THE kidnap: shivika oS

guys this is a very short n sumarized os on the current situation about ShivIka ..n the next part would be the one abt om’s mystery…
n this is not gonna be long….n this is not based on what i exactly want to happen but what acc. to me,can happen…(hold on i ll make it short but put 2 versions of the same thing :what my mind says n what my heart wants)
__________________from today’s preacap…

tia:i can see from your face annika,there is something about me tht is constantly affecting u…..
annika:i might be wrong tia but i saw you hugging someone on kc( dhatt teri ki annika,seriously u shouldnt have said tht)
tia:annika u r accusing me? i mean how can u..just bcuz u like my shivaay baby u r making up false things?
annika:no..i m not lying..i m just asking..were u..why r u getting so hyper..
tia:bcuz i know tht girls like u can stoop down to any level..n i didnt do tht n u r accusing me!!!
shivaay:just stop it Tia! annika is not wrong.. i mean she isint right…
tia:shivaay baby(disgust n irritated look)
shivay:annika u shouldnt have said that,say sorry!
annika:bu..but…what have i done..? i have just stated facts billuji…
shivay:this is not the way to do so..u have any proofs?
annika:no but… shivaay cut her n says :say sorry!
annika:no i wont!
shi holds her hand,twists it n the same pose they had in the pool scene..
annika:i wont! shi:say! annika:leave me shi:i wont! annika:ohk then i m leaving … she was hurt..n she jerked his hands n went…..

shivaay too went off in a different direction leaving tia there….
later he gets to know annika left the job…n he knows tia reality,brokes off with her n then redemtion track like in promo….sorry for this cliff hanging..cuz frankly i dont write like much of depressing…so here is the version 2….

tia:annika universe is telling me tht there is something abt me constantly affecting u..what is it?
anni:i..i dont know tia n i might b worng but i saw u hugging someone on karwachauth…
ti:what? what r u saying?
anni:i m saying tht i saw u hugging someone… tia:hugging someone?it was shivaay dear…
annika:bt there was something weird abt it cuz i saw u in one direction n shivaay in other
tia:annika why r u lying? if u want money then tell me,if u like shivaay then tell me but dont try n break my marriage like this…
ann:no.u r taking me wrong…i m not trying to..
tia:enough annika! go! annika is leaving
tia:wait!wait annika … annika turns back …
tia continues… u better not create any problem else u will see..

now frightened tia..calls his bf..n narrates him the story…
tia:u better not try to meet or contact with me…else we will be dead…(x:why r u doing this marriage)
tia:u know i have to do..i just cant let it go… i just want u to stop calling me now( baby u dont worry..i)
tia:n better u see something for this annika..shivaay really trusts her…u know(dont worry ..i ll handle the girl… he smirked)

tia saw someone’s shadow..listenting to their convo…
tia:whose there?i said whose there?
n as she went out the person had ran away… tia:might be annika,she is.. (x:dead)
now annika tells this to omru…
ann: m sorry! i shouldnt have done tht…bt i..i m sorry om…
om: koinaa annika now what u have done u have..
ru:haa did raita toh u have phailaaoed…bt now we have to see how to sameto it…
om:we have to find him..else annika is in danger..
shi suddenly enters…. shi:What danger u r talking abt? they all get scared…
ru:vo bhaiya..we were planning to see a dangerous movie..
shi:which movie..n u 3? om:shivaay vo chhod na why did u came here? shi:now i have to take a reason along to come? bt u dont change the topic..u n rudra n annika r going..
ru laughed naughtile n said :bhaiya if u say should we book ur ticket as well..vaise bhi someone is very utawla to hear we’3′ are going…
n omru did a hifi …. shivaay:shut up rudra…

shivaay leaves thinking there is something wrong…….
at night shivaay sees a nightmare again n wakes screaming annika..n calls her..
annika:kya hai billuji!?itni raat ko kyu phone kiya?
shiva:u r fine?
annika:ohh..u called me just to ask me i m fine…r u fine?
shi:u look fine..i ll cut the call then..
ann:hmm( suddenly+ drowsily)

aanika:where m i?who r u? what r u doing? i m telling u i wont leave u if u move one step ahead….
the hooded man keeps moving forward…
annika:a…i m telling u one step ahead n ur face n my chandini will have a mercyless kiss…!
man:first look at u..r u in a position to even give a hifi to someone…
annika looks herself ..her hands n feet r tied…
ann:who r u?why m i like this what did u do?
man:u dont have eyes..or they r not working..u r here kidnapped darling..n u r asking me what have i done..u should ask what have u done? what have i done…?
man moves more closer..
ann:aee…what is the need to come closer to tell this..please maintain 50 km gap n then tell..
man moves more closer…
annika starts doing habadh tabadh…u know i mean using full power just to move or make chair move…n chair moves…
man:i should say u have alot of strength..he comes closer…
ann:dont! i wont leave u!
man:u wont leave me when u get a chance to do as of now i m here with a deal…he movesm more closer…
ann:i m telling u shivaay wont leave u..! if u move closer>…(she to herself:wait a sec. did i say billuji ‘shivaay’ n he will come to save me…what is happening?)
man: u wont get a chance if u wish to save ur self…..the deal is u go far away from shivaay singh oberoi n never contact him..n dont tell him about tia’s affair..n tell him tht u stole 1 cr rupees..
ann:wha…?n from where will i get one crore n how will i steal? see calculator singh i mean billuji i mean shivaay is very good at calculation..he willl know jhatt se…
man:u dont need to worry abt it we have already done tht..
ann:what..? man comes closer again… ann:dont u!! just move away from me god damn it!
man: u r such a fool! just tell me r u ready not to tell abt tia to shivaay n leave forever…
ann:no i wont! n she moves chair backwards with full force…
man:no matter how force u put…u have to agree to one thing either this deal or to bear the consequences of this deal not happening…
the man came near n held one of her hand n kept his hand on her face…
annika:u..u . (i m not using any such put one urself..n this is me not annika saying) …i m never going to do this…ready to die after telling the truth bt not living a life of auilt…
man: then get ready.. he said removing his jacket n jhadofying his hand…
annika:Aaaaaah!!! u….!!

shivomru were franatically searching for annika..whole team of investigating dept of police was trying to find her…
om:i know who put her in such a danger…
ru:n this time also she has put her life in danger to save us..
om:its high time u need to know the truth..
shiv:i know… okru(shocked):what??
shiv:wait..i can sense her(n here his anikka’s radar gets activated in the middle of jungle)

n then they all move out searching in diff directions….n they reach a common point…
man:ohh they have do i welcome them? get rudy boys….
n the men were in position..
ann is semiconscious…who..who r they talking abt? is it billuji or someone else?
they reach in front of hut…shivomru look at each other..n give conent to each other to move…’shivaay breaks the door of hut….
ru:swaagat nahi karoge humaara?
om:shut up rudra! swaagat krne ke liye koi hona bhi chaheye…
rudra opens his eyes…n sees no one
ru:where is my annika didi?
om:maybe we should go ahead n search..there is no one in this hut..
shivaay:no we arent..i can feel her…
ru:ohho bhaiya! bhab..i mean didi ke liye feel sheel..
now shivaay gives a look to ru..he gets scared… bt as he was giving a look..he saw annika’s bracelet..n a tore piece of cloth …shivaay cluched it n looked anrily
he quickly went n held it..n they moved ahead.. then they moved to the room that was the second part of hut…
om:maybe they have gone shivaay
shivaay was really angry n scared…
shi:let us fully check this room first…
now ru moved forward bt he was abt to trip…then he moved the straw pieces on the floor only to find someone’s slippers..
ru:oh look! is it annika did’s chappal?
shi:no ru..its her chameli…well…bt whats…then he bent down n picked up a few straws..
om:its blood shivaay…
shivaay:annika!!!!!!(he shouted)
now this alarm was enough for the victim of the now scavangeful beast to know that their shikaari has arrived,bt they also knew shikaar was someone was the annika…
holding sticks in their hand they were ready to beat them as soon as they entered..
shivaay moved forward n saw a drainage waala gunda tanka ka dhakkan..
ru:so weird in hut when they dont have toilet,they have this!
ru words clicked him n shivaay moved the .drainage ka dhakkan only to find stairs >

..they both clowly moved down…n the blood stains on each staircase didnt get unnoticed…now shivaay was almost crying..n om held his shoulder saying dont worry!nothing will happen to ur annika..
annika was conscious now….
annika:ae gali ke keedhe makode,bandar ke bacche,putraai hui aatma….i m hungry!
man:i m ready at ur service always..u think i m here to give u food?
annika:cheapde…i m telling u when i tell the truth u n ur gf will be gone…
man:u wont get chance or he wont….i would make him unconscious n send him back
annika:what do u mean?
man: aa gye tumhaare so called hero…
annika:billuji aa gye…a sudden relaxation was felt in her body…
annika:now u r dead cheapde..
man:not so soon…i ll only die after……
he moves closer n does something
…annika:aaaahhhh! shivaaay!! <>

shivaay heard her voice… n he murmered annika n then he realised it is real…
n hee too shouted anniikaaa!
ru:aj toh voh aadmi gya…
they enter inside only to find goons…
they 3 obros fight….n omru signal shivaay to go n look for annika…bt how can sso leave his brothers….n how can goon leave neither he could go nor he wanted to..n bass pitaai shitaai n alll

man to annika:gaaogi nahi..dekho vo aagya..dekho vo aagya!
annika:gaana sunn naa hai? jaake khoob sunn naa jail mein….mai annika kisi se nahi darti..
n he moves very close to annika almost in such a manner tht if it was 3 inches more his lips could have touched her..but dhadaam…he felt a sudden was hivaay who had hit him….
ru:gaana sunne ka bahut shok hai naa..aaj toh meri didi ko rakhne par tujhe rap sunaaunga!

meanwhile he is getting hitted…
rudra is untying the knots n scheering n rapping for shivaay n om..
“dekho vo aaya hai,
sabke dil pe chhaya hai,
dushmano ko haraya hai,
koi bhi darr usse naa hara paaya hai,
vaise toh kaafi ko usne chup krwaaya hai,
par kuch ko usne seedhi mooh ignore bhi kraaya hai,
par jab uski heroine ko koi chhedega toh voh naa jhel paaya hai..
aur usne dusre insaan ko mooh ke bal giraaya hai” (at this last sentence the man was mooh ke bal)

ann:uhhh..uhh..billujji..she was semi conscious again..
n now it was time for shivaay to go n om n ru to fight..they caught him n tied him…

shivaay was distraught seeing annika like this n scared seeing her situation ..he too was feeling pain for each cut she possessed..actually the man had given her some 4-5 till now..
anni:shi..shi…shivaay.. now,shivaay held her in his arms n went out…then he saw part of her shirt from the back tore off in a way such that it looked like a crop top…n this was enough for him,he shouted agitatedly “TIA!!!!!!”
anni:haa billuji! tia..she is in relation with someone…
shi:ik annika..u keep quiet..
n the three bro take her to care n give her first aid..n shivaay n annika have an indirect hug……
omru:bhaiyaa! shivaay! how did u come to know about tia….
shi: i knew well before hand..thatswhy i proposed her..i didnt knew annika would come about it..n she being a fool told tia…n iski bhaasha mein kahu toh baas phail gaya raita..she calls me tadibaaz n does things in tadhi all the tim..
ani still in semiconscious shivaay…i didnt..
shi:i told u dont speak annika…!bt u dont have to just a min ‘u called me shivay? (he was astonished)
ru:lagta hai bhaiya ko lag raha hai ki annika did has been drugged cuz she n shivaay..not possible?
shi:bt why isint it possible?
om:kisi ko fark nahi padta tha!
shi:mujhe abhi bhi fark nhi padhta
ru:toh bhaiyaa itn utaawle kyu ho rahe ho….
shiv:mai koi utawla nhi ho raha
om:abhi bhi fark padd raha hai..
shi:ohk shutup! fark padta hai..happy??

n he drove the car off…

NOW THIS HAS BEEN ONE OF MY MOST OVER DRAMATIC WORK..tired now..i hope u like it..fingers crossed…baise yeh toh uhi thoda faltu tha..i wud rather mke om’s mystery part bettr

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  1. Ishqkum

    I liked both version dr

  2. Vi hope u all like it…its ny first try since its not kashika this time n one of her frnd who used her thinking

  3. Nansshivika

    Oh wow kashi its so funny one side suspense emotion and another side funny rofl

  4. Priyanka_22

    Awesomeeeee kashi..
    loved it
    the way you narrate things
    shivaay’s reaction n diff emotions aft kidnap was juz fab <3
    come back wid om's mystry soon 🙂
    i m obsessed wid shivika 😛
    so thanks again fo another wonderful shivika ff

  5. Diyaa

    I really enjoyed reading it.

  6. Shivu

    it was fun reading it.

  7. U are just an exceptional writer, the way u wrote the story was just amazing

  8. Kahi dea? its jst phenomenal!!! rudy was so funny? annika soo fearless?

    1. I m sorry? *kashi dea?

  9. Osom
    Version 2 was… The best
    I m a silent reader. . BUT today even I felt like commenting.
    Really osom

  10. awesome and please continue

  11. Vincy

    It was awesome… I really want shivaye to confess his feelings

  12. Akshaya

    Wow awesome

  13. Shaista

    This is amazingggg ???

  14. Sat

    Kashi, the queen, in fact the king of OS world
    Good to see you after a long time
    I am so sorry for the late comment first of all
    Ànd Yar, what a writing?
    I was simply mesmerised reading the OS
    And I loved all your scenes, even I want the concept where shivaay proposes Tia with a hidden motive. That would be sooooooo thrilling
    And your ff gave me the same thrill which I want.
    I was totally fallen reading your OS
    And coming to the episode
    I like the scene when annika was saved by shivaay, his attention totally on his lady love. And finally the climax was superb.
    No words to express, but I typed a lot.
    Please read and comment on my epi too dear
    Take care

    1. Kashi

      yaar i had replied.. i always reply to ur ff..i m the king of os n u r the king of ff..ohk 😀 tysm..
      btw all the best

  15. Awesome update dear

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