Khushi-its my life (Episode 8)


ep 8:

Abhi calls Khushi. Khushi meets Abhi in a restaurant.

Khushi: Hi Abhi

Abhi: Hi. Here are some details about Rakshak childhood. Actually he grown up in an orphanage till 12 yrs. But aft dat we don’t know wat happened n whr he grown up.

Khushi: Ok.I think we need to work more to find abt him.

Abhi: yeah. Anyhow hw r ur days with Rakshak?

Khushi: Different experience from my childhood.

Abhi: Different or difficult?

Khushi: No Rakshak. sorry Abhi. Rakshak is a gud husband.

Abhi: Wow. My frnd was totally fallen for her husband. amazing.I wish old days come again.

Khushi: hope so.

fb shows:

Rakshak, Khushi and Abhi are in medical college. Abhi and Rakshak are ragging juniors in funny manner.

Junior: Sir , I am sorry. I didn’t hav any talent to perform sir.

Abhi: Hey. Stop it. Y r u so scared?

Jr. Actually sir I heard ragging in medical clg is severe.

Abhi::Don’t scare. We r not demons. Ragging is a way of befrnding juniors and making them realise that campus is their second home. Chill man..Now go to cls.

Khushi: Well said Abhi.

They had a hifi. Rakshak sees them n feels jealous.

They 3 goes to movies, restaurants everywhere together. Abhi and Khushi visits each other’s home n knew families too. But Rakshak nvr joins them. Khushi and Abhi know each other well and understands each other. They both didn’t hav any secrets n they behave as same with Rakshak too. But Rakshak didn’t share anything with them. But he loves both of them a lot n cares for them.

One day asusual, Abhi and Rakshak comes to Khushi waiting in canteen.

Abhi: Hi Khushi

Rakshak: Hi Khushi

Khushi: Hi Abhi

Rakshak: I too said hi. Can’t u hear?

Khushi: Abhi, tell him not to talk with me

Abhi: hmm.again u guys started fight. Atleast tell me the reason

Khushi: Ask him whr he is yesterday evng

Abhi: Oh God. hw did u knew that?

Rakshak: She had many informers.

Khushi: Y did u beat him Rakshak? You are arrested n if FIR is filed wat will happen to ur future.

Rakshak: Nothing happens. I can solve my prblms. u no need to worry.

Abhi takes a white hand ki and shows to both of them.

Abhi: Pls end the war now. Pls establish peace.pls

They ended the fight n smiles.

Later one day,Rakshak goes to Abhi.

Rakshak:Abhi I want to say one imp thing to u.

Abhi: Tell me Rakshak.Y r u so tensed.

Rakshak: I..I love

Abhi: You..You love Khushi.Right?

Rakshak: Yes abhi.But hw do u know?

Abhi: I know u both well. I am sure Khushi too loves u. Tell her directly

Rakshak hugs Abhi and calls Khushi n asks her to meet.

Khushi: Tell me Rakshak. Why do u call me?

Rakshak: Khushi, I don’t know how to express my feelings. But frankly speaking I love you.
Watever may b ur decision, I accept it.

Khushi: Sorry Rakshak.I don’t love u. How do u think a girl can love u? No girl likes a person who is rude and do anything to satisfy his ego. Whatever I don’t like u. U r not suitable to me. I hope u nvr talk abt this again.

Rakshak said everything to Abhi and Abhi assured that he will talk with Khushi.

Abhi: Khushi, Is it true that u don’t love Rakshak? I know very well abt u. Tell me the truth

Khushi: I love him Abhi. But Rakshak needs to change. He is my first n last love too. But I can’t accept him till he change.I want him to change. Thats possible only wIth love.

Abhi: Wow.Amazing love Khushi. I hope ur idea will win. As a frnd,I am always with u and will make u win.

Khushi: Love u Abhi. (in frndly manner) Thank u.
Abhi: Luv u too.

Rakshak listens their last words and thinks they both love each other. He thought Abhi cheated him and didn’t inform him abt his love.

Next day, Abhi goes to Rakshak’s room and didn’t find him. He left studies n went off.
He kept a simple msg to Khushi ” Wish u n Abhi good luck n happy married life”

To Abhi ” I trusted u as a frnd, but ur betrayal taught me nvr to trust anyone.Good bye.Wish u both good luck n happy married life”.

Khushi and Abhi searched for him everywhere but didn’t find him. Aft 3 yrs, Khushi and Abhi finished their medical degree and went for interview in Rakshak Super Speciality Hospital. There they saw Rakshak as MD of the hospital. But he pretends as if he didn’t know them. They too didn’t understand how he earned that wealth,but suspected that he done something wrong. Rakshak nvr gave scope for them to ask him his details.

Fb ends.

Abhi: Don’t his words hurt u Khushi?

Khushi smiles.

Abhi:I know Khushi.Wat u r going through but I hope he will understand u.

Khushi: ok abhi.I will leave.its getting late. I should reach home before Rakshak comes. Otherwise it will b an issue again.

Khushi and Abhi gets up n unfortunately Khushi slips n Abhi caught her. Rakshak comes to the same restaurant for business meeting n sees them. Khushi gets up and Abhi sees Rakshak.

Abhi: Rakshak

Khushi: wat?

Rakshak comes there.
Rakshak: Can I join with u?

Abhi: Actually we r leaving but we r glad if u join with us Rakshak.

Rakshak sits with them.

Rakshak: I think u both feel uncomfortable as I joined. U both need privacy. Ok, I will b leaving. Have ur own time.

Abhi: Rakshak, u r misunderstanding us.

Rakshak: oh really? Tell me how to understand abt a frnd who betrayed me and a wife who met her lover.Even though she knew that u r her husband’s enemy.

Khushi: Stop it Rakshak

Rakshak: Shut up

Rakshak holds her hand tightly and takes her from there.

Abhi: Rakshak, don’t behave so with Khushi. She….

Rakshak: Who r u to interfere? she is my wife n I had all rights on me.

Abhi: Rakshak, pls

Khushi: Abhi,pls leave it. I can handle it.

He takes her forcefully to the home. Rakshak throws her on bed

Rakshak: From today, u r not allowed to go out n I am going to talk with u later. Now I am locking the room.

He locked her in the room and went. He returned home in drunken state.He opened the lock. He sits near Khushi.

Rakshak: So wats ur plan?

Khushi: plan?

Rakshak: When r u going to elope with ur love Abhi?

Khushi: wat rubbish r u talking Rakshak.

He catches her neck and pins her to the wall.

Khushi: Rakshak leave me. Listen to me pls

Rakshak: If u didn’t hav any intention of doing wrong,Y did u meet Abhi? Don’t u know I hate him? I told u many times that u must follow my rules n failing leads to punishment.Today u r going to face the punishment.

Khushi: U r misunderstanding us

Rakshak slaps her.She falls on the bed. He goes near to her.

Rakshak: Till now I didn’t use my rights on u bcoz I didn’t want to trouble u. But now I realised leaving u like dis gives u chance to do as u want. Once if I use my rights on u as husband, then u can’t do anything else.

He hugs her tightly. It makes her to breath with difficulty. Though he realised it, his rage and drunken state made him to lose his sense.

Khushi: Its hurting me Rakshak. Pls leave me.

Khushi pushes him away n tries to free her.Rakshak tries to hold her n her head hits to the wall n starts bleeding. She was unconcious. Rakshak was shocked. He lifted her to bed and treated her himself.

Next day, Khushi woke up n found Rakshak besides her. She was abt to get up. But she was unable to get up as her leg was also injured at night.

Rakshak lifted her and helped her to fresh up and then he brought break fast for her.

Rakshak: Have this. Please don’t get up from bed.If u need anything call me. I will b at home till u recover.

He sees Khushi. Khushi didn’t respond to him.

Rakshak: I am sorry Khushi. I shouldn’t behave like dat with u. I lost my temper as I am drunk. I promise u that I will quit drinking.

Khushi didn’t talk anything. Rakshak gave food to her n left from there.

Precap: Rakshak reveals the reason behind marrying Khushi. Rakshak protects Khushi and Abhi.

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  1. Really some thing’s happen when we don’t want that things to happen. Unfortunately that happened in khushi’s life twice.But I have a doubt if khushi loves rakshak then y she’s ready to marry abhi.I’ll wait for next update to know about that. Update soon.

    1. There is a reason for Khushi’s acceptance for marriage. U wil come to know that aft few episodes dear…

  2. Rakshak ka charecter was so diff yaar

    1. Yes he is diff..He loves Khushi but he undermines it coz of his ego n revenge..

  3. wow super how sweet rakshak

    1. He is sweet but his love n sweetness sweetness dominated by ego..

  4. super I love u r story from beginning but I m silent reader make raksak understanding kushi waiting fr next epi

    1. Thank u maya..He didn’t trust her n there is no one to make him realise the truth. So,it takes time for him to understand Khushi.

  5. nice update

    1. Thank u Roshini..

  6. As awesome as always….. Fabulous story……

    Wow fb was superb ……
    Yea I am waiting to knw more abt rakshak and kushi past …

    1. Yeah sure my swt frnd..U will know their past more. Thank u so much for ur comments.They encourage me a lot..

      1. Evn I am encouraged a lot …. By ur to epics …. For me its an epic only dear m….. Update next part soon …..

    2. Thank u so much for ur love dear..Will update soon..

  7. Very nice episode, the fb was nice, so rakshak is under huge misunderstanding…poor khushi had to tolerate sooo much of his torture…but now he is regretting…I hope khushi succeed in changing him…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u Roma..

  8. Love this story.. Was waiting for it to get updated.. Rakshaki is actually a nic guy… Waiting to know more of their past… Update soooon…

    1. Thank u Ananya..

  9. Intresting khushi’s charter is awsome

    1. Thank u

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