Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update


Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone celebrates the Diwali with firecrackers. SAhil finds a letters. He ses that its for aashi. He hands it over to aashi. Aashi says i applied in this company for job. Aashi opens the letter and says i have got the job. Everyone cheers. Aashi hugs vishesh. He says congratulations its such a good news. Everyone congratulates her. SHe says I will earn a lot of money and we won’t have to worry about money. She says I have to go to Indoor for two months for training. Vishnu says isn’t that a big span? Prabha says you will stay away from us? Aashi says i won’t be able to love without you as well but i have to go. I can’t ket this opportunity go. Vishnu says everything will fade without you. sahil syas two months will fill in and there will peace

without you in the whole town. Prabha sys why you tease her. Prabha says go hit him. SAhil hides behind prabha. Prabha notices the clear sadness in eyes of vishesh.

Scene 2
Vishesh cant sleep at night. Aashi tells her diary that her day was full of adventures. She says Vishesh won like always. I lost the bet. Anyhow, this Diwali was the best Diwali of life. Vishesh sits and recalls aashi telling that she has to go to Indoor. He syas why can’t i bear her going away. Aashi says i have got a job in corporate world. I have to be the serious and professional person. I don’t know what will I do tomorrow.

Next morning, Prabh and everyone wishes aashi all the best. Bunto says call me when you need help in English. Aashi says i am nervous. what will i do there. Vishnu syas everything will be good. don’t worry. Sahil says when is your training starting from. Aashi says i will get to know when i go to office. Vishesh comes in. Aashi says wish me luck. Its my first day. He says good luck. Aashi says thank you so much. Aashi says okay i have to leave. she meets everyone. She hugs everyone. Everyone goes to see her off. Prabha and vishesh are alone in the house. Prabah says vishesh we should always utter if there is something in the heart. Long wait is never good. You should say when you feel it. You want aashi not to go away from you? Go and stop her before its late. He smiles and runs outside. SAhil comes in and asks where is visehsh going? Prabha says let him go. He is going for something important. Vishesh runs after aashi’s scooty and says aashi stop. Finally he stops her. aashi says what wrong? She gives him water. He says i have been asking you to stop. she says why were you chasing me like that? He says i have something important to say. He says ashi because of you my life is life. I forgot my ownself. You found me and made me who i am. I just had the degree and you made me this lawyer. I want to you to work with me as my associate. Leave this cooperate job. Will you be my associate? Aashi says yes.

Sahil asks prabha where is vishesh? She says would you like some tea? He says don’t beat about the bush. Prabha says don’t think like that. he says you concealing something. Sahil gets a call. Prabha says i am seeing sahil you have been waiting for a call. He says i gave audition for an interview, i cleared the first part. I am waiting for their call. Prabha says why you worry they will call you. Sahil says i will make Jabalpur famous. Jhabro aunty comes in and says i have a lot of talents as well. Aashi has the got the job so i have planned on working as well. I am scared will i be able to work. sahil says aashi will be so good at work. Door knocks. Aashi comes in. sahil says have you gone mad? You should be on your job. aashi says i am on my job. this is my office. She places Vishesh’s name plate outside. SHe says i wanted to do something good. Kunno says you will always be safe while working with vishesh. vishesh says what about my safety. Vishnu says congratulations for the new job aashi. SAhil is angry. Aashi goes and sits with hi. she says you know I am the associate and vishesh is the lawyer while you are associate no. 2. He says really? Vishehs says yes. He hugs him and says thanks bro. he says i will be star soon and till then you can have my help. Vishesh says i forgot to tell you i have got a cheque from mohan ji. Its of 1.25 lacs. your salary and rent of this office will be managed from this money. SAhil says wow. Ashi says that is why i hgave him place in my house. I knew he will be a lawyer and my future is full on benefits. Jhabro says vishesh now you are a laywer now you will get calls and meetings. You might need a secretary, She should be beautiful. Vishesh says yes will need her but where can we find her? She says look around you will find her. Vishesh says why don’t you become my secretary? She says oh yeah i have become already. He says okay deal you are my secretary.

Aashi says lets starts setting the office. Kunno and bunto start bringing the stuff. Aashi is talking to Vishnu. Vishesh stares at her/ Prabha notices him.

Precap-Ashish says will get tukur kidnapped? Sunil says it will look like her has been kidnapped because of aashi’s irresponsibility. Your mummy papa will leave her. Ashish and mansi come to prabha and Vishnu. ashish says we are going to indoor for some work can tukur live with you?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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