ki tere bina jina mumkin nahi (yuvani) episode 2


Heyy i am komal here with my 2nd episode lets start
yuvraj stomped into his room remembering his conversation with soumya , he moved towards his cupboards and put both his hands on the cupboard door breathing heavily cooling himself and saying “that girl is a psycho, itna kuch kiya , she lied to me and her own best friend and ran with that krishna and she has such audicity to tell me she loves me now, how dare she do that with suhani , how could she even think of torturing suhani ” he just said the name and suhani came inside the room “yuvraj? What happened ? are you okay? tum theek ho?” 
suddenly anger took over him as he remembered soumya’s statement of (i know tum dono kay beech husband wife relation ni hai ) suhani came towards yuvraj in confusion as to why isnt he replying and put her hand on his shoulder , yuvraj suddenly turned around aggresively held suhani’s both arms voilently and pinned her towards the cupboard leaving a shocked and startled suhani hissing in pain “yuvraj yeh tumhay achanak kia hogya hai? yeh tum kya” suhani couldnt complete as yuvraj put his finger on her lips still holding her from other hand “shhh ” he shhh’d suhani , her eyes got teary reflecting yuvraj’s teary and hurt eyes “whatever is it between us should remain between us na? that is why it is supposed to be called personal? ” he asked suhani . “haan yuvraj lekin” he shhh’d her again and said may i do any thing wrong with u ? ” suhani shooked her head “toh phir ku ? what should have between us tumnay jakay apni friend ko bta diya? why did you tell her ? why? ” he shouted and suhani just closed her eyes in fear 

“yuv.. (she stammered) yuvraj humay dard ho raha hai ” suhani said in her pain as yuvraj’s grip was too tight 
“exactly suhani it has hurted me” yuvraj said lostly “yuvraj humara hath ahhh ” she hissed and yuvraj realized that he was hurting her physically , he immediately left her arms and turned other way “i am sorry suhani i didn’t mean to” he said , suhani came infront of him and cupped his face “kya hua yuvraj tum pareshan ho? any problem” yuvraj looked straight in her eyes which has love for him , they were so pure , free of any negative aspect , he couldnt control and hugged her , suhani got shocked by his gesture for a mini second but felt his pain and hugged him back (their official first hug guys) 

“suhani i lost it , i just lost it in life , i couldnt make a right choice in my life mai ek acha insan ni hoon” yuvraj said broken 

suhani broke the hug and saw tears streaming down his eyes she wiped them away which made yuvraj realised that she shares his pain too how can she be so selfless as he just treated her aggresively and here she is wiping his tears “tumhay kisnay kaha yuvraj? humari nazar say dekho toh tumsay acha toh koi hai hi ni . tumnay hamesha humara dard banta hai humara sath diya hai . har wakt tum aas paas hoty ho humaray, tum ek achay bhai ho , betay ho , ek aache dost ho aur ek sabsay bar kar ek achay pati aur usay bhi barkar ek achay insan ho tum galt nhi ho” she ended , yuvraj was just awe struck with her definition about him all good things after all of how he and some of his family members have treated her 
“suhani you have a pure heart thats why tumhay sab acha dikhta hai , meray kuch decisions were so wrong that i have to face the consequences now” 

“haan toh? jab tak hum galt rasta ni pakrein gay how come we will know that whats right? how do we experience? calm down and sit ” she made him sit on the sofa and sat next to him and held his hand 

“suhani maybe you are right” 
“hmmm” suhani nodded 

they spent next half hour in just silence , yuvraj was in deep thoughts and suhani was just looking at him giving him his time , she withdrawed her hand and stood to go when yuvraj held onto her wrist “if you had to choose between me and soumya what would your decision be? ” 
suhani was shocked , she sat back looked towards him as he has just said something alien to her “yuvraj yeh tum kaisa sawal poch rahay ho hum yeh kaisay bata sakty hn ” 
yuvraj got shocked 

“dekho yuvraj soumu humari dost hai , uskay sath humnay apna bachpan banta hai apni family banti hai uskay sath wakt bht acha guzra hai , aur tum , tum humari jaan ho humara jahan ho , humari pehchan ho hum tumsay bht pyar kartay hain jaisay tum ho waisay par tum may aur soumu mai hum chun kaisay sakty hn. tum kaho gy toh hum jaan bhi day daein gy kaho gy toh soumu ko bhula daein gy par phir hum apny apko sambhal paein gy yeh ni keh saktay.” 
her explaination made him think “kahi soumya kay is stupid aur diagusting khel mai suhani apni innocence na kho bethay never ” 
he stood up “i just come ” with that he departed from the room 

in dadi’s room 
“kia yuvraj ko sab pata chal gaya ” dadi asked shocked “wo sweater tumnay khrab kiya tha , yees dadi i do that , you were right i love yuvraj, yeh sab yeh ghar birla’s ka title yeh sab mai deserve karti thi wo suhani ni ” soumya said

rags and maneka looked at eachother 

“soumya but ab us larki ka kia? hum yuvraj ko usay dur kaisay karein gay? ” dadi said 

“nahi dadi change of plans hum yuvraj ko suhani say ni balkay suhani ko yuvraj say alag karein gay, and when he will be all alone tab wo meray paas aye gai assure you that, ab yeh war meri hai ” she smiled evily 

in the garden 

“KYAa? us soumya ki itni himat” sharad exclaimed ready to strangle soumya’s neck but stopped seeing yuvraj in tension “humay toh shuruh say hi pata tha , larki ka demag kharab hogya hai ” 

yuvraj closed his eyes “sharad i just want suhani to be safe and sound” 

sharad looked at yuvraj “guru tumhay itni fikar ku ho rai hai bhabhi ki?” 

“Kya matlab? she is my wife sharad” 
“guru saaf saaf kaho na kay bhabi say love hogya hai isliye ni chahty kay unko kuch pata chalay ” 

“chup kar sharad , mujhy suhani say pyar hai .. (he stopped) ya ni hai iska kia concern hai for trying to protect suhani ? she is my wife and i want her safe thats it kia uskay achay keliye usay pyar hona zarori hai? ” yuvraj asked 

“ap mano na mano pyar toh hochuka hai khair filhal iss soumya ka kia kiya jaye, tum bhabhi ke sath normal raho hum sochty hn ” 

yuvraj nodded and walked away , he entered his room to see suhani sleeping on the sofa in a sitting position , he shooked his head “yeh larki bhi na” he went to her and nudged “suhaniii” he called out “suhani utho aur bed pay akay sojao ” suhani in her sleep got up and lost her balance when yuvraj held her , her eyes were still closed and yuvraj was lost in her innocence , he picked her up in his arms and laid her gentally on the bed , tucked her in the blanket and said softly “suhani you are my responsiblity and i will always protect you” a small smile came on suhani’s face and yuvraj smiled too 
Precap : cute and romantic yuvani moment is on the way

Credit to: komal

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  1. Aqsxxh

    Amazing Komal! A little request,can you try write it all in english next time di 🙂 Apart from that their first oficial hug was AMAZING! 😀 YOU excuted it perfectly

    1. komal sontani

      Actually i am from indiamin indore so herd wd hindi language thats why bt i will write and take some more time darling

      1. Aqsxxh

        No please don’t hassle tooo much 🙂 You can take as much time as you need, I rereally don’t mind short phrases in hindi, its just I don’t understand long paragraphs, I use Google translate and it comes up weird…. but I understand parts which is good! 🙂 please keep going the way you are! Its fantastic 🙂

      2. komal sontani

        Noo noo it’s ok not only u but so many are there with English problem so i have to wfite it

  2. Shilpa-Saraj

    Lovely epi.. Really it was a wonderful epi…. And loved tge way yuvi “shhh’d ” her

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks shilpa saraj dear

  3. Aqsxxh

    The YuvAni moments were gold! Suhani and her pure heart is captued perfectly, way better than in the show 🙂 I remember I started watching SSEL around this track and I fell in love with this show, now u are changing it andI am in love with it even more! There is no dragging- which everyone loves! Its absolutely stunning, captured perfectly, Di you are fantastic! Love you 🙂 :*

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks Aqsaah may i know how many times u fell in love

      1. Aqsxxh

        I haven’t fallen in love with any guy yet… But I have fallen in love with your ff’s, with everyone’s ffs all their imagination and creativity is commendable! I absolutley adore it! I love them to the moon and back! I just have no words for how amazin this FF is, as I can vividly picture what is happening, you have a gift of writing komal 🙂

      2. komal sontani

        No no dont praise me so much and its just bcoz of yuvani if i think about them automatically i started and writing ff

  4. Nikitha

    amazing komal…

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks nikitha

  5. Superb episode dear..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks darling

  6. Hii komal !!! Very nice episode….. Yuvraj’s concern for Suhani and Suhani’s innocence is described very beautifully…. loved it….u portrayed it very well….u r just amazing……love uhh

    1. komal sontani

      I am glad that u like it luv uu too darling

  7. very emotional and lovely episode …. sister it is amazing i like it very much … there is no words to say .. even me too started watching SSEL show around this track only .waithing for update …

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks sri and keep reading and comments more

  8. Nithu

    Really amazing yuvani movements those were epic….!!!…

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks nithu

  9. Superb…

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks dear anju

  10. An amazing episode! I have no words to describe the FF in general.

    Keep writing Komal and may God bless you always. I’ll definitely keep in touch with you once the serial ends.

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks ????????? Luvvv u darling

  11. Awesomeeeeeeee

  12. Fantastic! Komal, I have no words to describe this amazing epi and if I do have words , I have to write them more than 1000 times to appreciate your work. Keep rocking komal.???

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks sanaa jannuu

  13. Ruksy

    nice and plz could you write in English because i kind of fond it hard to understand

    1. komal sontani

      Okk baby i will write it thanks

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks ci

  14. komal u r rocking in ur ff 😉 but komal u wrote it hindi but paragraph wise i didnt read properly dr…
    if u dnt mine komal
    …english translation pls.. i was a big fan of ur ff aashiq tum hi ho..on that ff u written it english very well dr… pls its my small request ..write it on english

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks dear ash and now i will write in english only

  15. Fabulous episode!! I loved it to the core! Next episode soon..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks dear neetu

  16. Nikitha

    superb episode komal…

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks nikitha darling

  17. Really really loved this epi,,,,,especially their first official hug and the last part,,,,superb

    1. komal sontani

      Thankyou so much for compliment lov u

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