Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
aashi is so shoked to know about sahil that she falls on the falls in tears. she says take me to sahil i wanna meet him. vishesh says he is charged with murder we cant meet him. and i am sure we will find tukur. Inspector comes and says we couldn’t find the kid go and file and FIR we will try to find him. aashi hugs vishesh in tears.

Prabha is eagerly waiting for aashi and tukur. Aashi and sahil come in. vishesh says let me handle this aashi says no i have done the damage so i will handle it. Prabha says aashi why are you crying? She asks vishesh. she asks where is vishesh. aashi says i lost tukur. This falls like a current on vishnu and prabh. ishnu says what are you saying? aashi says i was buying ice cream but when i turned he was not there. prabha slaps

her right on the face. Eeryone is in a daze.

sunil calls aashish and says now you will go to aashi’s house and ask her for tukur. You have to make a fuss of all this. do something that your parents will leave aashi. He asks is tukur fine?sunil says my men are taking care of him. mansi asks what are you concealing from me? He says i am really worried and i have to go somewhere. He leaves. she wonders why are we living in hotel in the same city and tukur with aashi.

Prabha says how could you do this? This is my mistake. Its our mistake we should never have trusted you. You know she left tukur among firecrackers that night. He could get burnt or killed. Aashi is crying as well. Prabha says still we trusted you and sent him with you. Vishnu says please calm down prabha. she says how could i ? our tukur is lost. Prabha says if anything happens to him i will not be able to live what will we say to mansi and ashish? Vishnu says she didn’t do it deliberately. Prabha says her parents never taught her anything how could she know what responsibility. for you tukur would just be an entertainment, You dont even know what responsibility. Prabha says tukur is lost. vishesh says dont worry police is looking. prabha says because of her we are at this point. vishesh says he is a kid it might be his fault as well. she says yes he is a kid that is why we sent her with him. prabha says i will never be able to forgive you if something happens to tukur.

inspector says its your court session today. he syas i have to meet my lawyer he is standing outside. Inspector says there is no one outside. Sahil says where can he go
/ his mom comes in and hugs him. she says your dad has gone to find you a lawyer. sahil says vishesh is my lawyer.

ashish comes in . Ashsi says where is tukur? Where is my son? is he lost? aashi sys i am sorry i didn’t do anything. ashish says how could you be so easy in saying that my son is lost? you said you will take care of him. i know you so well now. First you took my parents from me and then asked my dad to send that stay order in my own house and now you are playing some game with my son. what have we done to you? And papa you both must be so happy. you left me and my house because of this girl and because of her my son is lost. His life is endangered. Does she even deserve to be trusted? If something happens to tukur will you be able to live with her? Vishesh says its not aashi’s mistake. ashsih says do you even think the same papa thta its not her mistake? She has ruined our life. vishnu saus this quarrel ios not going to get us anything we have to think what to do now. ashish says because of her tukur is not with us. i dont want to lose you as well. because of this girl i could lose you both and tukur on diwali. I will do everything you want we will sort our problems out. If anything happens to us i will die. please come with me mummy till this girl is around our life will not be settled. i love you papa come home with us. family is family. aashi says you cant.. Ashish says shut up we have lost our son because of you. mansi comes in and says what? Eeryone is bewildered to see her. mansi says where is my son? Where is tukur? she goes out ton look for him. ashish follows her.

sahil is waiting for vishesh in the court. He wonders where are they? Mansi asks different people about tukur. She says where is tukur. He says listen to me he is fine. Sunil’s men have arrested him. they are taking care of tukur. Mansi says waht are you sayoing? he says i sent tukur to aashi’s place so sunil’s men will kidnap him. he tells her the whole plan. mansi says he is so young and you got him kidnapped. he sasy what could i do? I had to get him kidnapped. We have to take mummy papa home according to sunil’s plan. When he turns prabha, vishnu and everyone is there. They are so dazed.

Precap-prabha slaps ashish and sasy how dare you to do this to your own son? Aashi calls sunil and says i am ashamed to mortified to call you my dad. If tukur doesn’t get home i will come with cops to you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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