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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sundar says I have not killed tina. I loved her. Lawyer says these accusations are blameless. He says we can’t conceal the truth. sundar is the one who is effected the most Tine had no income she took 5 lac as lone from Sundar. She promised that she will return the money from the movie fees. She texted sundar that she will return the money on the next day. he shows judge the sms records. He syas yes sundar went to her house just to check if tina is well Judge says do you have to say anything vishesh? He says no sir. He looks at sahil. judge says sundar has not reason to kill tina and all proofs are still against sahi. So we reject sahil’s appeal for bail. Sahil is distressed. His mom dad hugs him in tears. Aashi says there are so many proofs against sundar

still they didn’t bail sahil. Vishesh sys they did what we couldn’t. They said all the proofs were against. We have to focus on proving that sahil is innocent. Aashi bursts on media. Vishesh controls her. aashi syas sahil can’t kill but is sundar isn’t the murderer either.

Vishesh stops sundar. He says still you don’t trust me. vishesh sas tina’s kiler is still at large. We can hel each other in getting him behind bars. you said you purchased chemical? did someone come to your house? he says mona came there. she said that she wants the script for side roles. I gave her the script. It ws in bedroom and sh was waiting in hall and chemical was there as well.

prabha is worried for sahil. He says why are we being tested like this. Vishnu says everything will be fine. Don’t worry. she says nothing has been all right since days. When sahil will come back we will do a shanti pooja.

Scene 2
Aashi and vishesh go to mona’s huse. Her door isn’t locked they go in and look for her. Suddenly aashi sees mona on the floor. they are dazed.

Sahil recalls he good times her had with everyone. he is extremely depressed. He sees the food that has been given to him in jail. He says situation gets worse. These green chilies are not painful as my problem. some prisoners taunt him. Hs dad comes to meet him. Sahil swipes his tears. His dad looks at the food. sahil says its not that bad. Its tasty. you remember you gave me onion bread to eat in village. I think jail’s cook is from your jail. He says don’t act in front of your dad. Vishesh can’t handle this case. Its a murder case.

Cops are at mona’s place. they take the photos of her corpse. aashi says mona’s murder profves sahil is innocent. Mona ws involved in this case and that is the reason of his murder. Vishesh says there is some connection in their murder. inspector says there is no connection. Its a robbery. The lock is broken. The robber must have suffocated her. Vishesh says then there must be finger prints. He says no there are no prints. Ashi says what will we do now? vishesh says all I kow that sahil is inncocnet.

Sahil syas vishesh is not that experienced. You can hire so experienced lawyer. His dad says yes that’s the only way. sahil says but I truts that my pals will save me. They will go through every way that conncects to my freedom. Vishesh is very smart. H solved all his cases smartly. He will be renowned lawyer soon. you are right we need experience. Involve some lawyer. His dad says stop acting in front of your dad. You still think that vishesh and aashi can save you. he says they are my pals they will give my life for me. I am sure they must be doing their best for my case/.

vishesh says the culprit is so smart. He could have numbed mona. We need a proof Inspecto says why are you still here? Please leave. we will call you when we need you. Director comes there with flowers. he says what has happened here?

Jhabro says I would have filmed this story. the culprit is so smart but we don’t have to worry. vishesh will find him. sahil wont be in good condition. prabha says he will handle himself.God is with righteous all the time. Ashish comes home. Prabha is shocked to see him. Vishnu sats are you here with your new plan? ashish says I am worried for you both. everyone is talking that you are with a murderer. I am not asking you to leave aashi. I am just asking you to come with me for sometime. for my small mistake you left me. you are woth worng people now. Prabha says what are you? you kidnapped your son for money. Weren’t you wrong? who gave you this right? what world are you talking about? you took our house from us. Where was your world back then? When you sell yuour kid where was world? Vishnu syas we don’t care about people. sahil is innconet and we trust him. we are with him. Vishnu says just leave.

Precap-Aashi says the phone is clear in this photo. This photo was taken before search of crime scene. Asahi says the phone might have lost in between. vishesh says I know who is the murderer.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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