Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gupta tells sunil that aashi is working with vishesh and they have solved a few cases. They are earning money as well. The investors are leaving as well. do something.

Sunil calls ashish and says asend tukur to aashi’s home. We will make some drama like tukur is kidnapped. Don’t worry about his safety. people will think that he was kidnapped due to aashi’s irresponsibility. This will create problems between your parents and aashi. Ashish says I am so scared I don’t know why. sunil says this the last option for you. No one should know about this plan not even your wife.

vishesh’s office is set. Everyone cheers and takes a selfie. Prabha brings them sweets. Everyone enjoys. SAhil gets a call and get over whelmed. He tells everyone

that he is selected for second round. aashi hugs him and says congratulations I am so happy for. Sahil says I will get all best actor awards this year. Prabha says you have given us such a good news. He touches their feet. Prabha hugs him. sahil says vishesh why are you upset? I will come to office whenever I get time. He leaves. Aashi says I am so lucky. I have office in my own house.

Ashish is worried on the plan sunil has given him. mansi says why didn’t you say no to sunil? How can you forget when we sent him last time there it was a blast there. Ashish has not told her about kidnapping. ashish says I don’t want him to go there but we have no other option. sunil thinks if tuku stays there with them they might take the stay order back. He says I will keep calling them asking them about tukur.

Scene 2
Aashi wkes sahil up and says its so late. Doorbell rings. Aashi opens the door and is shocked to find ashish masni and tukur there. Tukur says good morning to aashi so does ashish. Prabh and Vishnu are aslo shocked to see them. Tukur goes and hugs them. ashish says mansi and I are going to indoor for some work. her parents are in Dehli. We thought can we leave tukur here for some days? Vishnu says you surely can. Ashi says uncle aunty miss tukur a lot. I will take care of him every time. he will be with me whenever we go out. Ashish sys don’t annoy anyone tukur. He says I won’t . mansi hugs him. They leave. Tukur says we will play chess dada. He says sahil do you have games on your phone? sahil shows him games. Sahil gets a call. He is excited. He says yes I am coming sir. He has got call for final audition.

SAhil dances on the audition set. Sahi says sir I promise I will do my best. He says I know you will. We just want a talented girl like you in your opposite. they have shortlisted two girls mona and tina. SAhil is also watching them. Mona does her scene . Now its tina’s turn. she does is pretty well as well. director syas you are both very well and we have one role. Tina is perfect for this role. Wish you all the luck mona thank you for coming. Tina is so happy. Director introduces tina to sahil. Director says you are both super stars of tomorrow. He goves thme the script. he says come with rehearsals tomorrow. Sahil says don’t wrry we will. Sahil asks tina where to do the rehearsals? She gives him her address and number. Mona is still standing there in envy.

Aashi is playing ludo with tukur. They are fighting. Prabha says you are like child. aashi says sahil has gone for rehearsals. I am so happy for him. Tukur says when will we go out? Ashi says tomorrow. Sunil’s man is listening to this. he calls sunil and tells him where will they go tomorrow. He says they have planned to go to a carnival. sunil says you have to be careful. You won’t get this chance.

Sahil and tina are practicing. She has rote learned all the lines. She drinks some juice. Sahil says we are ready for mock shoot. she says I feel the same. she says I am really tired I should sleep as well. sahil leaves. Tine is not feeling good. She sees that sahil has forgotten his jacket there. She tries to stop him but feels numb.

Ashi calls sahil and says superstar are you ready for Oscar? He sys stop teasing me. He says I feel like my good time is about to start. aashi says the best time. She says now come home.

Tina is on the floor and her head bleeds. sahil sits in his car and leaves.

Precap-inspector says arrest this man. sahil says I have not killed her.Aashi buys the ice cream and some abducts tukur. aashi tells vishesh in tears. cops are looking for him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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