Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 26th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jhabro syas don’t need to go anywhere. Vishnu syas let me call cops. He cant find his phone. Sahil looks for his phone butits not there as well. vishesh says I need to stop her from killing ravindra. jhabro says I will come with you people as well.

Rupa comes to sunil and says I made soup for myself yoyu should be grateful that I made it for you as well. I am no your wife. sunil syas just a soup. I have enough servants and money.
mansi an rupe come there. sunil says what are you doing here? rupa syas looking at your face catches me fever. Mansi says when you wanted our house you were so nice to us. Now you have changed colors like a chameleon. Mansi says we need our house back.sunil says you are joking with us? Yiur house is sold. ashish syas we want

our money, sunil syas if you say a word I will bury you there. rupa sayslet me call cops. Mansi says either you have to give us money or our house. ashish says you cant even handle our daughter. sunil says what should I do. sunil says I will kill you if you say a word about her. mansi says you made her an orphan in childhood. rupa says stay out of our family matters. ashish says we want our house. rupa says we have to do something with aashi.

Scene 2
Jigyasas goes to farm houe and hits the gurads with a rod. Ravindra is drinking and crying. He syas where are you palak I miss you. He sees a remote control car revolving around him. Suddenly palak runs in front of his and says papa. Joigyas stabs him. Jigyasa says does it hurt? Wll enjoy the pain alone? wont tell me how it feels? palak comes running and cries. Ravindra says go from here palak. Jigyasa says papa is fine. palak syas no mummy please. Jigyasa syas you have to wish me birthday because of you I have become a bride. He is screaming with pain. He syas why are you doing this? Jigyasa says I am doing this for you. Its all your mistake. I will release you.

Aashi and others reach the house. they sees the gurads on the floor. they run inside the house. When they go in they find ravindra on the chair. sahil calls ambulance. aashi says jigyasa please come out we will save you. Jigyasas says you need to safe, I will kill them all. Vishehs syas let me go up and look. sahil goes out to call from PCO. aashi syas please jigyasa come out. Jigyasa graps jhabro. Aashi syas please leave her. jig says I wont do anything to you. aashi says why are you doing this? aashi says your husband will die please surrender. jig says sahil and vishesh will die as well. Then no one will betray you. Jig grasps aashi from hair and says wont you listen to me. She locks them both in store. jig says where are you vishesh. lets play this game. Vishbesh comes downstairs and looks for everyone aashi says open the door vishehs. jig comes to stab him. Vishesh falls on the floor. Ravindra hits her on the head. She grasps her knife again. Jig syas no one will cme near me. Inspector syas leave the knife. aashi says we are to help. Jig says palak come here. Palak says no I wont. Jig says aashi come with me we will live together. Vishesh grasps her. Jig says aashi save me please. cops take her with them. palak is crying. aashi hugs her.

Scene 3
At night, they all come back home. Prabha serves them dinner. prabha says why aren’t you eating aashi? sahil says everything if fine now. ravidra is fine now as well. We saved a human. jhabro comes in and says we should celebrate. she gives aaho sweet. aashi says I will eat it later. Prabha says whole world isn’t lik you, aashi syas I need to learn the horrible face of world. vishesh syas jig made her responsible.

Precap-a girl syas 50 girls got married and when I went to the house they auctioned me to men.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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