Kidnapper + rescue (Part-10)

Part 10
“How can she do this to me! I trusted her.. I..i opened up my heart in front of her.. Huh! Sanskar you are a fool! You didnt learn from your mistakes.. You again laid yourself at someones feet and she trampled it! You deserve this pain.. You deserve it!
But she… Y did she do this… WHY did you do this to me!!!!!!”, Sanskar cried his lungs out as he kicked and threw everything around…

Here Swara was still in shock..
“Sw..swara.. What have you done… Oh my god! Sanssskarr.. No god! I am sorry.. I know i shouldnt have entered the room when he asked me not to.. I should have waited for him and questioned him directly.. B..but you know na God i…i just wanted to see him happy.. But…”
She had started to sobb bitterly when suddenly she heard a loud thud coming from His room..
“Sanskarrrrr! Sanskar please listen to me once.. Please.. I know i am at fault.. Please give me all the punishment you want.. Slap me.. Starve me.. Kill me.. But dont torture yourself Sanskar.. Sanskar please.. Please listen to me…!”, Swara ran to her door startled, shouting and banging it but ended up slapping herself repeatedly..
“Why.. Why did you do this Swara! Why!!!! Did you mend his heart to break him apart again! Why… What was the need to enter that room.. When he had warned.. When you knew he has trust issues.. Why!”, she cried, collapsing on the ground at last…..

It was afternoon, when suddenly Swara heard a knock at the door…
“Di.. Dii… Are you okay? Please open the window.. Its locked from inside.. I have brought your lunch…”, Chotu whispered.. The poor boy was still scared seeing the whole turn of events..
Swara ran to the window to open it…

“Di…”, Chotu was shocked to see her.. She was pale.. Her hair disheveled.. And finger marks clearly visible on her cheek..
“Di what have you done to yourself..”, he had started to cry at her state when suddenly Swara cupped his face with shivering hands..
“Chotu.. Take this food to Sanskar.. And please feed him.. I know he is upset.. But please do this for me… Please make him eat!”
“Di.. I..i will try my best.. But atleast you eat something..”
“No Chotu, he is in this condition because of me.. I wont eat until he does… Please go to him..”, Swara said withdrawing from the boy..

“Okay di.. But please dont cry..”, he said wiping her tears as he moved away..
When Chotu entered Sanskar’s room he froze.. The whole room was scattered with broken vases, glass pieces, and what not.. And there was He, sitting lifeless in between all these mess, his face burrowed in his palms..
“Bhai..”, Chotu could barely speak…
Thats when Sanskar raised his face and a drop of tear fell down from Chotu’s eyes.. His bhai was drenched in sweat.. His eyes fully red and swollen.. Yes, he was miserable… more miserable then his Di…

“Bhai ppp..please have something.. Di told me to..” Suddenly taking Chotu by shock, Sanskar kicked the plate away.. He was listening to him calmy but the mention of Swara’s name reignited his anger..
“Go to your room! And tell your di i dont need her sympathy! UNDERSTOOD!!!!” He shouted at the already shivering boy..

Late at night… Swara was sitting by the window grill waiting for Sanskar.. Yes, he was not at home.. Swara had refused to eat since Sanskar didnt… All their happy days came flashing before her eyes as she sobbed silently..
“I am sorry Sanskar.. I know how hard it is for you to trust people.. I know i have broken your trust.. But i..i just wanted to see you smile..”, Swara mumbled..
Just then she heard the main door of the house crack open.. And HE was here..
Swara felt her heart break into pieces when she saw HIM…. Only thing she could see in his eyes was PAIN.. Pain that she had caused him..
He was walking towards his room when suddenly he stoppd seeing her..
“You di..dint run away.. Whe..n i was out? I thought you must have, by now reached your partners.. Dear..”, he said painfully as he struggled to maintain his balance..
Thats when she realized he was Drunk!

“Sanskar please.. Please listen to me once.. Ohh no.. Goo and rest.. Yes.. Go to your room.. You are not in a condition to speak.. Please.. Chotuuu.. Come here”, Swara shouted for Chotu as she tried hard to prevent him from falling but HE jerked her hands..
“I dont need any support from a cheater..”, he said as Chotu took him away…
The night passed and morning rose… But the day didnt dawn for Swara.. The whole day she hadnt swallowed a morsel of food.. She had continously kept crying.. Her eyes were burning but still she couldnt close them for a moment..
Suddenly Swara saw Chotu passing by..
“Chotu.. Pp..please can you do me a favour? Please make a lemon drink and give it to Sanskar.. He will wake up to an aching head..”, she said trying hard to make herself audible.. But She was completly choked..

Here Sanskar woke up and was wriggling in pain.. Not many times had he drunk in his life.. But yesterday the pain was unbearable for him..
“Bhaai.. Lemon drink!”, Chotu said as he entered the room, passing him the drink..
He was about to walk away when suddenly Sanskar spoke up..
” Didnt i tell you not to follow your di.. Y have you brought this..”
“Bhai.. Wo..oh… Bhai! B..but.. Please talk to d..dii once.. She hadnt eaten anything since yestrdy morning.. Neither has she slept..”, Chotu was about to break into tears but he ran away..
Sanskar was feeling weird.. He was definately in pain but in Chotu’s eyes he saw HER pain.. And the night before, he remmberd her care when he returned home drunk.. He was confused..
His was somewhere feeling guilty but his heart was too broken to trust again..
But still he knew he cared for his friend, and knowing that she was starving herself, he couldnt control himself..

He ran to the kitchen.. Filled a plate with food and rushed to her.. But he stood in front of the locked door, unable to convince his heart to face her.. Yes he was angry, but he still couldnt find the courage to see her suffering..
“Why! Why cant i! Did she think before hurting me.. B..but no.. I will break down if i see her.. And i can not do that before this girl! I should call chotu..
But she is stubborn.. She wont eat if i dont come in front of her.. Ergghhh!”, finally after a lot of self persuassion, he opened the lock quietly and walked inside..
Sanskar felt his heart sinking in the pit of his stomach as his eyes rested on her.. She was death-pale.. Her eyes completly sunken…. And the finger marks clearly visible on her cheeks..
He froze… He couldnt take it any more…. Just as he was about to back out, Swara saw him.. Her face brightened instantly as she ran to him, but when she tried to hug him he moved back..

“Eat your food.. I am not going to take the blame of anything happening to you on my head,” Sanskar spoke, litrally holding back his tears as he moved out of her room closing the door behind him and rushed up to his room..
He bursted out crying as soon as he crossed her room.. He was confused.. He was shattered when he saw Swara in that forbidden room.. He knew she was lying to him.. But then y was he feeling guilty now..
“No this is all her plan! I…i.. I will never forgive her!”
The day passed and neither Swara nor Sanskar came out of their rooms.. Sanskar was confused.. He couldnt decide what to do.. He couldnt sort the things in his head out…
But Swara was satisfied.. She somewhere felt happy that Sanskar still cared for her and needed her.. She just wanted the misunderstanding to get cleared..
Chotu had asked her to come out of the room but she was determined that never again will she go against Sanskar.. She will come out only when he forgives her and wants her to..
Swara slept peacefully when the night fell, but Sanskar was too distrubed to sleep..

“Did i do something wrong? Was she really guilty? Why would she do that? What would she get if she helps them! I know i was already frustrated over those goons.. When even Munna couldnt give any clue about them.. I was out of my mind! Did i took out my frustration on her? May be she came into the room simply to find out about my problems!
Oh my god! What the hell have i done! How can i become so blind! Her eyes shouted her innocense.. The girl who taught me to live again is lifeless today because of my doubts! No no no! Sanskaar are you mad! She didnt do anything… And what you did? Tortured her when all she did was to try to make you smile! You are a beast! Litrally a devil! How could you…
No! I..i will make it up to her! M sorry dear…”, Sanskar cried the whole night thinking about the pain he had given her, AGAIN..

Meanwhile in london airport, Ram prasad was fiddling with his phone re-entering his SIM..
“Cyrus! I think these 20 days might have been enough for Big brother’s breakdown! Its the perfect time for me to return and take the control in my hands”, he said smirking, as the time of boarding the flight came nearer…
The day was about to dawn.. Sanskar was in the kitchen, trying his hands in making a small cake for his friend..
“I think i should write ‘SORRY Ragini’ over here.. Hey wait.. Didnt she tell her loved ones call her shona?”
Sanskar and Swara were chatting when suddenly he realized all this while he didnt know her name..
“Hey whats your name? I know i…it it sounds weird but… Umm.. That day i didnt even wait to listen to your name from that man..”, he asked, embarassed….
“Hehehe! Sanskar you are really a kid you know! Anyways name is…. Rago.. I mean Ra..Ragini.. But all my loved ones call me Shona! Please call me Shona.. Will you?,” she stammered at first but then looked onto him with puppy eyes..
“Okay okay baba! And Nice name Shona..”

Sanskar smiled as he wrote ‘Shona’ on the cake…
There Laksh sat with Ragini in the hall, trying to uplift her mood when the door bell rang..
“Door bell? Now??? Ramesh kaka please check who’s there..”, Laksh called out for the servant , but no one was there in such an early hour..
“Huh.. Wait a sec..”, Laksh said as he ran to the door and unlocked it..
“Ram uncle… How are you.. I mean what a surprise…!” Laksh was pleasantly surprisd as he called out for Ragini..

“Baby look whose here..”
Ram prasad was shocked to find Laksh smiling but when he saw Ragini at last.. He froze in his spot..
“W..www..what is sssshe doing here..” He was rooted to his position when suddenly Ragini ran into his arms…
“Chachu… Where were you! I missed you so much! You know.. I was so… Chachu how can you leave me in such a big problem and go.. Chachu Swara… Only you can help now… Please….”
Ragini kept sobbing as she told him everything about the mishap..
Here Sanskar came with the cake to Swara’s room..
“M sorry Shona..”, he gently caressed her face sitting beside her.. Suddenly Swara woke up to his touch..
“Sanssskarr.. You.. Here..”

“I….i i am sorry Shona.. I know i overreacted.. I dnt knw wht got
into me.. I was so frustrated and i saw you there and..”, Sanskar was about to slam his fists on the wall when Swara caught his hands…
“Shhhh.. I know what u were going through.. You have already gone through so much.. Its very difficult to trust again.. And i… I broke it.. Though unintentionally… I… i m sorry too..”, she smiled in between her tears, cupping his face..

“No no.. It was my mistake.. I m the reason for all ur miseries…”
” No Sanskar.. Please!”, He sobbed letting out his pain as Swara held on him..
“Accha i made this for you…”, Sanskar passed on the cake to her, a few moments later, wiping his tears..
“Wow! Chocolate cake! How did u know its my fav? Oh my goddd! Thank you so much! This is why I LOVE YOU “, she said, hugging onto him and kissing his cheeks, when suddenly she realized what SHE had said..
Both looked on shockd ,at each other when his suddenly phone buzzed..
“Swara! What was that! LOVE! Did you just say you love him! Do i really? No no! He.. He is just my friend.. Very good friend.. But love.. Oh my! Is this love! Was this love all the while??? Maybe.. No it is! Yess! I…i i really love him! O My God! I am in love!”, her eyes were brimming with tears of joy as she turned to looked into his eyes…

Here He was still on the call, but Sanskar’s expression changed from affection a moment ago to rage buring in his eyes… As She looked on..

Precap- “Hey MS SWARA BOSE! How was the experiance of breaking me twice?”

Note- Thank you dear readers for your amazing response.. And sorry if i dissapointed you today.. I m really too disturbed mentally, regarding my studies.. Sorry

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