Khwahisho ka jahan – Introduction

Hi guys…… I wrote a full introduction yesterday but telly update did not post it why i dnt so I again have to write it……If the first part be posted by chance aLong with this please dnt be angry….. I M changing the name of my ff…….

My story will be of rebirth n the first hero will be the villain so u guys have to decide do u want our sanskar to be the first hero of our swara or not……

:::::::::::::::::INTRODUCTION :::::::::::::::::::
Most famous and rich bussiiness family of India…… There companies are spread all over India and outside India too.
Richest family in Kolkata.

ARNAB SINGHANIA:Eldest son of SINGHANIA family. Kind hearted n helpful but strict too.
Role played by:Ronit Roy

JANKI ROY SINGHANIA:Loving mother n wife.Educated n love all her children equally.See Sumi as her small sister.
role played by SAKSHI TANWAR

SHEKHAR SINGHANIA:Second so of SINGHANIA family.Same like his brother respect him alot.
{Both the brothers respect it’s others decision. No like the serial DP N RP.
WHENEVER they have to take decisions they will discuss with each other}

SARSMISTHA SINGHANIA:lovly mother n wife. educated
Runs NGO’S with Janki n love her like big sister.

ANSH SINGHANIA:Son of ARNAB n JANKI. Talented n dashing. Love his siblings like anything. He has his own business but also board member of SINGHANIA group companies.
Married to his long time gf.
Role played by KARAN TACKER.

Tani Singhania:Wife of Ansh. Very caring n helpful. love her nanad’s alot.
Doctor by profession.
Role played by KRYSTLE DSOUZA.

VANSH SINGHANIA:Son of Shekhar n Sumi. Fun loving n handsome dude.completing his internship off MBA. ENGAGED.
Role player by RAVI DUBAY.

RAGINI RAICHAND:Daughter of ARNAB n JANKI but much close to sumi. Married to Laksh Raichand.
A fashion designer by profession.

LAKSH RAICHAND:An orphan. owner of Raichand n company. Love his wife n in laws alot. specialy his sil swara. his sonpari.
His parents died when he was 19.N singhania family helped him to complete his studies n also establishing his business.

SWARA SINGHANIA:Youngest and most pampered child of the family. Fun loving n caring. Heartbeat of the house.
Love her brothers alot but have a very special place for Laksh.
Most pampered by her Ragu di n Badepapa ARNAB.
Shekhar n sumi’s daughter. But is close to JANKI. Studying in St. Stephens college .Never show off. Short tempered. Love playing ?.

guys Arnab is the head of the fMily he is strict with everyone except for swara.Everyonw is scared of him but not swara.
Can do anything for her.
She is the weak point of the family.

Now friends select our new Villain.

IF the villain will be sahil then next I will make sanskar hero but if the villain is sanskar then also he will be the hero but he will be very much negative.
N SWASAN’S love story will be start after swara’s death.

Please comment.

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  1. Kritika

    Awsm…i think u shud make sanskar the first villian

  2. Abirsha


  3. yashasvi ( yashu )

    omg i was suprised by ur name….. u wrote such a beautiful intro n name is devil…. sry if it hurts u………. ohhkkk i loved it n i think if it’s swasan only then let sahil b villian b’coz our handsome sanky will not look good in negative role…………..

  4. Purvi

    Make it sanskar…… I can’t bear one more sahil……

  5. Madhu

    New Villain = SAHIL and it has a beutiful intro.

  6. Sanskar as villain 🙂 I am already liking the story

  7. Hey u have posted it yesterday too…Kohi nahien…
    Nice dear n sahil should be the villan and sanskar should be the hero

  8. Ohh it’s nice introductory part, and I think sanskar should be villain but it shouldn’t be fall easily for swara, I think whether u show love or marriage track it should be some type of conspiracy, he should take time to fall for her

  9. nyc..sanskar

  10. Jenisha

    Plz make sahil first hero becoz sanskar doesn’t look good in -ve shade….

  11. only sanskar

  12. Sumeeta

    Hey nice start.i want sanskar as villain as first .it will be great to read

  13. Indira

    U were writing a ff na the case which changed their lives. After 2 episodes u stopped…Why? Please continue it, it was very interesting:)

  14. Soujanya

    Awesome… Sankar should be villain

  15. Labdhi0507

    Make sanskar villain

  16. Awesome … Sansskar

  17. Jwala

    sanskar villian please

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