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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 1st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The bomb doesn’t blast at all. Ballu’s man says what happened to it. Tukur syas its didn’t burn. sahil sys you can’t do it tukur. aashi says don’t make fun of him. Aashi says we have many more lets go and crack them. Tukur takes another one. Some guests come and wish them happy Diwali. Aashi asks tukur not to burn any cracker. Ballu’s man is eagerly waiting for the guests to leave. Aashi says the gift women sent from them. She says they already sent us the firecracker. Prabha sys no they said they didn’t send it. aashi says who sent it then? Sjhe says why should I care. just chill. Vishesh says why mahela asylum sent two gifts. They sent a gift to my placed packed in the same way. sahil and ashi says leave it. Tukur says I am grown

up I will burn a cracker my self. He takes one out and starts playing with them. Ballu’s man shouts when he got tripped. They all see him running. Prabha recalls she saw a man twice spying on them. She tells everyone. Aashi sees a locket on the ground. she says its the same one ballu’;s man was wearing. I think they have sent us those crackers. there might be something wrong with them. they want to seek revenge from us. Vishesh says we sent ballu jail and his men gave us firecrackers as gify. Tukur says I can’t wait anymore. I will blow them myself. Aashi says they want to harm us. They look back and see that tukur has burnt a cracker. vishesh picks it and throws it in the air. It blasts there. Everyone is scared. Everyone is scared in the neighborhood. Vishesh says I won’t leave them. He runs outside.

Mansi says to ashish I never wanted to sent Tukur there. Ashish says we had no other option. Mansi says I am scared I hope aashi doesn’t fill his mind against us. she has been creating problems in our life.

Vishesh finds the ballu’s man in the street and starts hiting him. sahol and aashi control him. vishesh says how dare you to harm aashi. Aashi hugs him and says please calm down cops will handle him.

Prabha and Vishnu give tukur water. Jhabro says I am really scared. prabha says so am I. They come in. Vishnu says where were you all? Aashi says he was ballu’s man. Sahil says vishesh hit him so hard. prabha asks are you both okay? will they come again? aashi says we have given him to cops. Vishnu says thank God we are all safe. Ashish comes in and says what could have happen papa? They all stand up in bewilderness. Mansi says my relatives told me there was a blast here. she hugs tukur and says are you okay? Vishnu says some people gave us fusion in crackers. mansi sys look ashish I told you not to send tukur here. and this girl aashi creates all these problems. We are homeless because of her and tukur could get bruises because of her. aashish says stop it mansi. Tukur are you fine? He says yes aashi and vishesh saved me. Ashish thanks ashi and vishesh. He says than God everyone is fine. He says happy Diwali to Vishnu and prabha and toches their feet. Mansi follows him. Thet are about to leave. tukur says will let me come and meet dada dadi again? please. he says it was not dada dadi’s fault. I promose I will be more careful. ashsish says yes you can come here to meet them anytime you want. Everyone is gleeful except for mansi. Tukur meets prabha dn Vishnu and they leave.

Mansi says to ashish wahts wrong wit you? you are behaving like nothing happened there? Tukur could be harmed. ashish sys you know I am doing this all because sunil has asked me.

Aashi dresses vishesh’s wound. Vishnu says prabha is bringing you hot milk. Aashi says what happened to you? WHy did you beat him like that. SHe says why are you quite? vishesh says I can’t tolerate if someone tries to harm you. Sahil says will you like to eat something. vishesh says no I am good. Aashi says why is everyone so upset? Good thing is that we are all fine. come one now lets get back in to the Diwali mood. Vishnu says yeah we are all fine. jahbro says I have so many crackers at my place they are safe and from a good company. aashi says your crackers are always dangerous. Sahil syas yeah just like you. Everyone laughs. Vishesh says to aashi thanks. She says what for ? vishesh shows her the dressing. aashi smiles and leaves. Vishesh says in heart aahsi you have no idea how special you are to me.

Precap-aashi has got a job letter and everyone is extremely happy for. Then aashi tells everyone that she has to go to Indoor for Dehli.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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