ki tere bina jina mumkin nahi (yuvani) episode 3


Hii here i am komal with my 3rd episode its romantic lets start
recap: yuvraj wants to protect suhani from soumya and soumya wants to separate suhani from yuvraj to make yuvraj alone 

suhani moved in her sleep as sun rays hit her innocent face . she turned her side and her hand landed on another hand .she opened her eyes to see yuvraj sitting on floor beside her bedside , she got up and with a whisper near yuvraj’s ear called his name “yuvraj” he didnt moved at all making suhani smile to herself and she bit her lower lip thinking usually in films heroine wakes up the hero with a good morning kiss. the thought only made her blush. she finded his gesture of sleeping beside her bedside very adorable and decided to give him a gift of kiss for all the care. suhani nodded to herself 

               (saawre song played in the bg)

suhani bend towards yuvraj face and plants a kiss on his cheek and yuvraj opened his eyes immediatedly and raised his face with a stunned expression and slowly stood up , suhani got off from bed and stood up too facing him. yuvraj touched his cheek and suhani looked down “for all the care mr yuvraj birla , a small thankyou” saying so she ran inside the bathroom and yuvraj still had his hand on his cheek, he walked towards the mirror to see his stunned reflection , the feeling was unexplainable . 

while suhani in the bathroom mirror said to herself “well done mrs suhani yuvraj birla u are so daring ” 

Dil dhak dhak dharke mera uske khayalo me (my heart is beating very fast incher thoughts)

she put her both hands on face blushing hard. 

dadi’s room 
So what do u think soumya ? Do something like that gilr leave the house ?” dadi asked 
“Yes soumya tell ? ” rags said 

soumya turned around smiling cunningly “dadi, rags bhabi dont worry i will do something very big then suhani leave this birla house and my yuvraj” 
“what u will do soumya ?” maneka asked excited 
Today’s new year party i s there na and the war begins from today itself” she assured herself 

suhani excitedly took out her red and black netted sari “dadi will be happy by this saree” 
she put it on bed with yuvraj’s clothes when pratima called her
she went out of room , after which soumya entered in the room with scissors in her hand , she went to the bed and held suhani’s blouse “all this belongs to me, it was never yours suhani never and now i am gonna take all of it back this name and yuvraj ” she greeted her teeth and cut suhani’s blouse dori from the edges in a way that the dori will untie once suhani wears it “now see , in the night when you will wear this blouse it will come off from your shoulders infront of everyone and that will defame you because to break you and yuvraj i have to break your confidence in yourself . get ready to defame yourself and yuvraj infront of whole party ” she threw the blouse on bed and was about to go when yuvraj entered the room and as soon as he saw soumya he got angry “what the hell are you doing in my room” .. soumya came towards yuvraj and put her arms around his shoulder who he disgustedly threw away “be in limits soumya” ..she smiled why yuvraj in past u came very close to me and now telling me my limits ? Yes i know you love me and not suhani admit it na” yuvraj held soumya’s arm harshly “get a life .. i love suhani or not .. for next 7 janam suhani is my wife and ill be hers and only hers husband” with this he pushed soumya out of his room and closed the door on her face leaving an angry soumya. 

yuvraj’s disgust made him forget to think that why was she actually here . 

pratima infront of the God’s ideal joined her hands and prays suhani is the best decision in my son’s life , don’t take her away from my son and from us ” 
sharad comes from behind and said “dont worry mausi guru will never ever let the bhabhi to leave
they smiled 
in the night . yuvraj was sitting on his bed all ready waiting for suhani to come out of bath. the bathroom door creeked open and suhani entered in her black and red border net sari, yuvraj saw her and was mesmerized . she looked really .. the right word wasnt coming in his mind. he tried again while suhani blushed as she knew that yuvraj’s eyes were on her .yuvraj thought that she looked .. hmmm she looked “different” he blurted out 
What??” suhani asked looking at him “different ?who ? me? ” 

yuvraj stood up “no no.. aaa” he stammered “suhani hurry up how much time u will take lets go naa” 
suhani moved towards the mirror and brought her all hairs in front from left , revealing her back to yuvraj who forget to blink
yuvraj looked here and there to avoid if suhani has seen him looking at her back what would she think? he looked around but from the corner of his eyes he saw her struggling with the dori’s “suhaniii” he called out “hmmm” she said while trying to tie her dori’s “should i call maa? She will help us ” he was about to go when “noo noo yuvraj ” but he was gone.. 

in pratima’s room she was packing some gifts when yuvraj entered “maa come with me wo suhani needs your help” he came forward and held her hand trying to drag her “yuvraj which help?” she asked getting her hand free “maa suhanisss” he stopped embaraced “what suhani ?” she asked confused “she cant tie her blouse dori chalo na” he said in one go .. pratima smiled and sit back “u go and help her” she advised and yuvraj’s eyes got bigger “maa how can I? i mean how can i?” he tried to explain “yuvraju are her husband go and help her , aur beta i have to do alot of work i am busy go help her otherwise leave her let him come like this only ” yuvraj go shocked “maaa” he said  but she was back to packing again and smiled hidding her face while yuvraj went back to his room to see suhani still trying to tie , with frustration yuvraj went towards her and held botj the dori’s and when his hands touched her back both felt different , her body went numb and yuvraj gulped down his emotions “agar (stammered) i mean if these dori’s (he stopped looking at her neck) if these doesnt gets tied so easily (he finished tieing and suhani turned around) why dont you go for salwar suits and something else? ” he said with great difficulty 

she looked down “dadi likes it this way while suits have dori’s too and am i not looking goog?” 
she asked innocently 

“no i mean you look nice” he said smiling and she smiled back “mr yuvraj birla lets go” yuvraj nodded and was about to move when suhani enterwined her arm with his , yuvraj looked at her and smiled at her “lets go mrs suhani yuvraj birla” both smiled and arms in arms and went to party. everyone adored them . suhani’s family . pratima sharad anuj saurab even ramesh and snoopi and all the guests leaving dadi maneka and ragz to get frustrated at the scenario and soumya to burn in jaleousy . yuvraj saw soumya’s burnt face and turned his face to suhani who was smiling and went to her family meeting them all laughing , a cute smile came on his lips . the party was going on in full swing . soumya’s eyes were on suhani’s blouse back as she “now anytime anything will be happen with suhani’s humilation” suhani kept on meeting people and laughing enjoying while yuvraj seeing her and than soumya thinking “what does she wants why she is eyeing suhani?” 

sharad saw yuvraj staring at suhani and said really gyru bhabhi is looking gorgeous” a sudden irritated expression of yuvraj made sharad laugh while yuvraj said “sharad is ur bhabh “sharad say yes its all destiny and they both laughed
precap :suhani felt his strings dori is loosing and..,,

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Credit to: komal Sontani

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