Khushi-its my life (Episode 6)


Ep 6:

Recap: Khushi’s dad in hospital.

The episode starts with Khushi knocking the door.Rakshak opens it.

Khushi:I want to talk with that girl.

Rakshak:R u mad?

Khushi: I am ur wife. I can bare anything. But I can’t bare u being with another girl. I didn’t know wat u did in ur past but now I won’t allow these.

Rakshak is happy to hear her saying that she is his wife. Khushi goes to the girl.

Khushi: Whats ur name?

Girl: Liya

Khushi: Liya, I know no girl spoils her life wantedly. May b u r trapped or u had no option except this. If u r ready, I will help u to get out of this profession. Take this money. He is my husband. I can’t bare this.

Liya: I can’t trouble u by asking u to help me to get out of this. Many bigshots are involved in this. But, u r the only one who understood our problems,rather than showing aversion on us. Thank u didi.I am sorry,I know I didn’t deserve to call u didi.

Khushi:Liya, From now, u r my sister. U can call me didi. Definitely I will help u to live ur life with respect.

Liya hugs Khushi with tears.Khushi asks her to stay there and left to her room seeing Rakshak going there.

Rakshak: So now u accepted me as ur husband?

Khushi: Yes

Rakshak: R u going to give me the right on u as ur husband?

Khushi: Yes

Rakshak: Is this just to stop me from going to another girl or coz of love?

Khushi didn’t know wat to say. Rakshak came near to her and hugged her and removed hairs falling on her forehead and looked her. He was abt to kiss her.He stops for a minute and looked into her eyes. They both had an eyelock. He then slowly went near to her ears and whispered.

Rakshak: I want ur love not ur body. I promise u that I nvr betray u. But remember even now u r not free.

Saying this he slept. Khushi too slept looking him confusedly.

Next day he left to office. Khushi went to hospital. Maid was unable to stop her and informed that to Rakshak. Rakshak is in search of Khushi.

Khushi at hospital:

Khushi: Excuse me, Can u please tell me in which room patient named Vignesh admitted?
Receptionist: One minute mam.He is in room no.105.

Khushi:Thank u. By wen can I pay the fee for operation?

Receptionist: Its already paid madam.

Khushi:paid? But by whom?

R: Sorry mam.We don’t know the details. But its paid yesterday and operation was done n he is fine now.

Khushi was confused as fees was already paid. She turns to see his dad and finds Abhi there. Abhi hold her hand n took her to terrace of hospital.

Abhi: Khushi, hw r u? Why did u do this?

Khushi: Abhi,I am sorry.

She told what forced her to marry Rakshak.

Abhi: I will protect u n our family.Come with me Khushi.This marriage had no value.U no need to suffer urself like dis. I will marry u. Rakshak is a very cruel person.He nvr understand ur feelings.

Khushi:I can’t come. I married him coz of his force but not staying with him coz of force. He is my husband. I accept that truth.

Abhi, I know Rakshak is not a gud person. But, Don’t u know no one is perfect in this world? Everyone behaves as per the circumstances they faced n way they were grown up. Who knows if we r also grown like him in the same circumstances,we may not behave like dis. I will try to change him.

Breaking relationship is quite easy.But, I am not ready for that.For me, marriage is a sacred bonding between 2 souls decided by God. Divorce and breaking relationship is not the only way to lead happy life. Brking relation is necessary only wen either we hav life threat or our parner loves another person. But in my case none is applicable. I still have scope to change him n get his true love.

I hope u understand. Bye Abhi.I am sorry once again.

Abhi(thinks): This is the reason y i love you Khushi.I love u forever.

Rakshak reached hospital searching for Khushi n heard her words. Now, he is confused and didn’t know wat to do. So, he went from there. Khushi saw her family n dad from distance n left from there. She reached home n found Rakshak. She is scared.

Rakshak: hw is ur family and Abhi? (pretending to be angry)

Khushi:everyone r fine. Thank u Rakshak

Rakshak: Thanks for? not saying anything to u even aft brking my rules.

Khushi: for saving my father.

Rakshak:What? R u mad? What r u saying? I didn’t do anything.

Khushi: I am tired. Let me take rest

Rakshak(thinks): How can I understand this girl.Still she didn’t change.But how is she confident that she can change me. What she knows abt me? But why this time I am unable to say anything to her. May b I love her words than her silence.

Precap: Khushi creates her hpyness and challenges Rakshak.

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  1. Rakshak is gone now…pyar mein padega

    1. Sindhu K S V

      No no dear..Still he didn’t change but will change for sure..

  2. wow super so rakshak save kushi father how sweet

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Yes,he saved her father…He is not bad as well as not gud..

  3. Kushi u r awesome girl wowww yea thats the defination of marriage wowww

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Yes dear..u loved Khushi’s character..Thank u..

  4. Superb words yaar .Yes he was rude because he grew up without love n proper care and definitely she will change him with her nature n love.will be waiting for ur update sindhu.

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Yes dear..we can’t define a person bad or gud without knowing completely…Rakshak is an orphan..In coming episodes Khushi will try to know more abt him…

  5. Oh how I missed kushi ….. Though not too late ….. I went back and read all episode’s. …..
    Hm hm hm ksv dear …. Really u r full of good and positive values in u ……. Dnt knw if it wil happen or not …… But my wish is I some day want to meet u … And fulfill my gratitude …..

    First u brought Ina and made me think about more values in life …. And now by bringing rakshi pair u r making me madddddd …..

    Love u too much……

    I like rakshak character though he us rude and arrogant …. He is not a womenizer …. He respects women’s feelings …. And truly all boys should b bought up with full respect towards any women in this world….

    Anyways thank u is again vvery small …… I wil surly remember u forever …..
    If I am not able to meet u thn I wil shower my gratitude by remembering ur values and u ….
    Ofcourse the fb page …….

    1. its not Ina its inash*
      Its not’ though he (us)’ its “though he is*”


      1. Sorry for late reply yaar. I saw ur comment just now.. I too wanna meet u dear.. Definitely we shall meet one day. I don’t believe the word impossible coz if we wish anything strongly, we can make it happen for sure…

    1. Thank u Rishi..

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