Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prabha comes to aashi. She is pretty upset. Prabha says don’t worry about what has happened. Vishnu says where you see yourself after 5 years? Aashi says we wll be in whole country and we will be opening an NGO who will serve poor people. Prabba says who will drop kids at school. aashi says whose kids? Prabha says your kids. aashi says where did they come from? prabha says wont you get married? Vishnu says he means that you should get married. aashi syas i need to develop a career before marrying I am fine. I have learned a lot from a days. prabha says but you ned to think about your future too. aashi says my career has just started. i don’t wanna talk about wedding. Prabbha says we will think about it. prabha syas we will find a good guy for you. aashi says

please don’t.

A woman is running in the dark. She looks scared. She hides behind a plank. She knocks a door and says mom. Her mom opens the door and hugs her. She says amma i am ruined. A man comes and is shocked to see her. She syas baba i am ruined. He drags her in and syas what are you saying? Her mom asks what ha happened? A little girl comes and syas when you came sister? Her dad says go in. Her dad says did something happen in your in laws? Gunjan says it was all a lie. I never got married i was sold. Our dignity has been played. Everything was fake. Her dad sits on the floor in tears. her mom hugs her. Her dad says i can’t face this. He says come with me. His mom asks where are you taking him? He takes her out. He takes her to a well. He says i am a poor man i cant feed you all life. I wont be able to live without dignity. your sister wont even get married. No one will marry you or let you live. I request you. Gujan steps towards the well. Her mom sys stop please. His dad grasps her. Gujan jumps in the well. Her mom cries.

Vishesh gets a call. A man says i have heard abot you i need you for a case. I found a girl. some people saved her from a well. She has a hear throbbing story to tell you. vishesh says send her to my office.

Vishesh, sahil and aashi are waiting for the girl. Jhabro brings the girl in. Vishesh asks gunjan what happened to you? SHe syas i born to a poor man. Sarpanj jee came and said he wants me to marry someone. 50 girls will get married in Jabalpur.Those girls will be living in Jabalpur. 50 girls got married whole village came in the wedding. my mom said don’t forget us when you live there.
I was waiting in my room for y husband. Then the woman came in with some men. she said too much with this drama now show us your face. SHe said she is a bud. She said how much will you pay for this virgin? A man said 50k? She said the girl is fresh. another man said one lac. She auctioned gunjan for 1 lac. The lady said do as he would ask you. Gunjan tried to run but the lady shoved her. The man locked the room and said please let me go. They deceived me. Please have some pity on me. He said not tonight. You have to do as i say. they will kill you if you try to run. only i can save you from them. He turned the lights off. he threw her on the bed.

Next morning the man left the room and said to the lady i wanna go out with her for two days. She said no sir girl isn’t allowed to go out. you can spend as much time with you want. The man said don’t waste my time. tell me how much you want. the lady said 3 lac. The woman said okay only two days.

The man was with her in the car later. He said i think i am gonna do something with you that you cant even think of. go run. Run from this hell. I know i did wrong to you but i wanna rectify it. Go and run before i change my decision. She runs out of the car.

She swipes her tears and says there were a lot of girls there. I cant forget their screams. She says i went to my house. My dad asked me to jump in the well I jumped. A passenger saved me. When i told him my story he said save those girls or go die. I want to save them. I have a mission now. Aashi says this could be your self made story too? Whats the proof of all this? maybe you are lying. We cant take your case. Gunjan is in tears. She says i would have gone to cops if i had a proof. where will i go if you don’t help me. aashi syas tears wont turn your fake story in reality. we have been deceive once don’t expect any help, vishesh says whats wrong with you? We have to help her.

Precap-aashi receives a call. a man says your face is more beautiful than your voice. I have your address as well. Now stay away from gunujan. we can sell you as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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