Khushi-its my life (Intro)


Hi frnds..I am planning to write a new fan fiction.My story revolves around 2 ppl who belongs to 2 different worlds,get married under drastic circumstances.

Khushi:Main female lead.Jovial n sweet.from a family whr love is shared n treats her as a princess.She fights against injustice n stands for justice.Never fears for anything.Creates hpyness than letting life happen as it wants.Dreaming to get a supportive n loving husband.

Rakshak:Main lead.Very rough n tough.Care free attitude.Egoistic.Will do anything for money.Orphan.

Though they belongs to different worlds,destiny brings them closer.The story is all about how Khushi accepts Rakshak as her husband and how her love changes Rakshak from being a tough person to the one who is loveable.Its her struggle to win husband’s love bearing his hatredness.

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  1. I loved it…the intro is amazingggggg…..update next part sOOn….love u…??
    One lovee?


    1. Thank u Ameena..

  2. IF U R arjuni THEN wbt UR OLD FICS………….. BTW NYCOOO

    1. I didn’t get u.I am Sindhu..not Arjuni..

  3. Hey sindhu another ff from u ,definitely it’ll be nice n intro is interesting .

    1. Thank u lakshmi dear..

  4. Interesting plot…

    1. Thank u dear Ananya..

  5. Interesting. 🙂 update next part soon

    1. Thank u cutiee..

  6. Hi by seeing your name i am replying i am also sindhu and i am writing
    Ek anoki kahani ff

    1. Hi Sindhu..Glad to meet u…ok….I will read ur story dear..I am already writing a ff with “love makes life beautiful”.its my second ff.

  7. Nice and different

    1. Thank u Hayathi..

  8. interesting

    1. Thank u Swara..

    1. Thank u Devi..

  9. Awesome intro, plzzzz continue dear

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear..

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