Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 17th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
They are all shocked. Ashi says I am sure it was her husband. Sahil says what can we do. Aashi sys I wont let her go alone. aashi follows her. jigyasa sits in the with her daughter. aashi runs after her car but she leaves.

Vishnu makes prabha tea. she is quite. Vishnu asks what happened? She says aashi is so upset about that woman. She is quite. She can’t see others in pain. Vishnu sys she is a little girl life teach her all the lessons. She says yea you are right. Why a woman has to face all this? That woman’s husband hrms her. He sy6s don’t worry vishesh will save everything. She says aashi is taking this all very seriously.

Scene 2
Aashi recalls jigyasa’s words. The way she was feared. Aashi says to her diary why woman has

to face all this? I am so worried for her. where she went? what if her husbands gets to know she came here. He might kill her. Its all my mistake I wouldn’t have let her go alone. I hope she comes again and we could help her. sahil overhears her. He brings prabha there. prabha says what have you done to the room? open the curtains. Aashi syas what have you brought? Prabha says fruits. She syas you have to complete it. aahi says yeah I will. Sahil says auntyu we are here we can eat fruits too. vishesh says see you tomorrow aasho. Aashi syas what if she comes back. vishesh says she wont come at night. aashi says what if her husband beats her? we have to go. vishesh sys she will come. we don’t even know her address. Sahil says we will ask her address tomorrow. vishesh says we will solve it with law. Aasho stops vishesh and says I know I am tensed but her situation is worse. we have to help her as soon as possible. He says please calm down. we have to prepare tomorrow. Vishesh leaves. sahil says do you need scooty? SHe syas no. sahil syas I am coming in a moment.

The strange woman is shows. Its Jigyasa. She is listening to the old songs. Someone comes and turns the music off. She says ranvidra? He plays another cassette. It has screams of a lady. jigyasa screams as well an says please stop it. he laughs. He says I wanna see you feared and painful face. It gives me pleasure. God has made you beautiful when you scraed god makes you even better. He throws her off the balcony. It was just aashi’s dream. She says I wont let him do this. She opens her laptop and tries to find their address. She finds his profile. She says I have to reach there as soon as possible. She places pillows on her bed and leaves. She takes scooty’s key from sahil’s pocket. Aashi leaves the home. she text vishesh and says I am so worried for jigyasa I am going to find her she lives near soorajkund. vishesh is shocked to see her text. Vishesh calls aashi. she says I don’t have to pick it he will stop me. Aashi asks some thugs is this the way to soorajkund? where does ravidra tiagi lives? He says we are here why you need him? Aashi runs on her scooty. There are some other thugs ahead. aashi asks them do you know is this the way to sooraj kund? I have to meet ravindra tiagi? They start cricling around her. One says can we become ravindra tiagi? they take her key? She says give me my key back. She starts crying. Another one says its going to be a good night. Lets start the car and get her in. lets takes her to bhaiya’s farm house? They grasp her. Aashi flees. A car stops there. its vishesh he asks aashi to sit in the car. Aashi sits in the car. the thugs chase them in their jeep. Vishesh stops the car in jugle and they start running there. thugs are following them. Aashi says I cant run anymore. They jump in a small dig. the tugs are looking for them. Vishesh hugs aashi. vishesh says why you had to leave the house? why didn’t you receive my call? She says you would shout on me. He places hand on her mouth as some of thugs are still looking for them.

Precap-vishesh says is it aching? aashi says go out from my room. I am man, she says yes I am stubborn. your life’s biggest mistake was to be my friend. rectify it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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