Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 22nd November 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 22nd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishesh is on a chair in living room. He sees SAhil sleeping. He wakes sahil up. They looks everywhere but aashi is no where. sahil says she ran from the backdoor. Vishnu syas I hope she is fine.

AAshi takes a rickshaw and runs to her house from the rope. She says thank God everyone is a asleep. She is about to climb the rope, someone says, aashi. SHe turns back its jigyasa. Aashi is dazed. aashi says I thought ravindra killed you. jigyasa syas don’t tell anyone I am here. Aashi says come in.

Inside, everyone is worried for aashi. Sahil and vishesh come out the house. vishes says we should go to ravindra’s place. aashi says relaz guys I am fine. vishesh says are you out of your mind, they are all shocked to see jigyasa. Vishesh says you? aashi

says lets take her in.
Jigyasa tells them that ravindra fainted them and when they woke up. they were in farm house. aashi says he came here yesterday and was grunting, vishesh says what could be his motive? She says he wanted to see the fear of kidnapping in my eyes. He wanted to kill me. palak gave me strength.You have no idea how I ran from there. I have no one in this world. ashi says don’t worry uts like your house you are safe here. We were so worried for you. Thank God you are fine. jigyasa says you are like a sister aashi. We are not safe anywhere. Vishnu says this is a police case. Call cops. SHe syas he has sources everywhere. We can’t call cops. Vishesh says the inspector wants to help you. SHe says ravindra said if I go to cops he will prove me mentally unstable. She starts crying and says I beg you. aashi says stop crying we wont go to cops. vishesh says we need evidences against him first. Aashi shows him the diary. Vishesh is angry. Aashi says I know you are all mad at me but please. I need that ravindra behind bars. vishesh says this isn’t a joke. He could have killed you. Jigyasa syas please pardon me. aashi says wont a sister help her other sister? She gives the diary to vishesh. Jigyasa syas ravindra will prove that its a =ll my imagination. vishesh says we need more proofs. aasho says till then you can live here. Jigyasa hugs her.

Ravindra says I need a way to get to them. He finds a year book. He says I nevber saw it in palak’s loset. He goes through it. it has their photos. Jigyasa has torn ravindra’s head from some of the photos. She has written I wanna see my family die in front f me that will be the biggest day of life. The greatest pleasure. He cant belive it. He looks for moe stuff. He says this is the reason why jigyasa was behaving weird. I thought she is doing this because vishesh and ashi provoked her. but story is something else. My wife is a psycho. He gets a call, its his thugs. ravindra says don’t keep an eye on them she just tried to put case in quandary the case. She is using them. I want my wife and daughter.

Aashi and vishesh are playing with palak. Vishesh picks her up. She feels pain. aashi asks what happened? She says nothing. aashi says show me. Aashi syas show me. she says mummy will beat me if she gets to know. vishesh says we wont tell her. her hand has a bruise. aashi asks did your dad beat you? palak says no mummy hit me. SHe used to burn me with candles. She says she like it when I am in pain. She first hit me and then saves me. jigyasa comes looking for her. palak says don’t tell her please. Vishesh says aashi, the biggest mask in the world is tear. She made ravindra villain. We never thought she could be wrong as well. aashi says maybe she did this to save ravindra. Aashi says palak is condused whats right and whats wrong. ravindra must have asked her. Anything can happen. vishesh says jigyasa must have done this. aashi says not at all. she has no one in the world. she will be hurt if she gets to know we think like this for her. Vishesh says in heart what if I am right?

Ravindra goes to inspector and says jigyasa’s house got burnt her parenst died but nothing happened to her. after that she lived with her aunt. He house set on ablze and she dies but jigyasa was save this time too. She did the same with her friend and she died as well. all these incidents happened on 22 November which is her birthday. Inspector says you want me to think that you don’t know about your wife? you wanna prove her mental unstable. He says she met me in collge. She told me she is an orphan. SHe never told me about her past. she used to get scared and I stopped asking then. all these people died on 22 November

Jigyasa is in her room in a black saari. she cuts her finger and laughs at the blood. She makes patterns with blood on the floor. She is glad to see the blood dripping down on the floor. She says my fake diary worked.

Precap-jigyasa says I saw my phone it has 55 missed calls on ravindra. when I called him back he said he will play the last game of death and pain with me. vishesh says I think you should go to farm house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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