Kidnapper + rescue (Part-1)


He was sitting on the terrace of an old abandoned factory, holding a broken locket close to his heart, trying to recollect those faded yet painful memories of past…. The riot between the construction company’s goons and the chawl people, in which his parents were brutally killed when they refused to vacate their one-roomed house… He, as a mere boy of 6-years had watched them dying in front of his eyes, hiding behind a sewage pipe..
He still remembered his mother, the way she used to feed him with her own hands & always asked him to become a good human being..
A lone tear escaped his eyes. He got up angrily and slammed his fist on the concrete and shouted “No Maa! never! This world is not meant for good or poor people. They will only be used and ruled by the ones in power! I will never let anyone rule me! I am the Devil and Sorry but I would never become what you wanted me to be!
I have seen what is the fate of such people, Maa i saw you and baba dying, yet i couldnot do anything! I was helpless! But not anymore! I have no place for emotions, no place for your so called goodness! Yes! I am the Devil and will always be!” His eyes were red and veins throbbing… When he felt a hand on his shoulder….

“Munna! What are you doing here? ” he asked.
“Sanskar bhai! I didnt find you inside, so i came to search for you! Because of you we got a contract from such a big party, all are enjoying and You are not a part of it? No you have to come with me!” Asked a confused, 17 year old Munna.
Sanskar looked at the boy for a few seconds before looking into the night sky and said ” Munna, I am not into all these.. I enjoy being alone! You go and enjoy with others!” With that he patted the boy and went to the other side…
Munna, he was the only one who occasionally earned a smile from the Devil.. No one else had seen him smile. He was either found lost in thoughts or busy in his work.. Well, his work! He was really a Devil when talking about work! Though he was much younger than most of the gang member, yet his target couldnot even dream of mercy in his hands! HE was RUTHLESS!
Here in a big mansion, a man was walking to and fro and murmuring curse words.
“When will i see you fall down big brother! When shall i see your downfall! I have always worked hard, working for your campaigns, rallies, meeting officers for you! Yet today i am nothing to you! You have been the MP for 10 years, whats wrong if i asked for the party ticket in place of you this time! But no! If you cant give your place to me, i will snatch it! Huh! Now i will also see how you breathe peacefully! You will fall Mr Durga Prasad Maheshwari! And i will achieve this using your lovely daughter and my dotting neice!”
His evil laugh echoed in the room before he was disturbed with a phone call!
“Hello Ram sir! Your work is half- done! I have found a man who has a 100% success record in this! He will take care of your neice, the way you want him to! No one has ever escaped him!”
“Finalize the deal, Cyrus!”. Yes, he was cyrus, most trusted man of Ram Prasad Maheshwari.
“Big brother, you are going to pay for it! You stamped at my ego, now i will torture you soul, your Ragini!”

The next morning, Sanskar wakes up hearing a phone call.. The caller asked him to come to Vishakha Fort for new contract and hungs up! Sanskar gets up and smirks.. “Get ready my 87th target for a ride to hell!”
Here in the Maheshwari Mansion a girl is getting ready for her collage. She is adjusting her hair when she gets a call..
“Hello ki bacchi! Time dekha hai? You are again late! Tere wajah se roz mein late ho jati hu Rago!”
Here Ragini picks up an apple from the tray, flunges her bag on her shoulders, takes a bite from the apple and laughs, ” Hey miss padhaku! Chill maar! Still half an hour is left for collage to start! Tu ruk mein aa rahu hu tujhe pick karne!” And she cuts the call.
Here a girl in jeans and simple yellow kurti is waiting outside a small house and angrily murmuring something to herself when a white car comes and stops in front of her..
Ragini gets down from the car and pulls her into a hug!
“Hey Swara! M really sorry! Kal se pakka i will wake up on time!”
Swara looks at her and then laughs sarcastically, ” Rago, you are telling this to me for years now! Ab bas, phenkna band karo, we are getting late!” With this both hopped into the car and went off.
The say went on smoothly for Ragini and Swara, who were enjoying themselves unaware of the upcoming danger..
While Sanskar prepared to give his target an unforgetable treatment!


By the time collage ended, it was already 5 in the evening..
Here Sanskar was waiting outside a nice black SUV, leaning against its bonnet, keeping an eye on the car waiting for Ragini..
There Ragini aand Swara were coming out of their department when the Principal called Ragini.. Swara wanted to accompany ragini but seeing her not so well, Ragini strictly sent her off to take rest in the car!
Frustrated, Swara came out of the collage murmuring to herself and went into the car!
Meanwhile the driver here went out to get some petrol when he found the fuel tank empty! Now well, that was the Devils plan to make sure Ragini was alone..
Seeing a girl get into the car, Sanskar removed his sunglass and smirked.. He then casually moved towards her car.. went to the side swara was sitting and gently knocked at the window!
Here Swara was confused as the driver never leaves the car and goes and again now a man, well! An unknown man, was knocking at the window! She kept her frustration aside, took a deep breath and slided the glass down, but before she could even react a hanky was pushed against her face and everything faded from her view……

It took him hardly a few seconds to get her out of the car. The way he held her, they looked more of a couple deeply in love.. No one could even suspect she was not in her senses..
A few minutes later Ragini came to her car and was surprised not to find Swara there!
“Yeh ladki bhi na! Hadd hoti hai! Kahi ghar toh nai chali gayi? Nai nai i asked her to wait in the car!” “Kaka Swara ko dekha aapna?” She asked the driver who was back in his seat!
“Nahi choti madam, mein toh petrol lane gaya tha, pata nai kaise itni jaldi khatam ho gaya! Mein toh jabse aaya wapas tabse Swara bitiya ko nai dekha!”
Ragini panicked! Swara wasnot well! Did she went home? Is she okay? Ragini tried to call her but her phone was switched off!
She searched for her in the campus! But she was no where to be found!
Ragini couldn’t take it anymore! They had waited for her for around 30minutes now! She asked the driver to take her to swara’s place…

Precap- Swara opens her eyes and……

The entire credit goes to Mrinal
I am just posting on her behalf!

Credit to: Jaf

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