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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 29th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The man says bolt your doors and windows. Ashi is scared. She bolts all the doors and windows. She is scared. She locks her room. She calls Vishesh. Vishesh wakes up to her call. Aashi tells him that mikey called me and said stay away from me. He said he can do anything to me. aashi says i am really scared. Vishesh says this is just to scare us. Ashi says can you stay on call whole night? He says what will we talk whole night? Aashi says about anything. She says okay tell me do you like me or not? Vishesh says I like you of course. you are on in a million. Now go to sleep we will talk tomorrow. He disconnects the call. aashi says how mean. If i am one in a million why did he disconnected the call.

Mikey says to the woman i have scared her. Gunjan cant stay away

from her. The man syas you should not have said that. You could keep an eye on her so we could reach gunjan. mikey says we don’t need aashi to find gunjan. i have a plan.

Aashi says in heart couldn’t he talk to me for sometime? Vishesh can’t sleep as well. Vishesh says aashi was so scared she wanted to talk to me. She needed me. I should be with her. Aashi wakes up to a call. she is scared its vishesh. ashi says what now? He says open the door i am outside. ashi says what are you doing here/ He says i came to stare at the door. Aashi goes out and opens the door. Aashi hugs him. Vishesh holds her. aashi says what are you here for? Vishesh say everyone will wake up lets go in. aashi takes him o her room. Aashi says what are you here for? He says you were scared. I thought you need me. Ashi says how sweet. now you are here we will talk whole night. vishesh says no go to sleep. ashi holds his hand. she says good night. She sleeps while holding his hand vishesh is sitting besides her. Vishesh sleeps in that position too.

next morning sahil comes to aashi’s room and is shocked to see vishesh sleeping besides her. He says vishesh. Vishesh wakes up. Vishesh says come out i will tell you. prabha says you here? Vishesh says i came here last night. mikey called aashi she was really scared. So she called me to come. sahil says i was sleeping here and she called you. he says ashi just called me i came i have to go. take care of ashi he mght call aashi again. vishesh leaves.

A man stops kunno and bunoto in the market. Kunno says yes. Its mikey. mikey says i hve an offer for you. sit in the car. don be scared i wont harm you. Mikey gives them 50k and says you have to do something. bunto say what? He tells them. bunto syas we cant do this with aashi did. kunno says how you even thought we will betray her. who are you? kunno says bunto lets go. Mikey shows them a gun and says stop. he says you’ve to do this. bunto says will there be any danger in all this?

Vishesh says he must be thinking ahead of us. kunno and bunto cme home and rush to their room. ashi says what happened to them? Vishesh tell me what to do next.

Kunno says what should we do now bunto. kunno says lets go and tell aashi did. Bunto syas wait we are getting 50k for nothing. buntoo says we cant cheat aashi did. He says telling her everything is like suicide. Do you wanna die? And i care about our lives. we aren’t doing anything wrong.

Kunno and bunto come downstairs. Aashi is talking to gunjan she says come at my place at 9. we have a plan fo them. Bunto and kunno overhear it. bunto goes to his room and calls mikey. bunto tells him that gunjan is coming at 9. They will discuss a plan. Raghav says ve careful about all this. Mikey syas once let me get this gunjan but i wont leave that aashi. Mikey calls bunto. mikey says open the gate. Bunto says they are in that room. mikey goes forward to the room. cops are here they arrest him. ashi comes and slaps him. she throws money on his face. aashi says you cant buy everything and they aren’t like you. what you think girls are objects to be sold? this is your biggest mistake. You thought to buy relationships ? do you even know what they are. Now i will tell you what a girl is. she slaps him repeatedly.

Precap-Aashi and others are on their way. They are stuck. ashi sees the the person injured on raod is ashish

Update Credit to: Atiba

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