ki tere bina jina mumkin nahi (yuvani) episode 1


Hiii i am back yes this is me thanks a lot for ur love plz love me forever here the story take place from where yuvani are married soumya is in birla house and it it the time of Christmas when soumya tore the sweater of yuvraj given by suhani , dadi ragmen soumya are planning to separate them as usual lets start the episode plz plz comment below

yuvraj was sitting in his room on the sofa using his laptop when suddenly suhani’s image came on his laptop screen and with an irritated expression 

“suhani hatoo peechay say ” 
he turn back turned back to scold her but she was nowhere , he arch his eyebrows 
“dude whats wrong with me, mai suhani ko imagine kar raha ho? ghosh ” 

suhani enters the room with a gloomy face after the sweater fiasco , she was terribly sad and yuvraj who saw her sad face stood up because he knew that he has to lit up her mood because her smile really affects him for a matter of fact 

“mrs suhani yuvraj birla , the jhansi ki rani is sad” 
her full name which sounded magical coming from him really astonished her making her think 

“aj pehli bar , yuvraj ny humara aur apna naam sath lia hai ” 

suhani to yuvraj “kia kaha? ” 

yuvraj came towards her and “yahi ky you are such a jhansi ki rani who knows it all toh ab iss problem (looking at the sweater she was holding ) ka bhi kuch solution nikal lo ” he smiled and walked towards the door 
“ap kidhr ja rahay hn yuvraj” suhani asked looking at him , yuvraj stoped at the door and thought “i have to talk to soumya about what she said to suhani infront of everyone ” 

“yuvrajjj” suhani called out , yuvraj came towards her and put his palm on her cheek sending shivers into suhani “just a walk” and he mentally kicked himself for lying to her because if not love their relation was free of all negativity he thought , suhani was just spell bound by his gesture , yuvraj smiled and walked of from the room 
suhani standing 

background score: 
                   haan mujhe bhi hogya 
                   yeh pyar hai yeh ishq

and she revolved with the sweater in her hand . 

on the other side yuvraj entered soumya’s room calling for her “soumyaaa? ” he walked further towards the dressing table and called again “soumyaaa where are you mujhe baat karni hai its urgent” when she didnt responded yuvraj thought that maybe he will have to talk to her in the morning , he turned around and his foot hit the chair and he stumbled falling on the bed “ahhh” yuvraj shouted and his hand landed on the pillow beside him holding it and throwing it away just to see the teared up piece of the sweater suhani bought for him . to say he was shocked was an understatement , he held the piece and stood up shocked remembering all the insult suhani , his wife had to face from dadi rags bhabi and maneka bhabhi , yuvraj to himself “yeh soumya ny?” and he remembered her comments . yuvraj was just shocked “but why? ” he was just thinking when soumya from behind 
“aray yuvraj tum yahan” yuvraj facial expression from shock changed into anger and he looked at smiling soumya through the mirror and turned around to face her , soumya’s smile disappeared when she saw the piece in yuvraj’s hand.. 
yuvraj came in the middel and so does soumya “yuvraj woh, yeh” she stammered 
yuvraj showed his hand to her 
“how could you soumya? ” he said with greeted teeths “how could you even” he asked 

soumya swallowed “yuvraj listen” 
“no you listen to me , tumny jaan bojh ky suhani ki lai hui sweater kharab ki ku? how could you do this to her soumya? and above it tum suhani ko batein suna rai thi how dare you? ” he shouted , shaking soumya 
“yeh sab tumny ku kia? jawab do? answer me ” yuvraj asked 
soumya kept mum “answer me damn it ” yuvraj shouted 

soumya blinked her eyes and tears skipped making their way through her face ” because she doesnt deserve you yuvraj” 

now thats shooked yuvraj and he greeted his teeth “yes because suhani wasnt meant for all of this, for this name , for this house and for you” 

“exusemeee” yuvraj asked “what the hell” 

“haan yuvraj i know you dont love her neither you ever did, tum kal bhi mujhse pyar kartay thy aur aj bhi mujhi say pyar kartay ho , you loved me i knew that ” she said holding yuvraj’s hand which he tried to take back but soumya held it strongly “mujhse galti hogai yuvraj, that krishna woh mujhe deserve hi ni karta tha ,the same way suhani doesnt deserve you really, but now i know my mistake and i am ready for making ammends mai tumse bht pyar karti ho yuvraj bht” she tried to hug yuvraj but he moved back pushing her back 
“are you mad? you have lost it soumya, meray support ko tumny galt samjh lia hai lagta hai beside everything i am married now and suhani is my wife do you get this and she is your best friend tum usky sath” 

soumya felt irritated “toh kia yuvraj dost hai toh kia? and yeh kia suhani suhani lagaya va hai i know tum usay pyar ni kartay toh yeh natak ku and mai yeh bhi janti hu ky tum dono ky beech husband wife relation ni hai ” 

this statement made him angry how dare she , this was his private life “enoughhh” he growled “mai suhani sy pyar karta hu ya ni thats nothing which you have to know but listen to me carefully that i dont love you , get it? tum meri life ki galti thi soumya ,a mistake and after today you disgust me samjhi” he showed her his finger “tumhay is ghar say jana hoga , you cant stay here anymore so pack your stuff and get the hell out of my life” 
soumya felt insulted “aur mujhe nikalay ga kaun? ” 
yuvraj glared at her “ku ky yuvraj mujhe is ghar mai suhani lai hai and she is my best friend ” 

“listen you apny mu sy meri wife ka naam lia na toh ” yuvraj said 
“toh kia yuvraj? you will tell suhani everything jo maine kiya? haan? dn tumhy kia lagta hai wo maan jaye gi? mat bholo ky mai aur wo bachpan ky dost hn she will never believe you and kahi aisa na ho humay suhani distribute hokay reh jaye and she can lose her self ” 

“soumyaaa” he shouted 
“haan yuvraj i am being honest here, i love you yuvraj and i know you love me back lekin suhani ka sath its coming between us soch lo kia karna hai kahi sach btanay ky chakar mai suhani ko ” 

“soumya agar tumny suhani ki innocense ka faida uthaya i promise you are going to see the worst of me i promise that stay away from suhani” with the warning yuvraj barged out of the room leaving soumya in her jaleousy 

“i promise you yuvraj kay yeh jo tum suhani ky naam ka peecha ni chor rahy ho na, mai suhani ko itna pareshan karu gi ky wo yeh ghar khud chor kay jaye gi and jab tum akely reh jao gy than you will understand that you always loved me ” 

yuvraj “suhani if you have to choose between me and soumya toh phir what will be your choice? ”
suhani was stunned “yeh kaisi batein kar rahy ho yuvraj mai yeh kaisay chun sakti ho” 
leaving yuvraj shocked 

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Credit to: komal

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  1. Nikitha

    U have rocked the ff komal… atlast u r back

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks nikitha ur ff also interesting update fast

  2. Thank God my best friend is back with another FF. I hope we will remain in contact in the future!

    I do not understand some bits but the FF is the best one i have ever read.

    May God bless you and keep you happy always. I love you komal yaar.

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks ???????????? Love you tooo and u too be in contact after the serial end….

  3. NAPSHa J

    Hey.. I had read this ff on India forums long back.. Its awesome..

    1. komal sontani

      Ya mee too and i always read all story and then mix all of that and make my story its gooo old story no one evdn knows about it so i thought ypto wfite it by my side

  4. Nithu

    U rocked again dr

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks darling

  5. Shilpa-Saraj

    Its yet an athor amazing ff.. Komall sis.. Wonderful…

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks shilpa saraj luv u too dear

  6. Wow.. The 1st episode itself was a marvelous one… U r back komal.. U gave me a surprise because I didn’t expect u to return back so soon.. Nice dear.. Keep going..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks sweetheart

  7. Komal you’re back again with her another wonderful ff!? Love u?

    1. komal sontani

      Thank you so much neethu luv uu tooo….

  8. Wow komal u come back. …….I saw the serial from day 1st… when this part happen I am totally irrated becoz nobody caught sownya fault ..she always escaped. …but ur ff sounds good. … then komal sry to say I am from south so I can understand Hindi just partially. .not fully keep it up

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks pavi and i will try my best to write in english

  9. Woww,,,,I didn’t expect that u will start new FF so soon,,,,So happy to see u back,,,,,All the best for this one 😀

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks roz i know no one expect this to me

  10. Amazing start komal☺??

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks ayushi darling

  11. Wow! What an amazing epi to start with…keep rocking komal dear

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks sanaa

  12. welcome back with a bang dr…. 😀

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks ash

  13. komal pls make ur hindi words are difficult read fr mee pls ill u make it has english on futhr episode ….
    and little bit gaps put it on ur ff..
    and again welcome babe

    1. komal sontani

      Ok i will write in english

  14. its nice to read ur new ff very soon . episode is very interesting..and very eagerly waiting for next episode.

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks sri i am happy that u like it

  15. Woww komal !!! It’s yet an another amazing ff….first episode is itself marvelous…. u rocked again…..I didn’t expect that u will b back soon….thanx for coming back so soon and entertaining us…..All d best for ur new ff……

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks mukta luv u …,,

  16. And ya….now we will remain in contact?

    1. komal sontani

      Ya of course,…..

  17. Hey komal i m glad that u r back..
    Pleeeeease keep writing .
    I just love d way u write for YavAni ♥…
    Continue it and waiting for next .. 🙂

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks anju dear luv uuuu

  18. Aqsxxh

    OMG KOMAL DI! 😀 this was when I first started to watch SSEL i am touched! I will really enjoy this 😀 ly di x

  19. Aqsxxh

    OMG KOMAL DI! 😀 this was when I first started to watch SSEL i am touched! I will really enjoy this 😀 ly di x Ahhh please make it have many twists… I knew you would come back 🙂

  20. Ruksy


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