Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishesh says to aashi you accept people when world rejects them? Jigyasa’s condition is worrying you? You cant get emotionally attached to every case. Yu have to attain a professional mentality. aashi says you are talking like those professional heartless lawyers. Our emotions keep our humanity alive. if we detach ourselves from them we wont be able to get them the right justice. Vishesh says thank you. You are right but what can I do? I cant see you worried. aashi sys jigyasa is more worried. What would ravindra be doing with her. aashi ays we have to find them.

all three are in are wearing municipality worker’s costumes and are on the road. aashi says are you sure this will work? He says yes. We will all enter the house by saying we are here to spray.

vshesh says what if they asks where is the spray machine? sahil says then we will say we are here to analyse the spray quality for now. They wear the masks. sahil is sacred of the board that says beaware of dogs. sahil syas I am scraed of them. I cant go in. aashi says bring him in. vishesh drags him in. Vishesh says to the guard we are the spray men. We have to analyse your house and measure your windows. he says sir isn’t here. Sahil says when I came to see the house. there is a gap from which we can sneak in. They all hop in the house. Aashi says look there Jigyasa. There are horrible paintings everywhere. Ravidra comes in home and says palak. sahil syas lets go. aashi says no we cant. They hide behind a door. Ravindra comes in with mask of a tiger. Palak is scared. He says lion is here he will eat you up. palak is scared she hugs jigyasa. Ravindra says you got scared? You shouldn’t be scared of tiger. we are all going to play a game and your momj will enjoy it the most. palak sees aashi and says ghost. Jigyasa says why are you scaring her. He says she doesn’t get scared. Ravindra says go in that room and bring your toys. aashi, sahil and vishesh are in that room. ashi places the bear on the door. They hise in the corner but still palak sees them. she screams papa. He says I am coming. He holds her and says no one is here. He locks the room. vishesh says they have locked the door. Aashi says we are locked here what if he finds us?

At night, aashi syas vishesh we have no clue how to go out. sahil drops a book. SAhil shows them the books with title making of a serial killer. he says I am hungry. He finds some chocolate. aashi syas they are plaka’s he says I will bring her new one. Vishnu calls aashi and asks is everything okay? She says I am with sahil and vishesh. She says we are locked in jigyasa’s house. he says I am calling cops. aashi says no we will get out somehow. Vishnu tells prabha about the locking. Prabha says why they risk their lives. how is that possible. She says you know about ravindra if he finds them he will hamr them. Vishnu says don’t worry they will come back. Vishnu syas they are always stuck in cases they are young I hope they don’t do anything that will harm them. prabha says vishesh and sahil will handle everything.

Jigyasa is sleeping in her bed. She sees palak counting. She asks why haven’t you slept? She says I saw three phantoms one was aunty and two were uncles. Jigyasa syas there are no ghosts. come on let me take you to bed. she says I want water. jigyasa says I am bringing you water.

They are all worried vishesh hears someone walking outside. he says someone is there. Sahil is asleep ashi wakes him up. Jigyasa coughs so they get to know ist her. aashi says should we ask her for help? aashi says jigyasa ji? Jigyasa stops. She opens the door and is shocked to find them. jigyasa says what are you doing here? Ravindra will kill you if he finds you. aashi says we were worried for you. she says I can live with him for one more night. You know he talks about death pain and all that, please go. Vishesh says what about you? She says we will meet tomorrow. aashi says he was talking about some game. What is it? Jigyasa says we will talk about is tomorrow. Please leave for now.

Scene 2
Next morning, Jigyasas meets them in a park. she says I have already told you about his disorder. everything started to get worse after palak’s birth. when you love someone you ignore their flaws. That happened with me. he started losing his mental balance. I don’t know why he became like this. His obsession with death and pain inscreased. aashi says all your problems will be over. vishesh says divorce papers are ready. I will submit them. I will get it on fast track. your husband wll get the papers by today.

Precap-ravindra comes home and looks for jigyasa and palak. He sees their closets are empty.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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