. Damn it! Bhaisa??? No i wont pick up the call.. Must be about Ragini.. I think the kidnapper has done his work! B..but if i dont he would doubt me!” He was sweating profusely as he picked up the call..” Hello.. Ji bhaisa!” “Ram.. Where are you? I need you he…” But before Durga prasad could complete, Ram cuts him in between.. ” Bhaisa my friend is in his death bed.. I m really sorry, i wont be able to return for a couple of weeks.. They really need me.. But i will come as soon as everything settles here.. Pranam bhaisa!” and he hung up the call even before letting the other one speak! “I think i should stop using this sim for some time now.. I should have thought about it, damn! If anyhow those kidnappers get caught, police will track me! Ohh no! B..But HE has a perfect record.. An..And well they havent seen me.. Neither know me! But if Cyrus opens his mouth??? No! No he will die ,but wont back stab me! No one will come to know its me.. Haa! Its a fool-proof plan! Let the case settle.. Bhaisa will break down when police gives up the search a..and i will grab the opportunity! Once i win, i will see what to do with Ragini.. Yess! Evrything is perfect! But till then i should be here..!” Ram prasad murmured to himself as he removed his sim..

Swara was still in shock listening to Sanskar’s story.. She was feeling bad for him.. “Hey! Y m i sad! Y should i feel pity for THAT man after what ever he did to me… He is no more that little boy! Today he is that heartless devil! And I hate him.. Yess I hate him like anything!” But to her surprise she wasnt feeling that same hatred anymore.. Whatever she tried.. Remmbring his torture.. His letting her starve.. His slaps.. Nothing could bring back the disgust she was feeling for him a few hours back.. She was confused at her own emotions, when Sanskar entered the room and found HER lost… “Sleeping with open eyes? Wow!” He smirked..
Bringing Swara back to reality.. She frowned looking at him but this time her eyes were filled with a softness that even she was unaware of..

“Nothing.. I mean just relaxing.. Baba asked to rest” she answered looking away..
Sanskar was surprised.. Never in his dreams did he expect her to react this way! He was expecting some taunts if not curse words.. But here she spoke to him without even a trace of fear.. Being All calm..
He felt very weird and looked at her ,startled ,as she looked away…
He got up abruptly to leave, still in shock.. “And ye..yess! Eat without a word! I shouldnt find YOU without the plate being empty! Understood?” He spoke trying to sound rude before he left ,
But surprisingly today there was no harshness in his voice infact it sounded more of a boy whinning for not getting his favourite toy, to Swara! A faint smile played on her lips watching him stammering and at a loss of words… The whole day Sanskar was restless.. No one in so many years had talked to him the way that girl did today.. How can she, after all that torture, be so calm to me? And Why m i thinking so much? Maybe she planning something! Even if she is, she will never succeed.. Never! Swara here was thinking unknowingly about sanskar… The more she tried to bring back her anger, the more she found it decreasing.. “Maybe baba was right.. Situations made him this ruthless creature.. He isnt that bad at heart.. He just needs to look inside himself and stop faking that heartless attitude evrytime!” She murmured smilingly.. It was getting dark when he entered the room.. “Did you have your lunch?” He asked trying not to look into her eyes.. “Yaa.. I did.. And i m fine” she smiled at him..
He felt weird.. He wanted to run away from all this! From the girl who made him feel……. Yes! She made him FEEL! But What? He didnt know! But there was no place of any warm feeling in his heart! Yet he couldnt go back, his legs felt paralyzd.. Somewhere his heart had carved for this little warmth for years… He found it difficult to move..
He was staring at her with the look of a lost and hungry child starving for days.. “Did you eat?” She asked looking at his sunken eyes.. “Y is she doing this? Y m i even letting her do it? Ahhhh.. But i m feeling weak.. Too weak! No this has to stop! I cant feel this way!” “You didnt eat; m i right? ” He didnt know When and Y he noded to her… “Chotu???” she called him..” Bring a plate for him!” She said pointing at sanskar.. “NOO NEED! Just stop it! Stop behaving like this with me! Stop playing these goodness cards of yours around me! Will you! You wont get anything! I know all your plans! You damn girl! I have kidnapped you! I have tortured you worse then hell! Have you forgot it!” He lashed at her gritting his teeth to hide his inner turmoil! He rushed out of the room as Swara looked onn… “What is happening to me.. Why!” He held his locket close to his heart and kissd it.. He lied on the terrace and began thinking about whatever he remmbrd of his parents.. Today he didnt stop the tears from making their way out of him.. Yess he missed them.. He missed them a lot.. After a while He felt quite calm .. There was nothing going inside his mind, no anger, no pain .. Today after years he slept peacefully, like a child in his mothers lap.. Here swara was feeling weird too.. She kept changing her sides but sleep was miles away from her.. ” Why m i thinking so much! Huh! Well swara you are kidnapped! And the man you are thinking so much about has actually kidnapped you and treated you in the most inhuman way possible! Now stop sympathising with him! Sleep or you will surely die because of yourself rather than him!”
There in Maheshwari mansion, Ragini’s phone rang up in the middle of the night! “He..hello! Whose this!” She asked rubbing her swollen eyes.. “Hey babes! Howz you? Forgot me Chipkali? So bad of you!” “Laksh!!! Is that you! I..i didnt..” She couldnt speak.. Her voice was choked.. “Hey Rags! I know you missed me, that doesnt mean you will cry! I went to study.. I didnt die that you need to cry! U know na i hate it when you cry! Your nose gets fluffy and red! Haahhah…” He stopped his chatter as he heard her sobbing silently.. “Y do i feel something is wrong?” “No.. Nothing like that.. You say how u remmbrd me today? I thought you forgot your one and only awesome bestie! Haha!” She said masking her emotions.. “Ragini it had been years still you didnt learn how to lie! I was coming back to India tomorrw so decided to inform you.. But alas! My bestie isnt even intrested in sharing her probs with me! Good! Then i would directly go to jaipur!” ” Noooo! Laksh please atleast you dont leave me alone.. Please…” And she told him everything that happened in these few days ,sobbing.. “Baby! Just calm down! I will come straight to you tomorrw.. We will solve all this togethr! We will find Swara togethr! Please dont cry..” He consoled her and persuaded her to sleep back as he packed his bags…

It was morning.. Swara woke up yawning.. She freshened up and came out of the room, well first time after her unsuccessful try to flee! She was feeling better today.. Taking a deep breathe she looked around and saw Him sleeping on the wall of terrace.. His hands hanging down! She felt like laughing at him, and ending up getting surprised at her own thoughts! She climbed up the stairs to him.. He looked like an angel! ” Haha what an irony! The Devil- looking like an Angel!” she thought.. But yes, he looked so innocent, sleeping with hands hanging on both sides of the wall and an open mouth! She couldnt help but admire him and his antics before smacking her own head at these thoughts! “Miss Swara bose! You have been kidnapped by this guy lying over here.. You are not on a vacation that you are checking out guys!” Lol as if i ever did that! She laughed at herself.. Unnoticed to her.. A group of few boys were staring at her.. Here Sanskar got up as Swara turned arounc to look at the sunrise after days and feel the morning breeze… Sanskar was shocked to see her roaming around.. Suddenly he grabbed her arms and dragged her down the stairs.. Swara flinched at the sudden pain.. She couldnt understand what got into him so suddenly but before he dragged her down.. She got a glimpse of the rowdies staring at her hungrily.. She then looked at sanskar’s fuming face and smiled as he dragged her and pushed her inside the room… “Do not dare come out! Chotuuu! …. Do not open this door until i came back..” And he locked the door behind him! Precap- “Take this.. And throw that away! And dare not say no or i will do this myself!” He looked at her, still fuming!

Note- Guys i know you are confused on WHY no one gets to know that they kidnapped the wrong girl.. Well just wait and keep reading.. Evrything has a reason! Evrythng will get revealed as the story proceeds!

Credit to: Jaf

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