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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishesh is sleeping and he feels like aashi is there. He feels like she is running her fingers through his hair. he looks at her and smiles. he holds her hand and pulls her towards his ownself. Suddenly he falls with a thud and realizes it was just his dream.

Aashi asks tukur to come. they are going for mela. tukur says come with us dada dadi. Vishnu says we hae something important to do we can’t come with you. He says okay. Vishnu prabha see them off. He says we will bring ice cream for them. aashi don’t worry i will take care of him. vishnu says we trust you completely. They leave. jhabro says you should have gone as well. prabha says the budget could only afford the two. Come one lets have tea. Sunil’s man informs him that aashi has left for

the mela.

Sahil says i was notg even there i have not killed her. Its just his scene but cops come there and say arrest him. sahil says what are you doing this? director says why are you arresting my heor? Inspector says come and meet me in station.

Aashi and tukur are on their way. tukur says i want to eat ice cream. aashi goes to buy the ice cream. Aashi says i am coming in two minutes. aashi looks back to ask the flavor but tukur is no where. aashi buys the ice cream. Aashi looks everywhere but can’t find him. She is worried where could he go.

Sahil is in police station. vishesh comes there. sahil says i didn’t do anything, i didn’t tell anyone. i met that girl i just when there for rehearsals. vishesh syas i trust you and believe me i wont let anything happen to you. tell me what exactly happened yesterday. sahil tells him the story from beginning. vishesh says when you left her house? He syas at 10:25. sahil hugs him in tears. Asahi asks different people if they have seen tukur. she shows them the photoss. She can’t find hikm anywhere. She screams tukur everywhere. she says where are you tukur?

Prabha says jhabro since tukur has born we have been with her. you can’t understand how much we love him. Now he is here i feel like we are meeting him after so long. we want to spend all the moments with her. Vishesh is calling aashi again and again but she is not picking her phone. Vishesh goes to the flat with inspector. He says can you tell me all the call details? He says, her boyfriend called her last time. He bf is sitting there in tears. Vishesh meets him and says i am lawyer can i ask you some questions? Since when did you know her? He says since three years. we were about to get wed. It was her first day of shoot tomorrow she had a jacket in her room with the deadbody.

Aashi sees the inspector and tells him that tukur is lost. she says please find him. he says calm down i will do something. he asks his men to check everywhere. vishesh sees aahi and wonders why is tukur not with her? Aashi hugs him and tells him that tukur is lost. He is dazed. Aashi says waht will i say to uncle aunty? vvishesh wonders how can he tell her about sahil. vishesh says dont worry we will find him. aashi syas they were so happy. Things were getting better because of me its all ruined. Aashi listens on the radio about sahil’s incident. she says the hero is sahil right? she says tell me what happened to him? vishesh says he is in jail accused of killing the heroin.

Precap-prabha asks aashi what happened ? where is tukur. aashi says i lost him. i just left him for a minute and he was lost. prabha slaps her on the face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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