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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Ravindra says to inspector all these people died on 22nd November. See what she has written. You feel bad when someone close to you leaves. Before they leave kill them. He says jigyasa has stolen one of my two phones. save my daughter please. Inspector says how you and your daughter are safe? he says she was better when palak was born. she started feeling lonely when palak started school. Please save my daughter. Inspector says we cant be emotional we have to inspect it carefuly. He says its 22nd November i am worried for my daughter. Inspector says relax. ravindra says please do something save my daughter. Inspector says we will do all we can.

Inspector calls vishesh and says ravindra came here and said a lot of shocking things. He tells him everything. Vishesh

says this unbelievable. Inspector says let me know if you have any information about her. She is very dangerous let us know if you know her location. Vishesh wonders what to do now. He hears Jigyasa saying he will kill me. Everyone comes. She says i saw my phone there are 55 missed calls of ravindra when i called him back he said its 22nd November he want me to be killed. He said he wants me to dress like a bride and meet him or he will kill palaik too. He said he will play last game of pain and death with me. Vishnu says its time to call cops. Prabha syas you are right. Jigyasa says we cant call cops he will kill palak. Don’t take my daughter from me. sahil says we are all here dont worry he cant harm palak. Aashi says you have not done anything dont worry. vishesh says i think you should go to farm house. we will all be there. We will catch him red handed. Aashi says you are right. Jigyasa says yes that’s perfect. Jigyasa goes to her room.

Vishesh goes to him room and says i have to tell aashi. He says what if jigyasa is a psycho or she escapes this time as well. I have to trap her. aashi is emotionally attached with jigyasa and she might alert her. aashi comes to vishesh and says what are you thinking? He says i was thinking jigyasa is so upset. can you plan a birthday for her? She says that’s a great idea. Aashi says come with me we will buy the cak. He says i a busy take sahil with you. aashi says its okay. He recalls how everytime she said not to tell cops, what palaka and inspector said.

Scene 2
Aashi arranges the party for Jigyasa. She cuts the cake and everyone wishes her birthday. She says thank you aashi i forgot to feel happy. it wasn’t poosible ithout you. Aashi says this was vishesh’s plan.Jigyasa asks where is he? Aashi says he is always busy in work.

Vishesh goes to jigyasa’s room He rummages everywhere. He finds a bridal dress. He recalls jigyasa saying ravindra asked her to meet in bridal dress. he says if her life was endangered how she brought this dress? And when did she buy it? He finds a phone. He calls on his own phone. Its ravindra’s phone. Someone comes in. igyasa picks a vase and hits him on the head. Vishesh falls down and faints. jigyasa says you got to know more than you should. I wont ket your ruin my plans. Now you will ask jigyasa why are you doing this? i am doing this for aashi. i wanna save her from all of you. She is innocent, he granddad loved her but left her alone. He parenst love her but left her alone now she depends on you all but you all have you won world. You will all betray her in the end. Then she will be heartbroken and it pains. i wont let you hurt her she shoves vishesh and laughs. She drags vishesh to store room.

jigyasa sgoes to her room and packs her bridal dress.
She takes out the sim and eats it.

jigyasa makes drinks for everyone. She says ou are all like my family so ots like a birthday treat. She gives it to everyone. sahil says where is vishesh? Jigyasa syas he was going out he said he has some important work. SHe gives it to everyone. Everyone faints after drinking it. Jigyasa laughs.
jigyasa says palak until mummy doesn’t ask you, you wont move. Now sit down. Jigyasa sits with aashi and says aashi..

Precap-Jigyasa puts some napkins in toaster. SHe turns on the stoves.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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