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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
aashi runs after the actress and asks her to stop. She finds her hidden behind a pillar. When she goes there the girl flees. Asahi finds her and runs after her, Aashi grasps her hand and says who are you? she says I am mona. I am actress. ashi says why you hung this on my scooty? She says I wanted you to get it. aashi says whast inside it? Mona says sundar’s medical history. Aashi takes out the file. mona says he is mentally retarded. He was in mental asylum and I think he has killed her. I knew tine and sundar since long. aashi says why are you telling this all to me? she says because I don’t want an innocent to suffer. I down want to get in all this. We couldn’t save tine but we can save sahil. aashi calls vishesh but his number is off.


goes to sundar’s house. she says I should call vishesh before I get in. She dials but his number is still not reachable. She says I have to take this risk for sahil. Sundar is shocked to see aashi from the door hole. He asks who is it? She says I am sahil’s pal. I wanted to talk to you. He opens the door. Aashi says I wanted to talk about tina. He says your pal killed her and you are supporting him. I wouldn’t talk to you. aashi ays sahil has not killed him. And the culprit is still at large.

Vishesh is at the murder spot. He find a woman hand. Like someone is concealing behind a door. Vishesh says who are you?

Sundar says, I loved tine. she was my everything. I knew I was nothing in front of her. I did her work as her servant. I used to be with her all the time. Aashi asks were you in mental asylum? Aashi says was she with you when you were there? He says yes she was. she took me out of there. I am here because of her. aashi says wee tine the reason behind your mental asylum days. He says are you thinking that I have killed her? aashi says no I didn’t mean that. He says anyone would think like that. Me and tina were a mismatch. I was not well for sometime. I was depressed.

Its the director. vishesh says what are you doing here? He syas I am the director of that movie. I cam here to put flowers on her picture. Vishesh says where are the flowers? Your hands are empty. He says there on the spot. vishesh says don’t youb know its the crime scene you can’t come here without permission. he says I didn’t think about that. I was feeling low today. Vishesh says please calm down you shouldn’t stay here. come with me. He takes him out. He leaves.

Aashi says we can find the culprit if we find a clue. You were so close to her. she was even with you when she wasn;t well. You must know what could be the reason behind her killing? He open a drawer and takes something out. He shows her a company card her says I work there you can ask them I am not mad. I can’t kill anyone. Vishesh sees a car and a guy in it with a recorder. Vishesh says what were you recording. He says there have been a lot od stealings so I am recording since two days. Vishesh says you have footage of two days and nights? He says yes. vishes says can I see the video? ashi says I have to leave. he says have some tea. I have no problem with you. tina liked cake as well. Let me bring it for you. Aashi takes her phone out and calls on the given number. She is shocked.

Vishesh sees the footage. Vishesh says I want the footage from 9 to 12. He syas I started recording after 1. vishesh says okay show me. Vishesh sees that sundar went to tina’s apartment at 3 am. He says sunday said in the court that he saw her body in the morning. This means he is lying. vishesh can’t find network. The guy says go that side you will find the network. Vishesh calls aashi. aashi says where were you. I wanna tell you something, he says listen to me. sunday went at 3 am to tine’s house. Aashi says what are you saying? He says this means he first came to give her poison and then to check if he is done. aashi tells his that sundar was in mental asylum for one year mona told me. She gave audition with tina. The chemical which was used in killing of tina is used in glass manufacturer and sundar works there. Vishesh says did you tell cops? She says no I will tell them once I leave. He says where are you ? Aashi says I am at sunadar’ s place. She says he ash went to kitechn. what could I do your phone was continuously unreachable. sundar comes with the tray. Vishesh says leave everything and get out of his house. aashi says yes I am leaving. Sundar comes and says aashi ji. Aashi disconnects the call. he gives her tea and cake. Aashi takes the cup, there is poison in his pocket.

Precap-sundar says what happened? what are you thinking? drink the tea. its getting cold. Aashi says yes I am drinking.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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