Kidnapper + rescue (Part-2)


Ragini had bit her nails off in tension as she cursed swara for leaving without even informing her, while her car was speeding towards swara’s house..
“Choti madam! We have reached!”
Ragini rushed out of the car and started to bang on the door shouting Swara’s name.. Getting no response she looked down only to find it locked! She was blank! She stood there for a few seconds before She hopped inside the car and asked to take her to “Leela Baai orphanage”..
As she got there she rushed in to enquire about swara..
“No Ragini.. I havent seen her for a past few months! She last visited us during christmas child! But why are you asking ths! Is all fine?” Asked Mother Sofia..
Ragini now got scared.. She was at a loss of words.. Just then her thoughts were disturbed by a phone call.. “hello beta! Where are you, its been one and a half hour your collage ended! You are still not home! Come fast!”
“yes dad!”
Ragini simply obliged and sat in the car..

Here Swara woke up with an unbearable pain in her head.. She tried to open her eyes but couldn’t.. The pain was litrally killing her.. She wanted to shout but she couldn’t..
Now that shocked her and brought her back to her senses!..
She opened her eyes only to find herself tied to a piller with a duct tape shutting her mouth! She didnt understand why the hell was she here!
Yes she was Brave! Yes she always boasted she can fight 20goons at a time single handedly..
But yes, at this point of time, she WAS afraid! She was alone in a dark, dusty, messed up room, well if you call that a room! She had started to sweat profusely! Swara was shivering with fear!
“Swara Bose! Just calm down! Relax! Breathe in and breathe out! Okay so you are here! But the question is how and why!”
Swara tried to recall everything..” I was in car.. That man.. Hanky! Ohh god no! He kidnapped ME?! But why? I dont even know him!”
Just then a young lad came with a plate of food, placed it before her and turned to go… She was still lost in her thought when she noticed him and got an idea…
Swara hesitantly called him.. ” Suno.. Aa.. Wohh.. I mean how will i eat my hands are tied!”
To her utter surprise he didnt even turn and simply went away!

“Ab kya!” But before she could think much a man entered.. She couldnt see his face due to the darkness all around.. He simply came to her, opend her hands and went away without even uttering a word.. She finally somehow relaxed herself and pulled out the duct tape from her mouth..
Swara started to think as fast as she could.. Looking around she saw no one! Whole room was filled with cartons and spare machine parts but not a single soul was present there.. Except for a little light coming through a door, there was complete darkness.. She slowly untied her legs.. She was not able to stand properly.. Her legs wee shaking badly yet she gathered herself and tip-toed out of the room.. Yess there was no one around.. She prayed to god for assistance and sneaked out from there..
Here sanskar was sitting on a rock holding an unopened beer bottle in his hands.. He tried not to remmbr them.. He tried not to get sad.. But he couldnt control it..
Yess it was today, 17 years back when he lost his parents! Their cries were still ringing in his ears making him weak, which he hated! “the Devil can never get emotional and weak! This isnt me! I am not weak!” In utter frustration he slammed the bottle on the rock breaking it into pieces and let out a blood curdling cry!
Just then someone came running to inform him that the girl had fled!
Now his anger knew no bounds! The veins on his hands started to pop out as he closed his fists in anger..
He just signalled the man to go as he tugged his revolver on his waist…took a deep breathe and jumped off the rock! He knew the route victims could take after fleeing!
It was dark.. She couldnt see anything.. Her head was paining ,her legs hurt, she had no energy yet she kept moving…. tears were makiing their way out even without her knowledge.. Just when she thought she was successfull in her attempt she felt something on her head! And there was HE!
Pointing a revolver on her head..

She froze! She litrally started shivering! She had no way out, still she gave a last try under her adrenalline rush and ran pushing him aside!
Sanskar was already “fighting his emotions” which was the only thing that turned him into a monster and this girl was making it hard for him to control his anger…
He needed some time alone.. He was vunerable at the moment.. But he couldnt, WHY? because of this girl, he thought!
Cleanching his jaws He ran behind her, caught her hair, dragged her back to the godown and slammed her against a barrel with such a force that her head started to bleed…
This was it for her, she was nervous, she was hurt and the dragging took away any leftover energy she had.. She couldnt react.. Her mind became numb.. And she collapsed.. But Sanskar was too frustrated to let her go! He dragged her up and slapped her hard.. She could only feel a burning sensation on her cheeks but before she could contain herself he slapped her again.. And again and again.. till she got partly unconcious and fell on the ground.. He then bent down to her held her face tightly and spat angrily ” Dont mess with ME ever again” and he left closing the door behind him..
There she was left.. Bruised.. Hurt.. Her forehead bleeding.. Her lips cut.. Her ankle twisted.. She was not fully concious yet she was shivering like anything.. Lying in her own blood and sweat!

Precap- “Dad please do something! Please!”

Credit to: Jaf

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