Khushi-its my life (Episode 9)



Episode 9

The episode starts with Khushi crying.
Khushi(thinks): What is dis? Y Rakshak behaves like this? Don’t he love me? Can’t he understand that I am loving him? He misunderstands me all the time. Though I am trying to b happy n pretending as if I am hurted by his behaviour, the fact is his behaviour hurts me a lot. God, pls help me to make him understand me. May b if I says the truth me n Abhi agreed to marry,he may understand. First I must talk abt this with Abhi.
Khushi calls Abhi.

Abhi:Khushi,hw r u? Did Rakshak say anything to u? r u ok?

Khushi: I am ok Abhi. No Rakshak didn’t say anything to me.

Abhi: Yesterday wen I saw him in anger, I was tensed that he may harm u.

Khushi: No.Aft all Rakshak is my husband n he cares for me. Don’t worry. Actually I want to tell u one thing. I want to tell Rakshak the reason behind our acceptance to marriage. He may then understand us.

Abhi: I don’t think so. Because if he know the reason, he will b more rude to u. His misunderstanding may increase. Its not crct time to tell the truth.

Khushi:But we r not sure that he may not know that. If he comes to know before we say,his anger will further increases.

Abhi :But Kushi,think once again before taking any decision.

Khushi:hmm .ok

Rakshak comes there. He takes mobile from her. He sees the number.Khushi was scared.

Abhi:Khushi,r u ok

Rakshak:Absolutely ok Abhi.


Rakshak: Don’t u want to know abt me? Aft all I am also ur frnd.Right? I think u r concerned only abt Khushi n not me.

Abhi: I am sure u will b hpy torturing Khushi. So I don’t think I should know abt u.

Rakshak: Yes I am happy. I will b more happy if u stop talking with my wife.

He disconnects the call n sees Khushi seriously. She looks him with tension.

Rakshak: From today, u r not allowed to use mobile. Understand. So u share everything with ur frnd. Do u think he can save u from me if u complain to him? Look Khushi, u r increasing ur troubles by doing all this. Don’t u know u should not share the personal things happened between u n ur husband?

Khushi: I don’t hav habit of sharing my personals with anyone. I didn’t say anything to Abhi. Its upto u to trust me or not.

Rakshak: Today evng we r going to an important place. I want to tell u the reason behind marrying u.

He left from there. Evng he took her to a lawyer. He asked her to sign few documents n she signed. They reached home.

Rakshak: Do u want to ask me anything Khushi?

Khushi: Yes. Y did u marry me?

Rakshak: Don’t u understand aft reading those documents?

Khushi: Did u marry me only for property?
Don’t u love me?

Rakshak: The distance is always the same from u to me n from me to u

Khushi: Tell me directly.

Rakshak: As u don’t love me, I too don’t love u.

Khushi: I love u Rakshak

Rakshak: Yes, now I am the owner of 500 crores n everyone loves me. Actually everyone loves my property n not me.

Khushi(in tears): U r misunderstanding me. I hav nothing to do with ur property. I love u,only u.

Rakshak: U should have said this wen I proposed u in our clg days. Now I can’t trust u. U can nvr regain my love n u don’t deserve it.

Khushi: Then y did u marry me without love? you can marry anyone else if its just for saving ur property.

Rakshak: When I came to know that I must marry before reaching 27 yrs, I thought a lot. Aft seeing u in police station complaining on me, I remembered our old dues. I just thought to repay the debt to u n Abhi. So I married u. Throughout ur life, u will suffer as I suffered for 3 yrs by living with a person who nvr loves u. Seeing this n knowing that he is the reason for ur suffering, Abhi too will get hurted. This is wat I want. So,now I cleared the reason, stop behaving and acting as if u love me n just b true. Stay away from me.

Khushi: I can’t stay away from u bcoz u r my husband. How can I leave u? Whether u trust me or not, its true I love u.

Rakshak: ok. U hav 2 options:

1. Just b as my wife for name sake n live as u want. I won’t interfere in ur life. U can continue ur profession. U can meet Abhi or anyone u like. Do watever u want.No rules, no restrictions.

2. Try to win my love back. But to do this u must follow all my rules. Must act according to my wish. U will hav no freedom.

Decide urselves n tell me aft a week. But remember if u choose 2nd option, u have to bare me n my anger. Its very tough n I am sure u can’t.

Saying this he left. Khushi thinks abt his words. In the mean time she is recovered from injuries. Rakshak cared for her these days though he hurts her asusually now n then.

Rakshak: Khushi,tomorrow is 7th day. U must say ur decision.

Khushi didn’t talk anything. Rakshak woke up n saw Khushi n shocked.

Rakshak: Wat is this new attire ?

Khushi: I choosed option 2. I am ready to follow ur rules to b ur wife. So, I dressed myself as u said. I won’t go out without ur permission. I won’t talk with anyone u dislike. I quit my profession until u permits.

Rakshak: Hmm.So u r ready to bare my torture. But these r not the only rules I kept for u. U must follow watever I say. Its not that easy to win my love back n most importantly my trust. U will go through tough phase of ur life. Is it ok for u? Think once again

Khushi: I am ready.I will do anything for ur love.

Rakshak: Ok. Decorate the room with flowers n candles today as per my wish before I return. Do everything by ur own without the help of maid. I hope u understand wat I mean to say

Khushi: I understand

Rakshak: If u remember all my rules, there is one more rule too. U shouldn’t talk before me n should nvr answer me back.

Khushi: ok

Rakshak reaches home at evng n sees everything decorated. He gets ready. He sees Khushi wearing his favourite colour sari. They start their married life. He asks her to hug n kiss him. Khushi hugs n kisses him. Rakshak switch offs the light. They consummate their marriage.

Khushi wakes up at mrng n gets ready. She goes to kitchen n finds it uncleaned. She didn’t find any maid. She understood its another plot of Rakshak. She prepares brk fst for him.

Rakshak gets ready n comes there. Khushi serves him food. Rakshak finishes his brkfst n then,

Rakshak: From today, there will b no maid in this house. U should do all the works. Remember, u must clean whole house everyday,must bring vegetables everyday from market by going on foot, brkfst,lunch n dinner must b ready on time, water all the plants in garden. If u forget any of these works atleast once or gets late, u should leave ur thought of gaining my love.

Rakshak knew how Khushi was grown up. She was treated as a princess by her parents n she didn’t even know to do household works properly. He know very well that she gets tired easily if she walk even little distances as she is so weak.


Rakshak: Leave it Khushi. U can’t bare me.

Khushi: Sorry Rakshak. I will do anything u say except leaving u.

Rakshak: lets see.

Rakshak leaves to office. Khushi cries remembering his words. She goes to buy vegetables on foot. As its injured, she walks with difficulty.

Rakshak at office:

Rakshak(thinks): Y she is baring me? I know its too much for any person to bare. I am torturing her n even though she doesn’t wants to leave me. I forgot that her leg was injured. How can she walk? This mad girl is suffering herself. I will drop her at home.

Rakshak comes home n goes for her. He finds Khushi walking. He was abt to go but stopped seeing Abhi.

Abhi: Khushi,whr r u going?

Khushi: I am going to market.

Abhi: Is this another order of ur stupid husband?

Khushi:Stop it Abhi. He is my husband. I can’t tolerate someone disrespecting him.

Abhi: Ok.I am sorry. Come I will drop u.

Khushi: No abhi. I can’t come. This is the only chance remained for me to regain his love. I didn’t want anything to happen wrongly. I am sorry to say I can’t talk with u anymore till Rakshak understands the truth.

Abhi: I understand Khushi. Bye

Abhi left. Rakshak stops the car near her.

Rakshak:If ur meeting with Abhi on road was done,get into the car.

Khushi sits in the car n they reached home.
Khushi looks very tired.

Rakshak: R u tired? Is it necessary for u?

Khushi: I will prepare lunch for u.

Khushi follows watever he says. She lost her hpyness but still finds her hpyness by caring and making Rakshak happy.

Rakshak(thinks): It had been a month n Khushi totally adjusted to all the works. Its more than enough to test a person. Though she loves Abhi before marriage,now she desperately trying to gain my love. I will stop hurting her. Today I will surprise her with my plan. I love u Khushi. From today I won’t hurt u anymore.

Precap: Rakshak comes to know the reason behind the acceptance of Khushi to marry Abhi n Rakshak tortures Khushi more.

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  1. Oh god rakshak understand the situations first

    1. He can’t understand situations bcoz he is blinded coz of his past dear…

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    1. Thank u Ananya..u will come to know reason in next episode..

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    1. Thank u dear..yes really disappointing.. Situations bcom worst for Khushi.. But she is mentally so strong n her love has the power to make Rakshak realise..

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