Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishesh says we should help her. Even cops aren’t helping her. Gunjan runs outside in tears. Vishesh says stop Gunjan. Prabha says you should help her. Vishesh says let me bring her back. Gunjan is running. Vishesh stops her. Vishesh says come back we will fight for you.

Prabha opens the gate and gets dazed to see mansi and ashish. ashish sits in her feet and says pardon me mummy. I did so much wrong in lust. Mansi sits in her feet as well and says please forgive me. Vishnu says what are you here for? Ashish says we are really embarrassed. Aashi says if you are done with your drama you can leave. Ashish says we forgot that your prayers are our strength. They are both in tears. Ashish says lets go mansi. They look at each other and smile. Prabha’s heart

has melted a little.

Vishnu says why are you crying prabha? They have not changed. Prabha says I don’t know. why we have to face o=it. Vishu says they will never change. Prabha syas perhaps you are right but I a mom. I love him with all my heart. Vishnu syas I respect your feelings but I wont let you be betrayed again. this time we wont be trapped.

Scene 2
Sahil comes and shows Vishesh a news paper. Its has gunjan’s photo. Its says whoever finds her will get a reward of 2 lacs. Vishesh says yeah they have the contact number too. Aashi says we should call them. vishesh syas first we need to know everythin about them. Gunjan says what if someone finds me. I don’t wanna go in that hell. sahil syas they made a mistake by this ad. Aashi says we can reach them and force cops to work against them. Sahil says that gang can be dangerous. Vishesh says we need evidences first. aashi dials that number. A man receives and says who is it? Aashi says this is Meghan I saw your ad. I have seen this girl. the man says where? Ashi says near my house. I have sen her more than once. He says where you live? Aashi says will I get 2 lacs? The man says you will get 4 lacs tell me where is she. Aashi says give me money first. He says how can I trust that you will get me to that girl. Aashi says if you don’t wanna meet then its okay. He syas I will call you on this number. Vishesh says before meeting him we need his details. Gunjan says I met him before the wedding. We were brought to a house. The woman came there and said these are the 5 girls ready to get married. He was with woman. Vishesh says its just your idea. we need more evidances. Aashi gets a call. the man says are you meghna? aashi says yes. He says meet me at 9:30. He tells her the address. He says bring a proof that she is near you. vishesh says we should inform cops.

Vishesh calls inspector and says we need your help for a serious case. vishesh tell him the details. He says don’t owrry I will be there with my team. Vishesh tells them his plan.

they all go to the place. vishesh asks aashi to go in. While they are all watching from outside. Aashi cant find anyone. aashi says what to do. Vishesh and sahil come to her. Aashi says why aren’t cops here. Vishesh calls inspector and says why aren’t you here. Inspector says my team is there. Vishehs says no one is here. inpector says you should leave that spot. Ashi gets a call from that man. He says come forward. ashi goes forward. Vishesh says where are you going? There is a van. They turn on the headlights. the man says those village girls are nothing in front of her. Vishesh grasps aashi’s hand and runs to the car.

They come home. Vishesh says cops weren’t there. We just escaped. Ashi is sleeping. she gets a call. Its a man he is laughing. he says baby your face is more beautiful than you face. I know your address stay away from gunjan. You should know how dangerous we are We can abduct and sell you as well. ashi says who is it? Ashi goes out to tell sahil but he is sleeping. She goes to prabh and Vishnu they are sleeping as well. she wonders should I wake them up or not. Ashi goes to her room. she gets the call again.

Precap-ashi says he can do anything. we have to do something. Vishesh says he is very clever. Magie is in car with bunto and kunno. He tries to bribe them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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