Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 15th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 15th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ashish calls gupta and says it was not my mistake I did just as you asked me to. He is crying. Mansi asks what happened? He sits in distress. He says everything is over. Mansi says what? He says gupta called me and said he wont give us money or flat. Mansi says he can’t do that. Ashish says he is about to file a case. Mansi syas what case? He says we deceived papa and took the papers we didn’t tell gupta and this ruined their business. He syas I could even go to jail. He says I will kill myself. mansi says first of all stop crying. We will face gupta. He will suffer as well. We will do something. Aashi is responsible for all this. SHe has ruined our lives. She took our house our money everything from us. I wont leave her. She has done what she could now its

my turn. The countdown of her life has started.

Aashi comes to vishesh and says good morning. Aashi says lets go for lunch. He says I am studying history of a case. Aashi goes out in anger. Aashi says prabha listen to me she says I don’t have time at all I have to go to wash clothes. Aashi goes to Vishnu and says lets go to lunch. He says I have been trying to solve this riddle. I will do it before doing anything else. Aashi is angry. ashi texts vishesh don’t disturb me I am busy today. I don’t have time for anyone. Vishesh shows the text to sahil.

They all go to aashi’s room. she is eating green chillies. They al eat it as well.
aashi takes the plate from them. Vishnu says what happened? She says I wanna go on alunch with you. Vishnu says we will all go with you, I will pay the bill. Sahil syas uncle no. Vishnu says no arguments. aashi says you all have to get ready in 0 minutes. Vishesh says wait a minutes by the way you know how make people agree to what you say. aashi saus its a holiday everyone is bored so I planned the lunch. Aash shoves him and says go get ready.

scene 2
a woman is listening to old songs. Gupta comes to her and recalls every time aashi teased him. He says they cant handle anything. I will have to handle everything. People have started laughing at me. aashi is your responsibility from now. I don’t have time. I am craving to see her in trouble

Aashi is ready. vishesh says you asked us to get ready in 10 minutes and took so much time yourself. a woman comes in with a little girl and says I wann meet vishesh and sahil. She says my name is jigyasa. Aashi says why are you so worried? She says I don’t know where life is going. I heard about you and a had a new hope. Vishesh says is there some case? He says can you come in evening. We were going somewhere. she says I don’t have much time. prabha says you should listen to her. Aashi syas don’t worry sit here. She says I want to divorce my husband ravindra. vishesh says what for ? she says I am looking for the answer of this question as well. mu husband is a business man. He used to love me and took care of me and my daughter. Aashi says whats thr problem then? She says all my dreams shattered. Since a few months he has started behaving weird. He keeps talking about death, murder. He has started beatng me. He asked me something that assured me that he isn’t normal. He asked me, if he crushes my fingers with a hammer how would I feel ? she sobs. she says I don’t know what happened to him. He said I wanna kill someone. Someone who is close to his heart just to know how you feel when you lose someone you love.

One night someone walked in my room. I askd who is there? I stood from my bed and looked through the room. Then I two men laughing and they pointed a pistol at me.

Vishesh says tells us everything. SHe says I fainted after that. When I opened my eyes ravinder was there. so were those men. He laughed. he says I have someone this scared for this first time. I sent these thugs to scared you. I wanted to see fright and pain together on your face. then he took out a knife and cut my hand. She screams and cries. aashi hugs her. she says your husband is a beast he should be in mental asylum. we will fight for you. She gets a call. She goes on a side and says hello. She disconnects the call and says I will have to go I will talk to you guys later. She leaves.

Precap-aashi says women have to face so much in this society. A husband is being so cruel with his wife. He might kill her if he gets to know she came here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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