Kidnapper + rescue (Part-3)


Ragini sat on her bed thinking about swara.. Waiting for one message from her.. She might have just called her for a thousand times by now.. It was half past midnight when a thought struck her..

“…..pata nahi choti madam, aaj petrol itni jaldi kaise khatam ho gya, meine toh aane se pehle hee bharwaya tha!”
Ragini froze in her spot! She knew her driver wasnt careless! And definately had never in so many years he made such mistake of not filling fuel on time or not servicing the car!
She immediately called him least caring about the time..
“Kaka! tell me what happend, when you reached collage? I need every single detail!” Ragini bursted on call as soon as he picked up!

He was still yawning when her voice startled him out of his sleep..!! Then he told her everything from when he had filled the tank while returning from the collage in the morning to how he came to collage to find the fuel tank empty..he was surprised at first but then shrugged it off and went to get petrol.. And came back just a few moments before Ragini..
Ragini couldnot react.. She was sweating!

“Kya hua choti madam, is everything okay?”
“No kaka, Swara is still missing and i m sensing something fishy! Plz do one thing… take my car to the mechanic and get it serviced as soon as the garage opens and ask them to check if there is any problem with it” and she hung up the call!
The whole night, sleep was miles away from her.. The morning alarm just broke her trance.. She freshend up and went to the hall to join her dad for breakfast, still trying to call swara.
Durga prasad was surprised when he saw her finishing her breakfast in silence! “Rago beta! Are you okay? Today my talkative princess isnt speaking? Hmm.. Let me guess! You fought with someone right?”
“No dad.. Woh..i..” Just then her phone rang..”Hello.. Haan.. WHAT! .. Her phone? Ohh god! Okay…”

Durga prasad watched on as his daughtr broke into sobs! “Beta what happened?” He asked concerned!
“Dad please do something! Please! Swara is in a big trouble! Shit! I should have thought about it someone had caused a leakage in the fu..fuel tank of my car.. The mechanic found it and swara’s mobile too.. Aa..and…..” And she told everything to him in between her sobs.. Durga prasad assured her his full help.. He knew what Swara meant to his daughter.. And then patting her head, he went off to his office to attend a meeting, leaving her under the care of her maids..
Here swara woke up feeling something cold on her face.. A boy, yes the same boy who brought her food, was sprinkling water on her face.. She sat up with great difficulty holding her head and tried to look around.. Though her wounds and the blood had dried up, her body wasnt supporting her.. She felt as if all her bones were being crushed.. She felt lifeless yet the pain reminded her that she was still alive to bear some more..

Just then the boy suddenly backed off..
A man, No! The MAN, yes the same man was standing before her with a plate of food..
He bent and placed it before her.. “Eat it!”
Swara might have been afraid but she had already had enough torture! She was angry, she was confused and frustrated, looking at him with utter disgust..
“Keep your damn food for yourself and get lost!!!” She spat at him resting herself against a pillar..

The little softness which he had when he realized what he did last night with a GIRL, vanished now! His palms automaticly curled up into fists! He was going to slap her again ,when his hands stopped mid way and he smirked!

“Chotu, take the food away and give it to the dogs! And see to it that this girl DOESNT even get to touch a single drop of water till i come back!! These rich people should also know the value of a single morsel of food!” And he walked away.. Swara turned to look at his retreating back with a shocked, tear and blood stained face.. No tears were left in her eyes to shed.. She was feeling emotionless… Chotu looked at her with pity before taking the food away..
Swara had been sitting there alone for god knows how many hours, staring into the walls blankly when she heard some footsteps.. She was soo weak that it took her quite some effort to turn around and look ..

There was HE..
Standing with a stern face.. He came near her and sat in front of her leaning against the cartons..”So madam! Got your lesson or want some more?” He smirked! Swara was eying him with pure hatred and unimaginable fear.. She didnt reply and simply looked down..
She felt a jug of water being thrusted in her hands.. As soon as she saw it she couldnt think of anything! Neither her anger, nor her fear.. Yes she was dying of thirst.. She immediately grabbed it before giving even a thought and gulped the whole thing down, panting heavily as if she had just let out a breathe that she had held for hours..

When she looked up, he was gone but the boy, chotu came back with her food.. She smiled at him faintly at which he just stared at her sadly before going away.. She tried to bring her anger back and not even glance at the food but she couldnt control herslf.. It had been more than a day since she last ate anything.. She swallowd everything that was in the plate without even breathing in between as if it was her last chance to eat.. Then pushed the empty plate aside, composed herself and lied on the ground and began thinking about her state.. A tear slipped her eyes..
Here it was 10 in the night.. Ragini was waiting for her dad to return and pacing up and down the hall..
“Dad! ” she screamed as she saw him and ran to hug him!

Durga prasad held her shoulder and sadly said “Sorry beta, i have put all my informers to work.. Even involved the police yet we couldnt get any information.. Police said they could have tracked her if she hadnt left her phone in the car, Seems like it was all planned and some one did this perfectly without leaving a trace behind him!” Ragini collapsed on the foor.. “NO dad! You have to find her! Why will anyone kidnap her! She is an orphan! She has no enemity with anyone! There is no reason one would do dat! Infact it was MY car and not HERS!” She said with a blank face..
Well that shocked Durga prasad and left him thinking deeply about the case..
Here Swara couldnt sleep the whole night.. She was feeling disgusted yet she didnt know why he had kidnapped her! She had nothing to give him, she thought, as she made up her mind to confront him the nxt day and gently closed her swollen weary eyes!

Precap- “…and why would you do that? Spoiling lives for money? You are the most disgusting creatu..” A tight slap ran across her face…

Credit to: Jaf

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