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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ravindra gets the notice form court. He is adzed to see the divorce papers. He says Jigyasa sent me these? He goes through them and says Vishesh you are done. he rushes to aashi’s house and Butno opens the door. Racindra syas where is vishesh. Vishesh says whats wrong? Ravindra says you like braking people’s house? This piece of paper doesn’t matter. I will burry and no one would even know. Vishesh shoves him and syas you are mentally retarded. I will prove that I court and Jigyasa will start a new lie. Aashi says you are mental jigyasa isn’t safe with you. He says I am psycho. Visehs says you like talking about death and pain. Ravindra says you need treatment. He says to aashi keep your mind shut. vishesh says just shut up. Sahil says comes with

a vase and says you see it? I will hit you so hard with this. Leave before I do this to you. ravindra says yes giving you all pain will be fun. Ravindra leave. visehesh says we have to inform the cops.

Ravindra rushes home. He goes in and looks for jigyasa and palak they are no where to be found. He sees that their closets are empty and the house is all messed up. He asks the guard where is jigyasa? he says she was home. I didn’t see her going. Ravindra says she is no where. What you take pay for? Ravdinra says has she gone from the back door? Vishesh aashi and sahil come to ravindra’s place along with cops. vishesh says he tortures his wife. Cops says bring your wife I wanna talk to her. He says she isn’t home. aashi says he is lying he must have detained her somewhere. Inspector says tell us where is she? He says I don’t know where they are. vishesh says have you killed them?r avindra says they have abducted her. Inspector says she asked their help to gt rid of you. He says I have proof. He brings his latop and says look. he shows them the video when jigyasa sent them out of the house. He says they came last night and my wife isn’t here after that. ask tem where is she? They provoked my wife. He says they are culprit. Inspector says let us do our duty. Inspector says what will you say about this footage. Ravindra says they have no answer. Vishesh says he came to our office and threatened us. Aashi says we came here to see if jigyasa is okay. sahil says he has detained his wife and daughter. inspector says this messed uo house goes against you. Your wife and daughter where is the footage of their abduction? He orders constable to arrest him. ravindra says I wanna make a call. He calls DCP. He says my wife and daughter are lost and your cops are here to arrest me. DCP asks him to give the phone to inspector. inspector says all the evidence shows that his has abducted his wife and daughter. DCP says leave him and file and FIR. Inspector says we have to rummage your house. The cops rummage the house. Inspector says in heart, he criminal always saves himself this means that he has abducted his wife.

Aashi says you felt so god by torturing your wife? You silent her forever. Ravindra get lost. Aashio says you have killed him. Cop couldn’t find any proof.

Aashi comes home. prabha asks what happened? Is jigyasa okay? Aashi says he has killed jigyasa and palak. He is accusing us that we have abducted them. We couldn’t save her. sahil says we are doing our best. Prabha says you did all you could. aashi says we couldn’t save jigyasa? no? e should have informed cops. She sys I will never be able to forgive myself.

Ravindra calls thugs and asks them to keep and eye on Sahil aashi and vishesh.

Aashi is sitting In her room in distress. vishesh and sahil come to her. aashi recalls the sobs of jigyasa. Sahil swipes her tears and says drink som water. she says I don’t want to. sahil says this is cheating.aashi says will everything be okay? jigyasa and palak will come back? vishesh says what if say yes? He sys do you trust me? He says jigyasa and palak are fine and they are alive. ashi says how you know that? He says ravindra didn’t have enough time to kill jigyasa and palak. he knows that he The motive of ravindra is something else. He is a criminal not psychopath. voshesh says every crime leaves traces we will find jigyasa and palak. he says either you can sit here and cry or help me in finding them?

Precap-vishesh says we are all worried for jigyasa but aashi is behaving like she is responsible for everything. sahil says she wants to go to ravindra’s house. Gupta says to someone ruin aashi’s life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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