Khushi-its my life (Episode 7)


Episode 7:

Rakshak wakes up n didn’t find Khushi in the room. He comes hurrily downstairs n sees Khushi in kitchen n feels relaxed. Khushi sees him n comes to him. She holds his hand.

Khushi: Good morning.Y r u so tensed? U can just call me na.

Rakshak: I am not tensed.

Rakshak leaves to room n Khushi follows him.
Rakshak: Do u think U r my wife? I told u not to utter a word before me. But I think u forgot the rules.

Khushi: (acting as if she was scared n said slowly): Oh no no Rakshak ji. I am just following ur order.

Rakshak: What?

Khushi: U said I am ur wife to the world. So, I am behaving as ur so called wife before maids. And in our room I am ur maid.

Khushi takes blue colour suit from wardrobe and gives it to him.

Khushi: Sir, Here is ur dress. Everything is ready. U can get fresh up n take ur breakfast.

Rakshak : Stop overaction.

Khushi: Actually If I didn’t bcom doctor, I would choose acting as my career.

Rakshak: Don’t u fear for me?

Khushi: I fear for Rakshak but not for my husband. Come fast. U r getting late to office. I prepared break fast for u.

Khushi abt to leave and Rakshak holds her hand n pulls her to him. Seeing into her eyes,

Rakshak: Don’t u miss Abhi? Do u still love Abhi?

Khushi abt to say something.

Rakshak: I understand. U still love Abhi.
Saying this he threw her rudely on bed and left. Khushi was confused abt her feelings now n tears rolled down from her eyes. Rakshak came down.

Khushi: Come Rakshak.

Rakshak sees her seriously.

Rakshak:I am not hungry

Khushi: But I made it for u

Rakshak: So wat? I am not bothered and I didn’t ask u to prepare.

He left seriously.

Khushi(thinks): Rakshak, U can nvr understand me. Though u r my best frnd once upon a time I rejected ur love to make u understand and change urselves. But many things happened in my life which I never expected. Even now U didn’t know my true feelings.

Khushi goes to temple. She finds the person(her patient) whom she thought was killed by Rakshak to blame her, who was responsible for cancellation of her medical degree. She calls Rakshak.

Rakshak: Hello Khushi, I am busy, will talk to u at home.

He disconnects the call.

Khushi waits for him till evening.Rakshak came.

Khushi: I need to talk to u.

Rakshak:I am busy.

Khushi: I saw the person alive who died coz of my surgery today

Rakshak holds her shoulder tightly.

Rakshak: Who permitted u to go out? Khushi, I didn’t say anything to u wen u visit ur dad. But, it doesn’t mean u can do anything u want. If u didn’t follow my rules,definitely I will kill ur family and Abhi.

Khushi: Kill them but first kill me.

Rakshak: Do u think I can’t kill them?

Khushi: Till now I thought U can’t understand me. But today I understood that I didn’t understand u.

Rakshak: U r right in understanding me. I am not as gud as u think.

Khushi: I am going to start my profession.

Rakshak: U r not allowed to go out.

Khushi: I will start treating patients through online. I won’t go out without ur permission.

Rakshak: Ur medical degree.He handovered a envelope to her.

Khushi: Thank u

Rakshak goes for dinner.

Maid: Sir, Madam didn’t have anything from mrng.

Rakshak: What?

Rakshak goes to Khushi. She is already sleeping. He wakes her up.

Rakshak: Y don’t u have anything from mrng?

Khushi: I am not hungry

Rakshak: R u angry on me for not having brkfst. Don’t behave as a kid. Come n have something.

Khushi: Its ok.I am sleepy.Good nite

Rakshak(shouts): Khushi, I am not requesting u. I don’t know to request. Its my order. Come n have food.

Saying this he caught her hand n took her forcefully to the dining table.

Rakshak turned to maid.

Rakshak: You can go

To Khushi

Rakshak: Where is the food u prepared for me?

Khushi: May b in kitchen. I don’t know.

Rakshak goes to kitchen and heats food n returns with it. He is having it.

Khushi: Its not tasty. Its spoiled. Cooked at mrng. Pls leave it.

Rakshak: Its tasty. Stop worrying abt me and hav ur food.

Khushi had her food n going to room. She was sleepy n slipped. Rakshak caught her in arms. He lifted her in arms and took to room and dropped on bed. Khushi was looking him.

Rakshak: Now, should I force u to sleep too?

Khushi came to her senses.

Khushi: No need, I am already sleepy. Good night.

Next day:

Khushi is in kitchen and Rakshak called her.

Khushi: u already got ready na, y can’t u come down?

Rakshak(in serious voice): Khushi, U no need to do all these works. Do wat u want. But, don’t act. I hate acting.

Khushi: Don’t u love me?

Rakshak: I don’t love u. I married u just for revenge. U can’t change me.

Khushi (thinks): I can’t change u but my love changes u.

Khushi: Ok.lets see. (smiles).

Rakshak abt to leave but remembered something n stopped.

Rakshak: Have food on time. I am going to hav brk fst now. But don’t prepare it from tomorrow.

Khushi smiles n looks at him. He left.

Rakshak at office:

Rakshak(thinks): How can Khushi bare my anger and seriousness? Its true Khushi can create her own hpyness without anyone’s consent. U r really a gud wife n u respect our marriage but didn’t love me. I loved u before 3 yrs. But, I forgot u wen u rejected me. I didn’t like ppl who goes against me. So, I married u to take revenge. But, now Ur attitude confusing me. Is it true that still I love u.

Precap:Khushi and Abhi remembers their frndshp with Rakshak. Rakshak misunderstands Khushi seeing him with Abhi.

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  1. wow super so rakshak love kushi how sweet

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  7. Awesome episode, so that’s the mystery behind rakshak’s rude n disrespectful behavior…it’s really superb n interesting to see how khushi will bring that love back into his heart…loving this story…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u Roma dear..

  8. Nice episd khushi character is awsome

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