Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jigyasa sits with aashi. She says aashi.. She picks aashi up and takes her out of the house. She takes her to the lawn. Jigyasa says I did this all for you. Its my birthday I wnna give myself a birthday gift. Palak’s dad was about to leave me but before he could leave I will sent him away. I read your diary. You are my life are pretty similar. Your parents left you in childhood my parents were separating as well. Before they could leave i sent them away. I don’t want anyone to hurt you. So I am taking you away from all of them. igyasa leaves,

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vishesh is waking up. Jigyasa goes

to her room and gets dressed like a bride. She wears jewelry and makes up. Vishesh gets up. Jigyasa asks palak how do I look? Beautiful right? Palak is quite. Jigyasa says speak up palak. palak syas you look too good. Jig says thanks lets go now. Vishesh knocks at the door says jig open the door. Jig stops and says oh so you are up. Jigyasa says shut up everyone is sleeping. Vishesh says what have you done to them. Jig says palak is saying you good bye, Vishesh ays aashi sahil where are you all? Jig syas palak stand here.

jigyasa goes to kitchen turns on the gas and puts tissues in toaster. She closes the door. She comes downstairs and sees everyone asleep. She says palak look everyone is sleeping with ease. She takes everyone’s phone and breaks the wire of landline. When she comes out aashi is still there. Jig says I am coming in a moment.

Jig syas aashi I have saved you from all of them just take care of yourself. Now I have to punish my hubby. SHe says now just wait for the bomb. Gas is leaking in the kitchen. Vishesh is trying to break the door. he succeeds. He goes ou and sees everyone fainted. He smells gas and goes to the kitchen. He turns the stoves off and outs water in toaster. He opens the windows and doors. He goes out and sees aahi. Jhabro comes too. they take her in She sees everyone and says what is this? Vshesh says jigyasa did this, we have to wake them up. Jhabro brings water, They wake everyone up, vishesh says jigyasa did this. She turned on all the stoves. Prabha says why she did this? vishesh says why isn’t aashi waking up? aashi opens her eyes. vishesh says we need to contact ravindra. Whatever she said was about her ownself not ravindra. We have to save him.

Ashish says I have played a long term game gupta. please tell me what can I do. gupt aysa go to sunil and ask him to give you your house. ashish says this wont work. Gupta syas he will be scared to save his name. He will have to return it. Take your wife as well.

Jigyasa says why would jig do this? I cant believe this, vishesh says she is amd she need our help. aashi says I am mad I neve trusted you. Vishesh that pain and everything was related to jigyasa. She will kill ravindra tonight.

Precap-Ravindra is looking for palak in farm house. Some is behind him wuth a knife. Jigyasa stabs him beforevishesh ould get in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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