Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update


Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Inspector says we need proofs against him. He is a human in the end. He will eventually make a mistake. Aashi says what about jigyasa and palak? He says my team is looking for them. Rvindra is a clever man and he has sources don’t mess with him. Stay away from him that’s for your better. We will find Jigyasa. They leave.

On the way, vishesh turns on the music. Aashi switches it off. sahil says turn It on. Aashi says you are here for music? Vishesh stops the car. aashi says sorry sahil. Jigyasa shouldn’t die. Vishesh says cops will find them. aashi says I think we should go to ravindra’s house. Voshesh says its illegal. We should stay away from him. Vishesh says none of us would go there. aashi says I will. He says stop it.


goes to her room in anger. Vishnu says whats wrong? Aashi sys don’t ask me. Ask vishesh he is so smart I am kid. Vishesh says we are all worried fot jigyasa but why is aashi behaving like she is responsible. sahil says she wants to go to her house. Vishesh says bunto you have to keep and eye on her. I will stay here tonight, sahil says so will I.

Scene 2
Gupta gives money to someone. He says don’t think about money you will get more than you expected. You just have to ruin aashi’s life.

Vishnu asks prabha why you seem worried? She syas I am fine. I am worried for aashi. She is a girl she has to get married. SHe should control herself. Sometimes I feel like she feels lonely. Vishnu says at this age a girl needs her parents the most. She says you are right. prabha syas aashi should marry someone. Its our responsibility to find her someone. He says yes I will talk to her. Prabha says I know someone. Our vishesh. I have seen love in his eyes for aashi. Vishnu says yeah he is a nice guy. Prabha says we will talk to them. A

aashi says to her diary I think we can find a proof in ravindra’s house. sahil wont let me go. ANd vishesh he thinks I am little girl I should never be alone. They all care about me but not about jigyasa and palak. I will get them justice. She places some cushions on the bed. She goes out. sahil is sleeping. She ges oout and ropes down to the back of the house. The two thugs are asleep as well.

Ravindra is crying in his house. He says why you left me jigyasa. I know you wont come back. I know you never will. I have to be alone all my life. Aashi is shocked to listen this. she says has he killed her? Aashi says I will find an evidence. Aashi moves forward and goes upstairs. She looks in their room for proof. She find a book. its jigyasa’s diary. She reads it. Jigaysa has written how ravindra used to beat her. she drops the diary. ravindra listen it and alls security. Je says someone is here/ He and tha guard look in the house. aashi hides, ravindra and watchman come in. ravindra holds his gun. He says who is there? He is coming in aashi’s direction.

precap-ravindra says this means jigyasa is psycho. That is why she looked different. Jigyasa is shown in a black saari. She pins her finger and laughs at the blood.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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