Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 7th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone is so shocked upon hearing the truth from ashish’s own mouth. Prabha slaps hima nd says weren’t you shamless in kidnapping your own son? you diod this sin and i punished her. I slapped her because of your sin. You threw us from our own house and she owned us and gave a home. I am really mortified. Vishhnu says i never thought you would lower down to this level. Aashi says we should think about tukur first. How would he be? Vishnu sys still she is thinking about your son. you need to learn from her.

The cop says to sahiol your case is about to start. Sahil says papa try from my phone call vishesh. he sasy i have been trying they are not picking up the call. Vishesh gets the call and says its sahil’s hearing time. aashi says please go thim

he needs you? Prabha says wha6t happened to himj? aashi says i will tell you everything later. Aashi says sahil is in trouble and i wont be with him. Promise me you will save him? he says i wil not let anything happen to him i promise. He leaves.

Aashi turns to ashish says i will send tukur to you. And uncle aunty they will not go anywhere with you. I learned that money can make a man blind, i will talk to my dad on his level.

The hearing of court starts. Sahiol is so worried. The lawyer against sahil says i want sahil to be here for some talk. He syas sahil forgot his jacket at tina’s house in order to flee. We found some files that has his finger prints on them. Its proves that he has killed tina. Judge says defence lawyer do you want to say something? but ashish is no where. Sahil syas in heartt where are you vvishehs. Vishesh comes in and says myb client sahil is innocent he has not murdered tina. My rival showed that sahil was with tina before her death. there is a reason behi9nd every crime? What was the reason behind it? they met first time that day. both were happy and were rehearsing for their movie. The lawyer says they knew each other they weren’t meeting for the first time.

Sunil gets a call from aashi. aashi says you were right people are not what they look like. he says this is what i wanted to you learn. He asys yes family is your own. She says sometimes the same family betrays us. its painful when they show their real face? He says have they shown their real face? They blamed you for abduction of their grandson. ashi says how do you know tukur is kidnapped? she says everyone now knows thaty you have abducted him. I heard someone calling their son animal and i never thought i will call you the same. i am mortified to call you my dad. You have half an hour if tukur is not back in this time i will come to your house with cops after that. Aashi hugs prabha.

In the court, the lawyer asks tina’s bf to come. he asks sundar you gf and sahil knew each other? he says yes they did. Sahil is bewildered. sahil shows no. He says i have a video clip that will show he knew her. He shows them and shooting of an add. He says sahil and tine lived in indoor for two days. He calls sahil again. He asks sahil behold this video. Is that you? Sahil is too shocked to say anything. He says yes this is me. The lawyer shows the video to the judge.

In the house, aashi says uncle dont worry papa will send tukur. jhabro says she is right. She says i am really worried for sahil. vishnu says God wont do anything wrong with him. aashi recalls playing with tukur.

Outside the session room, Vishesh asks sahil why you didn’t tell me you knew her? why didn’t you tell me? you could get jailed. He says how can you forget. sahil says i never remembered her. I have done almose 100n ads and she was side character in that ad. Even she didn’t remember it. How can i remember that much people. vishesh says i reacted too much i am sorry. sahil says please save me i dont wanna go to jail. vishesh says nothing will happen to you. sundar comes out. vishesh sees him and wonders why he remembers about tina and aashi’s meet up. He was at tina’s flat and brought sahil and tina refreshements. Then he went to temple to pray for her.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for tukur. Its been an hour since aashi called sunil. prabha says he would be very scared. He wont have eaten anything. vishn7u looks at ashish and says i will cross every limit if anything happend to tukur. aashio says if they dont come in next 10 mins we will go to police station. Gupta comews in. Prabha says where is tukur? Aashi says how can lawyers forget law themselves, you must be the masterming of this plan i am sure. Shame on you. Tell us where is tukur? tell me where is he? come on speak up. He says, we dont have tukur. everyone is bewildered. Aashi says what you mean?

Precap-Inspector says, Gupta ji tells us the whole incident in detail. gupta says, aashi was going to carnival with tukur. we were aboput to grab him when aashi was buying an ice-cream. a silver car came and a man grabbed tukur and rushed back to the car. We followed that car. they flee before we could reach them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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