Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 12th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aashi takes the cup of tea. There is poison in his pocket. Sahil is being transferred from one jail to another When they take him out media persons bombard him with questions.

Vishesh is with inspector heading to Sundar’s house. Sudar says too aashi whu are you not drinking it? do you think I have mixed poison in it. aashi syas I drink cold tea. He says you are lying and you are scared of me. I am not Tina’s murderer. Its your friend sahil.

SAhil gets mad at the reporters. Sahil says stops it don’t give you judgment. I will sue you all. Cops take him to the van. Sundar says sahil has killed an innocent girl. Aahi syas sahil doesn’t know about that chemical but there is someone who knows all about it. The chemical that killed tina

is used in your factory? Am I right? He says yes we use that chemical but I can’t kill tina. Drink the tea and leave.

Prabha is worried for aashi and others. Vishnu comes home and tells her that sahil will be back home soon. they know who is the real culprit. SHe says thank God. Aashi was so worried for him. Vishnu says hardships makes a man strong. They see the news on Tv.

Sundar says I knew you are supporting tina’s murdered still I let you in and made this tea. aashi says I am drinking it. vishesh break in and says are you okay? He asks cops to arrest him. He says inspector send this for test. sundar says I haven’t added poison to it. Vishesh says you knew sundar is mentally retarded still you came here. she says I am mature now. I called you but you didn’t receive. I have trust in you lets go now.

Vishesh and aashi come home. Vishnu says what is all this? you said you know who is the murderer. vishesh syas we need ot prove that in the court. Jhabro says don worry sahil will be with us. We trust vishesh. Vishesh says sundar is not telling anything. masses think that sahil is the culprit. Vishnu says but sahil is innocent. Vishesh says I was innocent as well but no one trusted me except for aashi not even my family.

Scene 2
Rupa signs the papers. She says to sunil tjis time your plan is going to fail as well. This idea isn’t well. He says give me the solution or don’t judge. Rupa says you don’t even know what problem is? Vishesh is the real problem. Our daughter supported him when his family didn’t. she will do anything to save sahil. Sunil says it different with sahil. its a murder case. ashi will be weak if sahil is punished. Till sahil is proved innocent my plan will work.

aashi says what will happen in sahil’s case now. She is in tears. Vishesh comes to her. He gives her coffee. He says aashi we have found some clue friom that poison bottle but its now a concrete proof but we can argue on it. hope for the best. Aashi says you have started talking like me. He says I know I like to talk like you, live like you. He says in heart aashi I promise I will get you your smile back.

Scene 3
Hearing of the court start. THe prosecution says there is no motive behind sundar killing tina. Vishesh shows the medical store bill from where sundar bought chemical. He asks sundar did you buy that chemical or not? He says yes I bought it but for my office. you can confirm from office. I submitted it there. Vishesh says why did you go to tina’s house at 3 am? why did you lie in the court? Lawyer says do yiu have any proof? He says yes I do have proof. He shows him the video. Vishesh says I am exposing the truth. sundar says yes I went to her place. I was worried for her. I thought she would drink in excitement. When I went there I found her dead body. I couldn’t get what to do. I sat there and it was morning when I gathered. SO I said I went there in the morning. I haven’t killed tina. vishesh says you knew that sahil would be there and you killed her that night so sahil wll be blamed. Vishesh says he mixed poison in her drink bfore sahil came to her house. Then he left and tina drank the intoxicated juice. Vishesh says you knew that sahil will be blamed for murder and you went to her house to check if your plan has executed. Sundar says this is all a lie I haven’t done this. vishesh says this innocent face of sundar conceals a murderer.

Precap-vishesh says wait a minute sundar. tina’s murderer is still at large. we can help each other. Who came to your house when you bought the poison? He says mona came. she gave audition with tina.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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