Again Kidnapped


Pragya has broken record in getting kinapped every time Abhi has proved to be her saviour what he get irritated by saving and kidnapping track lets see a glance that how will he react.

Pragya: Hello listen are you there? (suniye aap waha hai?)
Abhi: No my ghost is talking to you tell me what happened? (Nahi mai tumhare pati ka bhoot bol raha hoon bolo)
Pragya: Please help me they have kidnapped me
Abhi: Excuse me what did you said say it again please.

Pragya: I said these people kidnapped me please help me
Abhi : What the hell again you got kidnapped (tum phir kidnap ho gayi)
Pragya: Yes
Kidnapper: Oh madam just give me my phone back its not public phone
Pragya: Just shut up can’t you see I am talking to someone senseless people

Pragya : ha hello listen please come
Abhi: Oh I am not coming there always you are only there to get kidnapped I think you have all the legal rights to get kidnapped it has become your daily drama now I am not coming there. (oh mai ni aara tera roz ka ho gaya hai ye kidnap ho jao phir bolo suniye bachaiye)
Pragya: please what if they killed me then
Abhi: Oho so who said to you to go there and by the way why you went there in such a place where this can happen

Pragya: to save Pari
Abhi: very good to save that child you went alone there what do you think of yourself James Bond 007 or Sherlock Holmes
Pragya: stop scolding me you can scold later also right!
Abhi: NO I can’t as I am not coming you have became habitual of these things always putting your leg in others matter has became your habit understood its your drama of every year you have to do it once in a year for sure (na mai na kar sakta kyuki mai aa hi nahi raha hoon ye tera har saal ka ho gaya hai pehle kidnap ho jao phir bolo suniye bachaiye bohot shauk hai tujhe doosron ke phadde me taang adane ka mai nahi aa raha tere pas kaam to hai nahi mujhe bhi mat karne de bas apne peechhe bhaga suniye aj yaha kidnap ho gayi aj waha kidnap ho gayi sare legal rights tere pas hi hai kidnap hone ke)
Pragya: so it means you are not coming
Abhi: was I talking in Farsi till now Okay I will think give the phone to kidnapper please
Pragya: Bro he wants to talk to you

Kidnapper: yes speak (ha bol)
Abhi: oh Mr. yes speak you idiot in the whole Mumbai you got only her to kidnap you didn’t found anyone else I am looking a free person to you that you will kidnap her and I will come and save her everytime only this work I have? Now listen don’t you dare to leave her okay just keep her with you finally I will get rid of her she speaks too much yr (haa bol ke bachhe saley tujhe poore Mumbai me yahi mili kidnap karne ko kya vella baitha hoon mai yahan jo tum kidnap kartey rahoge aur mai bachata rahon aur kuchh kaam to hai nahi mere paas ab sun kar hi liya hai to usey apne pas hi rakh chhor mat diyo usey bohot boltii hai yr)

Kidnapper: I can understand she is speaking continuously here
Abhi: shut up stop staring my wife and yes she speaks too much she eats my brain everytime and this much KUMKUM she narrates na my Kumkum is this my kumkum is that I didn’t have filled this much kumkum in her hair line the much she speaks about it she speaks this much about Kumkum that now people have started saying that sir we will fill red colour in our wives hair line because all the kumkum is reserved by your wife it is hers (oye usey ghoorna band kar aur haan wakai bohot bolti hai wo itna kumkum karti hai mera kumkum ye mera kumkum wo maine itna to uski maang me nahi bhara tha jitna kumkum wo bol deti hai ab to aalam ye hai ki log seedha aa kar mujhse ye bolte hai ki bhai sahab hum apni biwiyon ke maang me laal rang bhar denge kyuki kumkum sara apki biwi k naam par reserved hai)
Kidnaper : hain
Abhi: so listen keep her there and forget that I will give you a penny for that no never in her return do whatever you want to do and yes if you are planning to kill her then send me the proof that you are killing her so that I can do preparation In advance for after death ritual. (aur haan sun usey wahi rakh aur ye bhool ja ki phooti kaudi bhi doonga mai tujhe iskey liye na bilkul nahi aur haan marne warne ka plan ho to pehle hi bata diyo terwi ka intzaam kar k rakhoonga)

Pragya: What did he said?
Kidnapper shouts : Shut up e leave her there itself from where you brought her (chup ee tum log isey jahan se utha ke laye the wahi chhor k aao re dimag khoti kar diya isne mera pati patni dono hi pagal hai)
Screen shifts to Abhi
Dadi: What happen Abhi whose phone was it
Abhi: Nothing dadi meri thodi si biwi kidnap ho gayi bas
Dadi shocked Abhi rocked

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  1. Trisha

    Hahaaaha… This was soo funny???… Nice work Surbhi… Loved it???

  2. Sindhu_Varma

    Is this again happening ??

  3. Lol diii rockng loved it cant stop laughing????

  4. How many time they ll kidnape pragya it’s just irritating but ur os is so cool n funny,i think if this happens in real kkb atleast that epi ll be nice.awesome! keep writing os like this yaar.

  5. Superb….

  6. awesome dr….
    really so funny….
    u rocked…….

  7. Vaishali

    AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE dii it was superbbbb dii todays os was the best dii yes how abhi saves her at the right time and at the right place as if he is hvng a gps with him on where pragya if he does hv that just make him know that she has been to hospital more than tanu fr her checkups but awesome os dii damn cool abhi as alwasy rocked…

  8. OMG surbhi.What an os.As usual Aytac is speechless.No words again for this …………….?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and more than this……..Surbhi i am waiting for the surprize……………..Jaldi update karo na…………luv u….. ….Areey once again u proved that u r a perfect writer………..luv u u………???????????Wo SOF And GOD bhi jaldi update kar dena? bye luv u….????????

    1. Thnx Ayc fr frgvng me, yes i read surbhi’s previos updats too but actualy i m saumia’s regular readr, and bth surbhi and saumia r my fav bt if u talk with saumia plz ask hr to forgve mee too, i nevr thinkd to say wrng abt hr! She is nt replyng my cmmnts!

  9. superbb yarr……………….i loved it…………………….it was very very funny……………i enjoyed abhi words a lot

  10. Maahi

    lol diii like seriously red color reserved my god I am laughing hard hahaha dadi shocked abhi rocked nd all in all u rocked itttt diiii sooo funny u just killed it laughing hard cant able to type tooo hahaha

  11. All i know what to do now is this: ???????????????????????????????????? to be continued until i forget this but lol i can’t ??? by theway not abhi but you rocked! Meri thodi si surbhi thodi see nhi puri k puri funny h ????

    1. By the way hiiiiiii surbhi i m your biggest fan here! ?????????????????? sorry for the hindi i don’t know much! From chennai i m and yeah saumia and ayc i shldnt hav sad those words!

      1. No problem,wo tum ne phele surbhi ki koi episode may be parhi nahi thi but ab tumhe pta chal gya.Surbhi ki to hr update pr mann karta hai ke bussss………duniya ka hr ik appreciating word surbhi ke leye le aye magr jub dhondne bethe to hr lafz kam lagta hai.Ab tumhe bhi aisa hi lage ga….?

  12. Suno Tu Tu hai wahi dil ne jisay apna chaa haaa, ????????????????????????????????????????????? abhi’s best as Usual! Pragya kidnap hone k baad milay hee na aye Allah ???????? you are best as usual! What else i can say!

  13. Sugan

    Super too funy..

  14. VarshaVenkat

    It really is a lol one…..???…couldn’t control myself frm lmao…..

  15. ???????????????????this is my reaction after reading this…it’s hilariously hilarious????? u r absolutely right she has to get kidnapped every year?????????….I can’t control my laugh??u rocked it surbhi….

  16. Sharaya

    Dadi shocked Abhi rocked lol?????????????

  17. Reshma Pradeep

    Aaj tu mujhe Hasakar meri jaan lelungi kya???? Has has kar meri tho bura haal ho gaya hei yaar………..And you said about the right of Kumkum only for Pragya na…….OMG!!! Seriously its toooooooo funnnyyyyyyyy yaar…………Loved it ……. And Abhis Cuteeeeee talksss……..AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!

  18. Riyashri

    Abhi Rocked !!! Like Seriously My RockStar (Surbhi di ) has rocked it !!???????????????????????????????????????
    U r toooooo amazingggggggggggggg……………….too gooddddddddddddd………..too rockinggggggggggggggg……….too greatttttttttttt !!! Loved it !! And waiting for the updates of GOD & SOF !! Kindly Update soon….or u would be the reason for my head bursting here !!! Take Care !!

  19. Very very very funny yr .really I was laughing hard that my mom said I hav become insane.superb yr .really u made my day.Iam really enjoying ur writing.Always be hilarious like now u r.write more n more like this n win many hearts dr.stay blessed

  20. This is way better than the real one!!! Hilarious????

  21. story is complete or some part is left.

  22. Wow superbbb…. ???????????????

  23. It’s really funny n awesome????…. Good

  24. Hahahaha…. u r so rite only that should be abhi’s reaction bcoz pragya always get kidnapped… first neil kidnapped her then vijay kidnapped her and now nikhil same thing again n again

  25. It was so funny continue next epi also

  26. Adhya

    Hahhh..It’s so funny..Surbhi…i just loved it…superb..yaar..sry for too late comment…

  27. Mona146

    Truly humerous article I have ever read. Excellent Ms Surbhi. I think Abhi dialogue to dadi should be meri eklauti biwi kidnap hogayi(My only wife got kidnapped). This kidnapping drama is similar nowdays politician unending fast till death which always ends after a couple of days forget about death.

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