Kidnapper + rescue (Part-4)


Part 4
“I feel its already 9 or 9 :30.. Still no one came to check on me?” Swara murmured looking at the sunrays penetrating the room through the ventilator.. Here she was sitting impatiently waiting for THE man to come.. She had so many questions to ask.. So many quaries to make.. But alas! Finally the one who came was Chotu, with her breakfast and not HIM..
She was so frustrated with everything that she refused to even touch the food and although fearing the consequences inwardly, she angrily asked him to send his boss..
She knew He wont leave her for this attitude of hers.. But all she wanted was to end it for once and all! Either she will get killed by his hands today or clear the matter! Yess! There was nothing in between and she was determined!

Sanskar was pumping up his body when Chotu came informing him about Her… Angry and frustrated he left his dumbels , came down running and clenched Her face tightly hurting her jaws hard.. ” If you have forgot your yesterday’s treatment, it wouldnt take me much time to remind you!”
He spat in a low but ridiculously dangerous voice..
But taking him by shock, looking straight into HIS bloodshot eyes, SHE shot back, “..and why would you do that! Spoiling lives for money? You are the most disgusting crea….” A tight slap ran across her face… “No one! No one questions me! I am not answerable to anyone! Did you get that!” He shouted at her pushing her back.. “Now eat if u want orr.. Well you mustnot forget your treatmnt..”

“Y have u kidnappd me? Y are you doing this to me! I have nothing to give you, nothing!” Her voice broke down into sobs..
All her determination and courage was blown away the moment she looked into his eyes.. Those Eyes.. Filled with anger, hatred and something unknown, that even she wasnt able to decipher!
He had already turned to go when he heard her and suddenly halted in his tracks and turned around! ” I kidnapped u bcz i wantd to! Now if you speak a word more, a single word, i will forget that i am bound not to kill anyone! DO NOT TEST MY PATIENCE!”

No one in so many years and especially never his victims had dared to raise their voice in front of HIM and a girl, this GIRL, had the guts to question him looking straight into his eyes!!! Even after all the torture he gave her! What is this girl made up of! ” What ever it is, this damn girl is frustrating me beyond limits! Aarrgghhh!” He clenched his jaws and took a deep breathe, ” No, i had promised maa never ko take anyones life.. And Sanskar never breaks his promise! I gotta control myself!”
Swara sat back as he left and began to cry on her fate.. “What have i done god.. What hv i done? U took my parents away i didnt complain.. U took my childhood away i didnt complain.. Ain’t u satisfied enough that u have to do this to me? I m struck in between these monstrous people without even knowing my fault.. Having no idea of their intentions.. Why God!”…
She might have had just sobbed for a couple of hours before she fell asleep ,exhausted.. When sanskar came to check on her in the afternoon he found her sleeping.. Curled up like a baby.. Her face.. Oh how pure it was.. But stained with tears and pale… Her cloth torn and blood staind.. She layed there as if life was sucked out of her..

He remmbered the time, he was beaten by some boys and he ran to his mother, crying.. How she had comfortd him and he slept on her lap forgetting everythng, With a satisfied smile in his face… A slight curve was unknowingly formed on his lips before he saw the food plate beside her, UNtouched! It immediately broke his trance and he clenched his fists… Walking out of the place he shouted, ” Chotu! Where are you!… Dont give that girl any food till she beggs for it! Just dont! And if i see her insulting food for one more time, i wont spare you! She might be the princess of her castle, but this is my empire!” And he angrily walked off..

It took ragini quite some time to persude her dad to send her to collage.. At last he agreed on sending her with his four trusted bodyguards.. As she got there she rushed to the principals cabin and told her everythng asking for help.. Now Swara was a meritous studnt, studying there on full scholarship so she was really loved by all her teachers.. An Immediate meeting was conducted among all the staffs discussing about her.. All the studnts were enquired about.. But no one, not a single persn could give any clue.. Neither did Ragini get any useful help from the vendors and shopkeeprs outside their campus… She was losing her hopes.. “Rago u have to be optimistc! Swara is brave, she will fight everyone! Yess! Just u need to find a clue! One single clue..” She took a deep breathe and began her search again..

It had startd to get dark when Swara woke up coughing.. Her throat was dry.. She couldnt gulp even her saliva down ” Ahhh.. is any one the.. K..koi hai.. Pani.. Paa…panii do… plz” she couldnt speak more.. Listening to her chotu came hiding from everyone.. looking around.. Making sure no one was there.. He made her sit and drink watr.. He then looked at her for sometime before vanishing in the dark.. Swara was pale and lifeless.. Saying that she was hungry would be an understatemnt.. She was starving.. Suddenly everythin faded in front of her…. Sanskar was still frustrated over The girl, when he came to ask her how much more torture she wanted before stopping to irritate him! As he came inside the first thing he saw was water spilled around her ” Chotu!!! How dare you go against..” He suddenly stopped seeing her.. She was shivering badly.. He went near her to pick her up when he suddenly flinched on touching her..
The girl was burning with fever.. He was taken aback.. He looked at her closely to find her all pale.. Sunken eyeballs.. Purple marks all over her body.. Everythng about her only spoke of the misery and torture he had bore upon her.. He suddenly felt pity on her, ” Hey wait! What the hell! What was i just thinking! Pity- and the devil! What is happening erghhhh! No no no! This damn girl! Leave it! ” ” Chotuu!!! Come here Now!” He shouted! Ordering Chotu to call the temple priest to assist the girl he walked off..
Ragini had tried everything she could but still couldnt find swara.. Moreover She felt the trap was for her and swara fell into it which made her feel even more guilty.. She locked herslf in the room refusing to come out or eat anything.. Here Durga prasad had put all his forces to work to find swara ,seeing his only child’s miserable condition..
The day was dawning when the temple priest came to check on swara.. He asked for Sanskar but He was no where to be found.. Sitting beside swara he looked at her with pity.. “Child, open ur eyes” he sprinkled some water on her face and poured some watr in her mouth.. After a few minutes of his effort swara finally opend her eyes.. The priest checked her and gave her some tonic and made her drink it.. Then he Cleand and dressed her already dried up wounds.. And began rubbing her palms.. After a while she felt better.. She looked at the priest and after a few minutes spoke with teary eyes.. ” Baba please help me get out of here! He will torture me to death.. If you cant help, plz tel him to kil me.. I cant bear this any more!” And she started to sob again..
The priest pattd her head and caressed her hair.. With a helpless expression he said ” Child i am bound.. I cant help u.. And You cant escape him.. But yes, he wont kill you.. So i can only advice you to be obeidient to him and he wont hurt you.. Sanksar is not that bad at heart.. I can say this much!” ” Who sanskar?” ” The man you were talking about.. He will not hurt you until you anger him.. But if u do.. He wont show any mercy child” “Why is he doing this.. What wrong have i done.. I dont even know him.. I have nothing to give him.. I am an orphan.. I have no one ,nothing.. How cruel this god is.. What have i dont to bore this..” And she began to cry her heart out..

“Beta we cannot control our fate.. It rules us.. I know him since he was born…. I only named him SANSKAR.. And he lived upto his name.. That pure face.. That innocent smile.. A heart full of love for everyone.. You know, he was the soul of his chawl.. In that tiny age too, he tried to help everyone….though His father worked as a helper in a garments shop nearby , he sent him to the best school around.. And y not? He was the brightest of all.. But this cruel destiny.. It Couldnt see his happiness.. One day in a riot both his parents were killed.. He was 6 then.. After the goons left there were only blood and bodies around… Jagga bhai was not in town then, he rushed there on getting the news.. Ohh and yes, jagga was a local, though indulged in all wrong doings he cared for the chawl people as his family.. The moment he arrived.. Sanskar’s parents were taking their last breathe.. His mother who called jagga her brother gave him in hands of jagga but took a promise from his son, never to harm anyones life.. And to become a good human being..” “But fate… Child… Jagga saw fire inside the little boy.. He saw his potential.. And he forgot all his promises given to the boys mother.. He moulded him, shaped him into a heartless devil!! Only following jaggas orders.. Heenhh.. Sanskar looked upto jagga as his father.. But one day jagga was killed.. And all the reponsibility of the gang fell on everyone wantd him to lead the gang.. Well no one was more potent than him.. And He became emotionless, ruthless, planning and working day and night.. I know he hardly gets sleep at night.. All the old memories flash before his eyes.. He gets sad but he doesnot want to accept it and denying it makes him even more furious… But yes, he kept one last promise that he made to his mother.. He NEVER killed anyone.. He is not bad at heart, just he has made walls around his heart and soul.. I wish someday someone comes who can break the walls and bring his pain out; give him his life back.. I wish i could see my old Sanskar someday..” A tear fell from swara’s eyes, unknown to her.. “So i tell u child.. Follow whatever he says, and he wont even touch you, let alone the hurt..”

Precap- She tried to hate him, to bring out her anger, but with each passing second she found it decreasing..

Credit to: Jaf

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