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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishesh says we have to keep an eye on every car. they are looking in all the cars along with cops. They end up finding nothing when a van comes. Aashi and vishesh look at the back o the car. the man says we are going to village. there is just some stuff for kids. Cops let them go. The man sits in car and says its out daily work. Vishesh sees the when inspector hit the car there is scratch on hit. He says this means that its is painted just now. why are they driving. aashi sees tukur’s mask. She tells vishesh that its the same car. They are about to flee but vishesh and insector come in front if the car. Vishehs takes the driver out, Vishesh asks where is the kis? He says I don’t know. aashi sees a hand in the stuff behind. its tukur. they find him. He is unconscious.

When they throw water he opens his eyes. Tukur hugs aashi. she kisses him and says please forgive you aashi didi are you okay? She syas vishesh we need to go home. vishesh says can we take him home? He says yes.

Prabha is worried for tukur. she says please call aashi. aashi comes in and says that’s not needed. Tukur goes running anf hugs prabha. He hugs Vishnu. He says it was all my mistake. Did you scold at aashi? Prabha recalls slapping her. ashi says why wont they? it was my mistake. he says no it was my mistake you asked me to stay on the scooter. Prabha says its of neither of you. Its was someone else. Aashi says and I guess it was my parents mistake as well. Aunty why some parents are like you and some are like mine. Prabha says they are you parents. you shouldn’t speak ill about them. prabha says some kids are like you and some.. she is speechless. Tukur says dadi I am really hungry. Prabha says come I will you cook you your favorite dish.

Scene 2
Next morning, prabha wakes aashi up. she says vishesh called and he has asked ou to come to police station. aashi says will sahil be all right? prabh syas you have to go there and find out.
aasho goes to vishesh who is with sahil. He says there is a good news. It is tina’ autopsy report. it says that there was poison in her body. she got the bruise on her head because she fell. Aashi says will sahil be safe? He says yes, vishesh says according to opposition sahil hit her in anger. How could he find poison in a hurry? This measn that it was preplanned. aashi says sahil you will win this case. Sahil says thank vishesh I knew that you won’t let anything happen to me. aashi says its a good day we found tukur and sahil will be proved innocent as well. inspector says there was traces of poison in saahil’s jacket and the supplier told us that he sold that sample to sahil.

Sunil asks gupta is tukur okay? gupta says he is fine. gupta says our plan has failed. and its not easy to separate them. sunil says I am aashi’s dad. I wont give up. gupta says be quick aashi is busy with sahil he is in jail. we have to do this while aashi is busy. gupta tells him details of the case. sunil says he can’t do that he can’t even kill an aunt. gupta syas all the proofs are against sahil. sunil says ashi will be emotionally weeak and this is my time to crush her ego.

sahil and aashi ask the supplier did you sell this poison to this person? He says yes this guy in the picture came and bought that poison. aashi says you are lying don’t do this. vishesh says aashi be quite. we have to be careful. Aashi says sahil can’t even kill a mosquito someone is trying to trap him. vishesh says we have to prove this with help of proofs. We will do something. you created proofs in previous cases. we will find a way out. aashi says you are right. Vishesh says every lie leaves a clue and we have to find tha. aashi says did you see sahil was all alone? He hugs her and says nothing will happen to him. He says go and get him some food I will go to tina’s murder spot I will find a clue there.

sahil recalls when he told everyone that he has been selected for the movie. he recalls when director appreciated him and cops came. He says no I am innocent. I haven’t done anything. He sits down and says I haven’t done anything wrong.

the girl opposite to tine comes and hangs a bag on ashi’s scooter. Aashi sees her.

Precap-aashi asks why did you hang it on my bike? she says I wanted you to get it. Its sundar’s medical history. He is mentally retarded. I think he has killed tina. aashi goes to sundar and says I wanna talk to you about tina. He says you are supporting the murderer alredy. She says the murderer is still at large.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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